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  • Slogun “Unbelievable”

    Slogun “Unbelievable”

    Here is another heavy track form MC Zezo One’s Bassline Rumble‘s Spring EP winner Slogun. He is a young up and coming producer out of Southern California and i had the pleasure of interviewing him along with the rest of the winners of the Bassline Rumble Spring EP (Sharps, Natural Frequency, & Logikal)

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    Earlier this Spring MC Zezo one had a contest for producers to win a release under his brainchild Bassline Rumble. Many people entered and the best 4 tracks were hand picked by the man himself. I recently interviewed all the winners this past weekend for a collaboration with Bassline Rumble and will be releasing the video later this month. Check out this 4 stunning tracks by seasoned and new upcoming talent all based out of California. Slogun – Gone Away […]

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  • Mutt + Generic ft. Kevin King “Forget”

    Mutt + Generic ft. Kevin King “Forget”

    Mutt & Generic put together this  Liquid DnB track with vocals from Kevin King. This is a soulfully smooth bass rumbling song.

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  • Logistics “Machine” vs I Robot [Remix Video]

    Logistics “Machine” vs I Robot [Remix Video]

    This is a video mash up by Loïc Herin of Logistics “Machine” that I found digging through Vimeo. He uses all the battle scenes from movie iRobot with Will Smith. This video is total robot carnage to great Drum & Bass. Free time + some random music and film = this

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  • Nero “Innocence” [Music Video]

    Nero “Innocence” [Music Video]

    I came across this AWESOMELY RAD 80′s anime video remix by James May aka ShudgeThis for Nero‘s “Innocence”. James also has some dope motion graphics on his site.

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  • Kutiman “Babylon Band” [Music Video]

    Kutiman “Babylon Band” [Music Video]

    This is an amazing feat of video editing as a means for music production. Using Youtube as the source for Video/Audio sample like most producer do for vocal textures Kutiman has taken it to a whole other level. Witness it for yourself! Thank you all so much for your amazing responses to Thru-You , this is truly overwhelming. http://thru-you.com you can also check out the original links here. contact us on thruyou2@gmail.com www.myspace.com/kutiman thank u Kutiman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CndssA… drums http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtVhfz… moog […]

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  • SF Compression @ 103 Harriet  [Jon Zombie]

    SF Compression @ 103 Harriet [Jon Zombie]

    In our diligent effort to keep up our content we are repairing our archive to make sure everything is still functioning. This is a classic Jon Zombie video from 2010 when i first started following him. Since then Jon Zombie has blown up to massive proportions in just a little bit over a year with his hard work. In this video Jon features some close friends of min the Compression Crew in San Francisco who has been holding it down […]

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  • Blame “On My Own” [Offical Video]

    Blame “On My Own” [Offical Video]

    Produced in under 10 days from prep to delivery, the video was shot on RED with HAWK Anamorphic Lenses to give the video an amazing widescreen cinematic ambience. The project was shot in Dagenham at Europe’s first green powerstation and at the Brandon Estate in Kennington, South London. The Drum and Bass remix of “On My Own” by Blame. Client: New State Music Ltd Director: Danann Breathnach Producers: James Tracy and Maverick Litchfield-Kelly DoP: Felix Wiedermann Editors: Fionn McSherry and […]

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