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  • Zeds Dead & Omar Linx “Rudeboy”

    Zeds Dead & Omar Linx “Rudeboy”

    I haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing Zeds Dead first hand yet since i arrived to Los Angeles. After watching their latest music video “Rudeboy” with Omar Linx is a banger. The director Aaron A is a Canadian Music Video veteran shows us the raw snowy streets of Toronto BASS. This video sets the bar for anyone else thinking about filming a music video for their latest release. Director: Aaron A Artist: Zeds Dead & Omar Linx Track: Rude Boy […]

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    BARE‘s anticipated EP on Dieselboy‘s SUBHUMAN Records drops on the 28th of this month. I am not sure if it is going to be a Beatport exclusive or not but at the moment it is only being advertised as so. The first track in the EP “Game Changer” is pure BASS madness and rightfully titled. “Gryllz” the first track to have a clip released 3 months ago has been building up the hype for the EP ever since.

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  • Bare “Purp & Yellow” [Free Tune]

    Bare “Purp & Yellow” [Free Tune]

    In honor of BARE‘s “Hard As Hell EP” release today on Subhuman records they are giving away free track “Purp & Yellow”. I just love free music and letting everyone else know about it. Be sure to get your free copy before it reaches its limit and on top of that get your “Hard As Hell EP” its a must have banger. If you haven’t heard it yet you can check it out right here Download (Right click > save […]

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  • 12th Planet Live | Subversion, AZ

    12th Planet Live | Subversion, AZ

    12th Planet made his way over to Scottsdale, AZ this past thursday and he showed up to a sold out show at Subversion, joining him that night was HavocNdeed also killing it as well hyping up the crowd for 12th Planet, and also making it out showing mad support for the dubstep scene and 12th Planet was Sluggo making a couple of cameo’s in the footage. It was an honor to have met him and filmed him that night, he […]

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    Artist: Navigator | Title:  “Inequity Worker 2011 (Noah D Remix)” Release Date : February 1st, 2011 Produced By : Liondub International | F-Troop | NoahD | 55 Films Liondub International is a label that relentlessly unleashes cutting edge creations onto the listening public and is well known for its deep connections with the history of jungle, dub and reggae music.  Keeping the label’s product in high demand and steering its course to ever higher quality productions is mastermind, world-famous DJ […]

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  • Wobbleland 2011 OFFICIAL VIDEO

    Wobbleland 2011 OFFICIAL VIDEO

    Wobbleland 2011 – Official Video Filmed/Edited by Jon Zombie Productions Presented by Vital SC Filmed live on 1.22.11 at the Factory in San Francisco, California, USA. Skrillex (Los Angeles, mau5trap, Atlantic Records) Nero (London, MTA) Datsik (Kelowna, Rottun, EX7) 12th Planet (Los Angeles, Smog) Jakwob (London) Kastle (Pittsburgh) Luke Nukem (Vital SC) Minnesota (Vital SC, MalLabel, GruntWorthy) Getter (Vital SC, MalLabel, Ultragore) Filthy Beaver (Vital SC, Libra Rising, Skills) Skriptah (Vital SC, Mass Execu7ion) vs. Rate P (Vital SC) Kryph […]

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  • Noah D “Scion Radio Mix” [Free Mix]

    Noah D “Scion Radio Mix” [Free Mix]

    Noah D’s Scion Radio Mix is disgustingly ill with heavy basslines ominous synths and straight rawness. Noah D will be coming to Los Angeles next month and headlining Bass Goes Boom on March 11th at the EL Cid along with Coma, TRVST, and Ashtrobot.

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  • Respect: Raiden [2.17.11]

    Respect: Raiden [2.17.11]

    Thursday night, Drum and Bass boomin’ in the place to be!!! All types of fun goin’ on inside the venue on this night!!!!!! Peeps gettin’ down from start to finish for this one!!! Happy BDay R A I D E N ! ! ! ! ! Gettin’ fresh=LORD CLOUD With the beats to crumble the streets, RAIDEN!!!! Showin’ the technique!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Bassnectar “Blast Off” [MV]

    Bassnectar “Blast Off” [MV]

    Miles Evert & Double D Productions help nothing back and came out strong with Bassnectar‘s “Blast Off” music video. Recorded live at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma Ca. Miles captured the essence of the party and composed it all together like a classical masterpiece. I am hungry for more and can’t wait for the next music video. Album: Timestretch EP Track: Blast Off Artist: Bassnectar Director: Miles Evert Producer: Double D Productions  

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  • US Dubstep: Drummsmuggla [Free mix]

    US Dubstep: Drummsmuggla [Free mix]

    US Dubstep just released their newest mix from their series and this one features Los Angeles OG Drumsmuggla aka CRS? It is a hour long of filthy Bass goodness. and its free. Be sure to download your copy. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ON DUBSTEP PRODUCTION – DUBBA JONNY STAR (DOCTOR P REMIX) – BLAME FT. CAMILLA MARIE IN DISCO – BAR9 CATACLYSM – VISTA & PRESENCE KNOWN RED (CHASING SHADOWS REMIX) – LAID BACK JUMP SUIT ADVENTURES – KOAN SOUND CIRCLE […]

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  • SCREWFACE: DJ Lee | 6Blocc | Thavius Beck [2.26.11]

    SCREWFACE: DJ Lee | 6Blocc | Thavius Beck [2.26.11]

    SCREWFACE returns this Friday with a twisted offering of dark funky beats and fat dance floor movers. Arrive before 11pm this Friday and cover is only $ 5! On the lineup: DJ LEE (Atlas Recordings) 6BLOCC (Digital 6, 6Dub) THAVIUS BECK (Mush Records, Big Dada) NOVOCAINE9 (Pure Filth, Sub/Mutanz) KEMST (Bassface) + OICHO (Worhouse) on live video mapping ABOUT THE ARTISTS: DJ LEE is a legendary drum and bass dj, representing the Metalheadz crew. Lee’s involvement and history in the UK’s […]

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  • SACRED SOUNDS: Deco | Adamantium + MORE [3.18.11]

    SACRED SOUNDS: Deco | Adamantium + MORE [3.18.11]

    Vital Signz Presents…. SACRED SOUNDS Friday March 18, 2011 Vital Signz is proud to present Deco for this installment of Sacred Sounds. As always, great music, great vibes, and great drink specials all night long S E L E C T A S Deco Adamantium Ghost MD b2b Animate Keep Deep 18+ (ID Required) 21+ $ 5 b4 11 / $ 10 after 18-21 $ 10 All night Drink specials: 2 coronas and 1 shot= $ 10 2 LG sapporos […]

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  • TIMELESS: NIGHTWALKER | Circuit [3.12.11]

    TIMELESS: NIGHTWALKER | Circuit [3.12.11]

    T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S Lauren & Natalie’s Birthday Celebration F E A T U R I N G NIGHTWALKER (Nightwalker Recordings : True Playaz : Timeless : Technique : OKL) CIRCUIT (Almost Famous : Studio Gangsters : LA) DVDA (Neuropunk & Jona) (BDC : LA Beatdown : Media-Obscura.com : LA) ANTIX (Splat Media : Magnetik Space Lab : LA) E M C E E S RIDDA (BDC : TSTV : SD) J-TEC (BDC : LA) AURA NIGHTCLUB 12215 Ventura Blvd. Ste 209 Studio […]

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  • Captain PANIC! | Unload!

    Captain PANIC! | Unload!

    I don’t know if any of you guys heard of them yet but this new dubstep duo that go by the name Captain PANIC! is emerging in the dubstep scene right now. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Michael Myers and Andrew McKay (Captain PANIC!), as once were electronic & trance DJ’s are now stepping it up into the Dubstep world, and  just by listening to their tracks on their soundcloud, they are definitely showing the Dubstep World whats going on with them. […]

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  • Massive Attack (FS Remix) [Free Tune]

    Massive Attack (FS Remix) [Free Tune]

    Ooh man this track is a heavy one from the Legendary FS of Ming & FS. I haven’t heard anything from this guy in a long time since he was producing Drum & Bass. I am glad to see that he is producing again and Dubstep at that. His skills haven’t dulled one bit and is still razor sharp as a decade ago. This Massive Attack remix on Play Me is a must have and to give away such a […]

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  • Rubik Records Podcast: Komatic

    Rubik Records Podcast: Komatic

    Rubik Records always putting out the soulful liquid Drum & Bass to sooth your mind and melt all your troubles away. Komatic’s mix does nothing short of that and the best part of it its free your ears. So be sure to download this mix.

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  • LA Beatdown: Nero & Jon B [2.26.11]

    LA Beatdown: Nero & Jon B [2.26.11]

    LA Beatdown returns Saturday February 26th with the Dubstep/Drum n Bass powerhouse NERO and the electro-step entity known as JOHN B! Stay tuned for more lineup and event announcements! A limited amount of $25 presale tickets are now available online and guaranteed to sell out. Get your tickets soon at http://wantickets.com/themusicboxla 18+ 11pm-4am The Music Box 6126 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 http://labeatdown.com/ http://facebook.com/labeatdown http://twitter.com/labeatdown http://themusicbox.la/ http://facebook.com/themusicboxla http://twitter.com/themusicboxla

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  • Screwface: Jakes | Take [2.11.11]

    Screwface: Jakes | Take [2.11.11]

    Screwface on deck for this one!!!! You know what that means!!! Big Beats droppin’ and lil beats stoppin’!!!!!!! All formats on display and in full effect for this session!!!! Big up to the heads in the place keepin’ the dance floor movin’, and bouncin’ around to the big beats!!!! Got the drill sergeant in the spot ready to give you that FACE!!!!!!!! J A K E S ! ! ! ! ! ! -Regal D

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.1: M.O.B.

    Quick & Dirty vol.1: M.O.B.

    Quick & Dirty is Womp TV’s newest web series of on-the spot impromptu interviews with bass artists. No preconception. Just straight up Quick & Dirty.

    Featured Artists:
    Mark Instinct & BARE as M.O.B.

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  • Interesting Times ver.17 mixed by KURU

    Interesting Times ver.17 mixed by KURU

    This mix is the perfect cure for Today’s melancholy wet weather with its smooth minimal beats and heavy rolling basslines mixed by KURU aka Origin and Phear. Be sure to download this free mix before its too late! Interesting Times Podcast: Version.17 features the Muse residents Kuru presenting an all 170bpm Minimal D&B mix Tracklist: Unquote – Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven System – The Voices Instra:mental – Detuned Heart Bulb – Lonely Gravity Arkaik – Second […]

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  • DJ Muggs dropping “BASS for your FACE” in 2011

    DJ Muggs dropping “BASS for your FACE” in 2011

    When i first heard that DJ Muggs of the Legendary Soul Assasins and Cypriss Hill was going to headline LA Beatdown back in September 2010 with an all Dubstep set I was intrigued. I have never seen DJ Muggs live before let alone spinning Dubstep. His track selection was good nothing to original but his DJ skills shined with his mixing and beat juggling which i don’t see other Dubstep DJ’s do. After his set i was impressed and sold […]

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