APX1: I LOVE L.A. [Interview]

APX1Womp TV catches up with Southern California’s largest Drum and Bass/Dubstep day party I LOVE L.A.‘s founder and local DJ hero APX1. He talked to us about how I LOVE L.A. all got started 3 years ago and what is in store for the future of L.A.’s largest bass-orientated day party. Every party has over 65 DJs, over 17 emcees, and is growing by the second. Born and raised in Los Angeles, APX1 has been in the L.A. underground scene for over 10 years. His sound is primarily West Coast-influenced with a Hip Hop style in his Drum & Bass.



  1. Tektite says:

    Great interview!

  2. dj whizard says:

    Awesome opportunity to interview an LA don such as APX-1. Big ups to RICO for getting this up!

  3. Rico Che says:

    Thank you we put a lot of work into it. I think it paid off. Wait until our next one is released.

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