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  • DEATHFACE “BLOODRAVE” [Official Video]

    DEATHFACE “BLOODRAVE” [Official Video]

    Patrick Rood’s video for Deathface aka Johnny Love’s “Bloodrave” is straight out of the opening of “BLADE” and sample of New Order’s track “Confusion”. I went out and bought the soundtrack the next day after i saw the film just because of that sequence and track.That is how i also discovered my favorite DJ of all times DJ KRUSH. “Midwest hardcore of the 90’s and Magic the Gathering, woodland bonfire parties and white trash drug debauchery” Bloodrave is the first […]

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  • Timeless “Priceless” Commercial

    Timeless “Priceless” Commercial

    Tech Support TV has produced this spoof off the Master Card commercial promoting the Bass Dynasty Crew‘s monthly Drum & Bass party at Club Aura in Studio City, TIMELESS. The party has been running for 3 years strong and still going.I have only been to 1 Timeless party and i can say I had a blast. This is one of the best Drum & Bass monthlies in and mos def the best in the Valley. I am glad they moved […]

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  • DJ Craze Killing it on the Traktor Scratch Pro 2

    DJ Craze Killing it on the Traktor Scratch Pro 2

    When it comes to matching the latest technology with world-class turntablism skills to produce next-level routines, Miami’s DJ Craze is the ultimate choice. In this video, the 5x DMC World Champion showcases the power of the new Traktor Scratch generation by creating a live Dubstep remix, controlled by his golden Technics turntables and two controllers. Kontrol X1 is used to play a live beat using one-shot drum samples in Traktor’s new Sample Decks, while Craze also triggers various other samples […]

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  • Urban Assault “Kick The Bass / Loneliness EP”

    Urban Assault “Kick The Bass / Loneliness EP”

    Heavy Artillery just released “Kick The Bass EP” today a Beatport Exclusive. Two bass rumbling tracks by the relentless duo DJ Shortee and DJ Faust aka Urban Assault keep putting out trunk thumping tracks whether it is Drum & Bass, Dubstep, or Breaks. These two are by far the hardest working producers in the business. “fuses Latin flava and heavyweight, jarring bass lines for a bangin’ summer future classic!” Artist: Urban Assault Album: Kick The Bass EP Label: Heavy Artillery […]

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  • “Something We Can Do” Japan Benefit Compilation

    “Something We Can Do” Japan Benefit Compilation

    Makoto of Human Elements has put together an amazing Japanese Drum & Bass compilation for a great cause. “Something We Can Do” is a charity compilation album to support victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The compilation consists of 15 tracks in total with producers from around the world including DJ Marky, S.P.Y., and Makoto.The album also includes many of Japan’s Drum & Bass elite such as DJ Aki, whom i met 10 years ago at club […]

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  • London Elektricity “Yikes” [Official Video]

    London Elektricity “Yikes” [Official Video]

    Hello everyone it is Tuesday and I am just starting my week after a looong weekend of visitors and eating great food with friends. This gem  was waiting for me in my inbox from Hospital Records. Only 1 week after London Elektricity’s release of “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” video he drops another one, “Yikes”. Hospital Records is really pusshing the promo for London Elektricity’s upcoming album also titles “Yikes” which release next month April 25th, 2011. The “Yikes” reminds […]

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  • Respect: Oscar Da Grouch [3.24.11]

    Respect: Oscar Da Grouch [3.24.11]

    Twelve years and counting!!!!!! The beats from the streets move your feet to the place with the monster BASS!!!!! Shouts out to the DJs delivering the sound by any means necessary and/or available!!!!! All formats on display for this one!!!!! Always great to see new faces havin’ a great time shakin’ it to the bass!!!!! The celebration continues on a Thursday night!!!!! Indeed, the vinyl shogun himself OSCAR DA GROUCH!!!!!! Returns with the black plates of BASS!!!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Sub Focus “Could This Be Real” [Official Video]

    Sub Focus “Could This Be Real” [Official Video]

    I needed to do a rewrite on this video sine its original source took down the video. So I ripped it myself and uploaded it so i would never have this problem again with this video but, now it raises the question how many others are broken as well. Now i must take on the task of double checking all my videos to make sure they are still active and if not then i must do so. Now onto the […]

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  • WMC VJ Champion: DJ Crime

    WMC VJ Champion: DJ Crime

    Congratulations to DJ Crime for winning the 2011 Winter Music Conference VJ Challenge Audio Visual Category. His mix is absolute Video Mash-up MURDER. One of my favorite parts of the mix is the Bi-winning Charlie Sheen. His samples are eclectic with a dynamic range from from Kill Bill, Scarface, Anime, to Street Fighter 4. DJ Crime’s pristine turntable skills are reflected into his winning mix. The visual representation of beat juggling, scratching and mixing will melt your face. I only […]

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  • DJ Crime “Rise” [Crime Syndicate]

    DJ Crime “Rise” [Crime Syndicate]

    I have seen quite a few Hip Hop DJ’s make the switch to VJ’s back home in SF such as Mike Relm and  Apollo but it seemed more for fun or experimentation. DJ Crime is by far the best I have seen. I have yet to witness it live and i would love to sit in the DJ / VJ booth whie it happens live so i may see the techniques used. I have dabbled in it myself but nothing […]

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  • Emalkay “Fabrication” [Official Video]

    Emalkay “Fabrication” [Official Video]

    Emalkay’s “Fabrication” is true to his style dark, enigmatic, and dance floor ready. The Official Video by Director Higginson is a mind-bender demanding your curiosity and in wonder of what is i the enigma that is “Fabrication”. Sit back and enjoy this banger of a track and a treasure of a video. Emalkay continues his unstoppable run of form with the new single ‘Fabrication’, a track that is as addictive as it is hard-hitting. Drifting in on the soft siren […]

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  • We Bang “Monsta EP” Tuff Luv Dubs

    We Bang “Monsta EP” Tuff Luv Dubs

    Out now, just in time for WMC 2011, Tuff Love Dubs brings dubstep hitmaker “We Bang” into the fold. His debut release on Play Me Records “Smash the Floor” went #1 last summer on Beatport’s dubstep charts and has since been licensed to two television shows including Paula Abdul’s “Live To Dance” and “Skins” as well as to the prestigious “Ministry of Sound” series. We Bang is a product of dubstep sounds filtered into 80s synths and rave stabs wrapped […]

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  • Lukeino & Jamal feat. Sinistarr & Calculon “Crackatoa EP”  Sublife Recordings

    Lukeino & Jamal feat. Sinistarr & Calculon “Crackatoa EP” Sublife Recordings

    Sublife Recordings “Crackatoa EP” was released earlier this week. Produced by Lukeino and Jamal featuring Calculon of Rubik Records and Sinistarr of Metalheadz. This 4-track EP is the first EP release from Sublife Recordings based out of San Francisco. The first track and self-titled “Crackatoa” featuring Calculon is heavily influenced by dub with its air horns and pounding bassline. The second track on the EP featuring Sinistarr is “Moonquakes”. I first heard this track last year before it was released […]

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  • Excision & Downlink Official Video | Subsonic Tour 2011 Tempe AZ

    Excision & Downlink Official Video | Subsonic Tour 2011 Tempe AZ

    Here is the official video of the Excision & Downlink Subsonic Tour 2011 in Tempe, AZ at The Marquee! Brought to you by PheosiA Films & Womp TV! -Francis (PheosiA Films)     facebook.com/​Excision myspace.com/​excision soundcloud.com/​excision twitter.com/​excision facebook.com/​downlink rottunrecordings.com Also featuring: ANTISERUM (facebook.com/​Antiserum) DJ RADAR (facebook.com/​djradar) CONSTANTINE (facebook.com/​ConstantineMusic) Special thanks to: VOSTEK for being the VJ for that night Lit Lighting Circle-Management Steez Promo PK Sound System Dub Nation All Video filmed by: Francis Lazaro & Paul Digges Video Edited […]

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  • Foreign Beggars “No Holds Barred (Excision Rmx)” [Official Video]

    Foreign Beggars “No Holds Barred (Excision Rmx)” [Official Video]

    I first saw this video months ago and saved it on our Youtube playlist but it was taken down for some odd reason and recently resurfaced. We definitely didn’t want to let this amazing track and video get away again and has now been officially uploaded to Womp TV directly for all of you to enjoy. Excision dropped this remix of “No Holds Barred” when he recently came through L.A. during his Subsonic tour and the crowd went into a […]

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  • Gridlok | Prolix | MC Fats “Got To Roll” (MotionGraff 12)

    Gridlok | Prolix | MC Fats “Got To Roll” (MotionGraff 12)

    Gridlock and Prolix’s track “Got To Roll” is a classic Jungle / DnB sounding track which is rare these days with all the hyper synthed out feel good DnB out there today. “Got To Roll” keeps it real to its true form of the hard drums, echoic vocals, and punching bassline. The Video is a perfect complement to the track showcasing the talent of DJ Vandal with his mad graff skills on canvas. The concept for the video is simple […]

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  • 12th Planet OFFICIAL Video | Subversion, AZ

    12th Planet OFFICIAL Video | Subversion, AZ

    If you guys haven’t seen it yet, here it is, the official video of 12th Planet when he was in Scottsdale, AZ at Subversion! Check him out on how he kills it at this show! Also featured on this video is HavocNdeed, DJ Crit, Risky Business, & Sebastian also killing it as well! Show them some love by checking them out in this video! -Francis (PheosiA Films)   Here is a video of 12th Planet playing at Subversion in Scottsdale, […]

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  • Respect 12yr Anniversay: WoDnB

    Respect 12yr Anniversay: WoDnB

    CELEBRATING 12 YEARS R E S P E C T DRUM & BASS!!!!!!!!!!! Continues to deliver you from evil, boredom, wackness, weak beats, whimpy basslines, garbage can parties etc. All going down on a Thursday night!!!!! BIG BIG BIG UP To ALL the Junglist that represent the everyday mentality of the true headz!!!!! You are appreciated!!!!!! Big BDay Shouts to APOK-C Gettin’ Fresh=CONSTRUCT Extra special night. St. Patricks day for the Green in you!!!!!! 12 YEARS of DRUM & BASS!!!!!! […]

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  • London Elektricity “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” feat. Elsa Esmeralda

    London Elektricity “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” feat. Elsa Esmeralda

    The founding father of the Hospital imprint and mouthpiece of the multi-award winning, chart topping Hospital podcast, London Elektricity is a name that should need no introduction. Since starting the label in 1996, Tony Colman has carved out a fearsome reputation as one of the pre-eminent names in D&B and remains at the forefront of the scene to this day. This incredible 12″ release marks the first London Elektricity release for over two years and is the first single to […]

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  • Loadstar “Space Between” [Official Video]

    Loadstar “Space Between” [Official Video]

    Loadstar, aka Xample & Lomax, are gearing up for the release of their debut album later this year with another single. Space Between / BLVD is out on Ram Records on March 28th and picks up where Link To The Past left off. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful acoustic guitar opening and vocals of Space Between, as it is quickly drops into a vicious, bass-led, dancefloor-friendly monster. The gorgeous strings, crisp beats, diva vocal samples and subtle vintage nods […]

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  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith “Freak” [Official Video]

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith “Freak” [Official Video]

    This is a dope video by Clem Stamation, known for his stop motion animation. This video reminds me of DJ Fresh’s Hypercaine with the different dancers being set up and battling it out but in a more futuristic way. Artist: Bassline Smith | Drumsound Track: Freak Label: New State Director: Clem Stamation

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