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  • High Contrast vs Deathproof “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” [Remix MV]

    High Contrast vs Deathproof “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” [Remix MV]

    Death Proof is one of my all-time favorite movies !!! Music: track Kiss kiss bang bang by High Contrast enjoy Music: High Contrast “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Video: Deathproof

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    We’ve just received transmission from PLANET HUMAN and have been given a warning that a hostile takeover is being devised by their raucous and destructive SUBHUMAN IMPRINT forces for LA Beatdown at The Music Box Saturday January 22nd led by the legendary DIESELBOY alongside SMASH GORDON and BARE. Stay tuned for more event announcements: Limited $ 10 Tickets to this event will be available Monday November 22nd! The Music Box 6126 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 labeatdown.com facebook.com/labeatdown twitter.com/labeatdown themusicbox.la […]

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  • Respect: Loxy [11.11.10]

    Respect: Loxy [11.11.10]

    Legendary sessions in full effect on a Thursday night in Los Angeles!!!! Great to see some of the original heads in the place to give props to the guest of honor!!!! Big up to all the newer D&B heads in attendance getting blessed with these world class rhythms!!!!! So many bombs dropped, So many spots blown to pieces!!!!!! L O X Y ! ! ! ! ! Ready to do more damage!!!!!! -REGAL D

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  • TOYKULT “31SUN” [MV]

    TOYKULT “31SUN” [MV]

    High Definition music video for 31Sun(Samurai Tiger Dragon Rose) by TOYKULT – music, video & animation by Tom Hamlyn. Short Version RadioEdit. Minumum requirements – volume loud + subwoofer

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  • Respect: DJ Evol | ODG [11.4.10]

    Respect: DJ Evol | ODG [11.4.10]

    Sounds of the underground pounding in Los Angeles on a Thursday night!!!!! True school stateside D&B on display for this one!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY MIYUKI!!!!!!! So many styles ready for your ear!!!! EVOL!!!! Oscar Da Grouch!!!!! Takin’ you for RIDE!!!!!! Regal D

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  • Respect: Cause 4 Concern [10.28.10]

    Respect: Cause 4 Concern [10.28.10]

    So much goin’ on in LA!!!! I’m soooo glad LA has a TRUE Drum & Bass spot for ALL TRUE Everyday Junglist!!!!!!! Halloween time in the city. You know we gonna give up the real D&B Treatment with no tricks!!!!! Good to see so many Elements on display for this one!!!! Yup. Even Beatboxing!!!!!!! Big up Killa Kela. Ready to put it ALL in your face!!!!!! LEGION!!!!!!!!!! CAUSE 4 CONCERN!!!!!!!!!!!

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