San Francisco Love Evolution Cancelled!

I just found out today that one of my favorite festival and one of the best EDM parties / parade was canceled this year due to some city politics and a bunch of BULLSHIT! This seems to be happening all over California first in Los Angeles due to the EDC incident of a 15yo girl dying due to overdose. (read the article hear) Now my beloved Love Evolution Parade which is an amazing celebration of Electronic Dance Music of all genres including Trance, Breaks, House, and most of all Drum & Bass. Having been personally involved in the parade and float in addition to having friends putting in blood sweat and tears into the coordination of the float and one of the wickedest sound systems, F-Sound, i have ever heard let alone traveling on a flatbed trailer being hauled by a big rig, Heavy Hittahz would be proud. There seems to be an all out ASSAULT on Electronic Dance Music and rave culture all over again, reminiscent of the 90′s. The Bay Area DnB scene is an all 21+ up scene and this is one if not the only all ages event to bring in some new blood into the scene and to take that away is 1 more crowbar blow to the head of the Bay Are DnB scene. I am disappointed to say the least with my hometown of San Francisco for their actions and pissed off more because i was looking forward to Love Evolution all year since i missed last year’s. If you have never been to the Love Evolution parade you must experience it once in your life and feel the positive energy, love, and great music in the streets of San Francisco.

Here is the article in the SF Examiner about the cancelation

Here is a sample of the DnB float at Love Evolution.



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