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  • Sub Focus feat. Coco “Splash” [Official Video]

    Sub Focus feat. Coco “Splash” [Official Video]

    Sub Focus continues to build on the momentum of his debut album, releasing Splash featuring the haunting vocals of Coco Sumner. Filmed at an East London location, watch as Coco takes her frustrations out on a drum kit. Check out Sub Focus Live at WoDnB LA! AVAILABLE NOW FROM iTUNES: Well I can hear the noise in the city, but i can’t move What is that in the distance, Well it’s the gateway through The night’s so young I feel […]

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  • Blokhe4d “The Last Days of Disco” [Remix Video]

    Blokhe4d “The Last Days of Disco” [Remix Video]

    I came across this video last night on while surfing for mixes. I thought it was an official music video at first but, then I realized it was a Promo Vid Remix. I love me some DIZCO DIZCO YEAAH! This track “The Last Days of Disco” by Blokhe4d is HARD to say the least and the video sample from “Saturday Night Fever” is classic. Check it out! Remember to spread the love if you love it!  

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  • SOULGOOD “Volume4″

    SOULGOOD “Volume4″

    “Soul Good Volume 4” Mixed by Keith Remington I went to Sold Good last Wednesday to see the homie Sinistarr play his last California gig this time around. Next on the decks was Keith Remington throwing down some smooth tracks. Then Atlantic Connection walks up to and hands me Soul Good v4 CD and thanks me for attending. WOMP! It’s been in my car CD deck since. It’s a smooth chilled out vibe to it and i have been playing […]

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    I found this tune & Ross D while i was surfing Soundcloud. This guy makes some amazing Liquid DnB tracks. Home Wrecker is one of my favorites that has been picked up by Bassdrive. This is a soulful track with a big sound that gets you moving. Don’t forget to leave a comment and spread the love by linking us!

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  • Sinistarr feat. Teddy MC “4th Level Collective Mix”

    Sinistarr feat. Teddy MC “4th Level Collective Mix”

    This is the 4th level Collective Mix with Teddy MC that was mention by Sinistarr in our Womp Tv interview. Sinistarr, “This is my first time working on a mix with Teddy MC, and it’s THAT mix :D. Shouts to 4L, Peer Pressure, Driven AM, all Detroit crew”. TRACKLIST: 1. Dan Marshall – Eraser 2. Mixmaster Doc – Biomimetic 3. Breakage – Old School Ting 4. Mutt F. Kevin King – Forget 5. Zero T & Mosus – Shallow Grave […]

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  • Divine Elements “Back In the Game” [Official MV]

    Divine Elements “Back In the Game” [Official MV]

    I had the opportunity to meet Divine Elements last Thursday @Respect while i was shooting Sinistarr. They gave me a copy of their new album “The Greater Unknown” and i have been bumping it ever since. The Album is FIRE and their music video for “Back In The Game” is LAVA! So hot that it is in the 9th Annual Independent Music Video Festival. I can’t wait to see these guys live. Support Divine Elements buy purchasing their new album […]

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  • Touchphonics “Stop Schemin’/Always On My Mind”

    Touchphonics “Stop Schemin’/Always On My Mind”

    Juno | Itunes | Dance Tracks | Emusic This is a brand new single from Touchphonics on his own Elevated Press imprint. Stop Schemin’ has been bringing some serious heat to dance floors round the globe. The track intros with a funky Latin swing only to drop into some serious bass heavy goodness. The drums are as funky as they come and the lead sample from Audio Two’s classic “Top Billin’” amplifies this tune to anthem status!! The b-side comes […]

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  • Aphonic “Boogeyman”

    Aphonic “Boogeyman”

    Boogeyman is a brutal homage to horror. The track sounds like a slasher film. Very minimal by design this half time stomper demands that you lock the doors and hide the children! The eerie soundscape, huge bass, and a piercing synth line moves to a monstrous peak after the main drop. Release/catalogue number: EPR006 Don’t forget to comment and link us!

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  • Pendulum “Propane Nightmares” [Official Video]

    Pendulum “Propane Nightmares” [Official Video]

    This is a twisted video to a dope track. Its all about cults and suicide pretty dark stuff. LYRICS: Somethings tearing me down And down Cant help but feel its coming from you Shes a gunshot bride With a trigger cries I just wonder what weve gotten our selves into In a trail of fire I know we will be free again In the end we will be one In a trail of fire Ill burn before you bury me […]

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  • The Prodigy “Voo Doo People” (Pendulum Remix) [Official Video]

    The Prodigy “Voo Doo People” (Pendulum Remix) [Official Video]

    Voo Doo people by The Prodigy is a great tune but, I love the Pendulum remix much more. I also enjoy the official video for the remix version a lot more. The concept of a blindfolded race running through the city while your hands are bound behind your back is brutal. Don’t forget to leave a comment and link us using the “Spread The Love” icons below!  

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  • Pendulum “Slam” [MV]

    Pendulum “Slam” [MV]

    This is a hilarious video to a dope track. Its good to see music videos for drum n bass only if there were more Don’t forget to leave a comment and link us using the “Spread The Love” icons below.

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  • Womp TV: El Horent of Pendulum [LIVE!]

    Womp TV: El Horent of Pendulum [LIVE!]

    WOMP TV presents part 4 in our WoDnB coverage. Here is a taste of Paul “El Hornet” Harding of Pendulum killing LA WoDnB. He had the room ram jam from front to back. There was easily over 1500 people dancing their asses off to Pendulum. Here are some of Pendulum’s music videos right here on WOMP TV! Watercolor Voo Doo People – Pendulum Remix Slam Propane Nightmares Hold Your Colour – Vid Remix Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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  • Pendulum “Watercolour” [Official Video]

    Pendulum “Watercolour” [Official Video]

    Official video for new single ‘Watercolour’ released 2nd May. This is an AMAZING video and a dope track off of their new album Immersion dropping on May 2nd. Keep it locked for a Pendulum DJ set from WoDnB LA @ Beyond Wonderland. If you like this video please leave a comment and link it using the “Share the Love” icons below When I’m falling down Will you pick me up again? When I’m too far gone Dead in the eyes […]

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  • Sub Focus LIVE! @ WoDnB 2010 [Exclusive]

    Sub Focus LIVE! @ WoDnB 2010 [Exclusive]

    This is a Womp TV exclusive of RAM Records artist Sub Focus destroying the crowd at Beyond Wonderland back in 2010 at the NOS Event Center in San Bernadino. Dj SS hostd the room with his World of Drum & Bass line up with DJ’s SS, Sub Focus, “El Hornet” of Pendulum, Noisia, Goldie, Bailey, and Crissy Cris.

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  • World of Drum & Bass SF 2010 [Exclusive]

    World of Drum & Bass SF 2010 [Exclusive]

    Getting things going and getting the SF/BADNB massive jumping, DJ Mal alongside MCs G1 and Ax!om set it off. As G1 and Ax!om spit fire on the MIC the crowd is worked into a frenzy. Bare witness and attest as these bad bad men light it up inside the ride. WODNB SF 2010 is on fire, BOH!

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