Datsik “Havoc” [Remix Video]

First of all thanks for 1000 subs everyone, please keep them coming ! To thank everyone for 1000 subs i made a music video for the song Havoc by Datsik. I took the footage from the documentary: National Geographic – The Invisible World (1979). The quality isn’t that good because of the year the documentary was released. I tried to synch some parts to the music but it was my first time trying and definitely don’t expect it to be like SaladUK’s videos. I hope you like the video and i’ll keep promoting music. Hopefullly the subs will keep coming through out the months (and years). Cheers !




  1. MrXKUSH says:

    Bacterial Rave

  2. BlackHoleHeroin says:

    Trppy vid. there should be more vids like this for dub.

  3. LiamMarcWoolley says:

    @TheDubstepDealer Oh right, thanks man

  4. TheDubstepDealer says:

    @LiamMarcWoolley yeh, it’s the version datsik made before retreat. He finished this song & renamed it retreat ;D

  5. Bumanful says:


  6. LiamMarcWoolley says:

    This sounds like Datsik – Retreat…?

  7. N3v3rG1veUp says:

    1080p or 720p. Doesn’t matter. Blew my balls to outer space.

  8. TheDubstepDealer says:

    @TESCKAY yeh :D

  9. TESCKAY says:

    yeah! love it, dude !!!
    did you create the vid ? ;)

  10. GOTBN1 says:

    great vid m8!:D

  11. Bad6oYD3LuXe says:

    sick vid!

  12. 324Mario says:


  13. TheDubstepDealer says:

    @HalfWayPerfect Muahaha :P

  14. HalfWayPerfect says:

    3:53 JIM CARREH!!!!!

  15. sskyflyy says:


  16. 1000scott0001 says:

    trippy shit

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