Rusko feat. Amber Coffman “Hold On” (Sub Focus Remix) [MV]

HoldOnThis is a Womp TV original Video Remix of Rusko’s “Hold On” tune and Music Video. Since Sub Focus smashed the Dubstep scene with his “Hold On” Remix it deserved its own video remix. We took Directors Jason Miller and Charles Ryan’s original edit and chopped it up so we had all the individual clips, laced down the remix version of the audio,  and 10 hours later an intricate remix video was done. Be sure to watch the original video also so you can tell us which one you think is better.

  • Director: Jason Miller | Charles Ryan for Eikon
  • Video Remix: Rico Che



  1. djforever aka adambomb! says:

    im posting this shit on my facebook lol
    the editing is SO sick!
    & it’s a dope ass track

  2. Rico Che says:

    Right on Thanks

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