Drum & Bass Maestro “GOLDIE” Orchestra by Addictive TV

Another mad remix. Goldie, who was taken out of his comfort zone of drum ‘n’ bass to conduct a classical orchestra for television, is here put back into his own world by Addictive TV and this time it’s the orchestra playing d ‘n’ b.



  1. MrShearnykid says:


  2. esaextranasonrisa says:


  3. alexeykh says:

    Waaayy too good!

  4. monyskins says:

    I love the expression on Goldies face @ 2:09, a tune out to my own heart!

  5. ThesQuare147 says:


  6. DrNoth says:

    This is great

  7. pigmydmm says:

    Beginning strings great,,,,,this was unique

  8. necrothunder says:

    damm awesome!!!

  9. ikkiferre says:

    Wow, insane!

  10. o0smd0o says:

    …I like classic this way ;)

  11. bananenschale567 says:

    Omg beautiful :D

  12. carolinesimone says:

    i think this is what he was trying to achieve :)

  13. ForestBalrog says:

    Woah…it’s amazing the way you guys do this…I love it!!!

  14. HeapsGoodProductions says:

    Once again, simply AMAZING!!!!!

  15. SwirlyAlien says:

    What a beat! the whole tune is brilliant but that beat is just absolutely insane.

  16. zakarmugahar says:

    i will give you some money to go buy yourself a gun and shoot yourself,coz what it seems i think you’re satan’s kid,fuuking awesome shit dulilapit

  17. Sestokacjusz says:

    holy mother that’s great!!

  18. STEMBOY27 says:

    this is insane :D:D

  19. SirAlantheBrave says:

    f***ing amazing, pure genius

  20. gersiu says:

    isnt that goldie posing as the director ? he is certanly genious enough to pull it off ;)

  21. Scenebunny101 says:

    oops, not 1:53 .. i meant 1:52 / 1:51 xDD

  22. Scenebunny101 says:

    amazing! it sounds awesome! :D LOL 1:53 is funny XD

  23. 88NevrNuffMusic88 says:

    wow…that was great!

  24. yuraYuraFlash says:


  25. babithas says:

    fuck me, that is amazing

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