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  • Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    The duo Caligula out of Miami with releases on The Overthrow released their “The Corruption Mix” today and its is full of disgusting obscene rotten bassline bounce. If you are not already corrupted by bass you mos def will be after listening to this bass tainted mix. I wish there were a playlist of the tunes but other than that this mix is an instant classic for your Dubstep collection. Show Me Tour Dirty Face! The Corruption Mix   Artist: […]

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  • Soulstice “Changes” (FS Remix) [OM Records]

    Soulstice “Changes” (FS Remix) [OM Records]

    Om Records is known for their smoothed out Jazzy house tunes and occasional Hip Hop Breakbeats. OM veteran FS is changing the underground sound of OM with his forthcoming remix of Soulstice‘s “Changes“. FS’ remix of “Changes” is a Frankenstein bass monster that speaks to your through its basslines. I am sure most people in the Dubstep scene do do not even know about this sleeper remix tune. Changes (FS Remix) New full length album “In The Light” in stores […]

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  • Gambit “Gorilla Warfare” | “Robot Eater” [Heavy Artillery]

    Gambit “Gorilla Warfare” | “Robot Eater” [Heavy Artillery]

      Another new recruit from Baltimore signed to the Heavy Artillery camp, Gambit. Only producing for a year and already signed to major dubstep labels such as Simplify Recordings and now Heavy Artillery. Gorilla Warfare’s roller coaster bassline twists and turns as the drums stomp all over your face. Robot Eater slowly creeps sneaking up behind you then takes a chomp out of your head and chews it up. Show your support and get buy your copy today! “total twisted […]

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  • Outkast “Crumblin ‘ Erb” (ill-edit) [Free Tune]

    Outkast “Crumblin ‘ Erb” (ill-edit) [Free Tune]

    This is a classic Outkast tune from their first album way back in 1994 when i was a Freshman in High School. ill-esha from Vancouver, Canada has been on the Bass scene for some time now with her newest release “Zephyr” on Dub Police with Antiserum‘s “Purple & Gold“  and no i did now forget to capitalize the “i” in her name that is how she spells it. Her remix is as smooth as a fat hit from Cali’s finest […]

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  • Urban Assault “Red Raider” (Tetra Eleven Remix) [Free Tune]

    Urban Assault “Red Raider” (Tetra Eleven Remix) [Free Tune]

    Red Raider is one of my all time favorite tunes for 2009 and one of the best tunes to come out of the Heavy Artillery Camp from Urban Assault. The tune is an anthem for me and others as i witnessed people loosing their shit on the dance floor. I was recently sent this “Red Raider” remix from my local Soundcloud Weatherman. I was skeptical to listen to it but what the hell. The tune starts of very similar to […]

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  • Evol Intent “To Protect & Swerve” [Free Mixtape]

    Evol Intent “To Protect & Swerve” [Free Mixtape]

    EVOL INTENT released their newest Drum & Bass mixtape today titled “To Protect and Swerve”. just over an hour long and a fully loaded clip of 57 tunes this mix is must have for 2011. The mix features local producers like the honies from the OC Heavy Hittahz. Also showcased in this mix is Gridlok, Ewun, and new recruit of the Heavy Artillery camp Gangsta Fun. TO PROTECT AND SWERVE 2011 MIXTAPE TRACKLIST : 01. Document One – Forgive Me […]

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  • Flux Pavilion “Bass Cannon” [Official Video]

    Flux Pavilion “Bass Cannon” [Official Video]

    The Dubstep anthem of 2011 “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion finally has an Official music Video to lay you on your back. Dr. Pavilion and his assistant Doctor P perform BASS experiments on unknowingly patients. The test subjects bass threshold is put to the test with volleys of blasts from the “Bass Cannon” to their face. “Let The Bass Cannon Kick” Artist: Flux Pavilion Track: Bass Cannon Label: Circus Records

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  • BARE feat. Proe “Indica Sativa” [Free Tune]

    BARE feat. Proe “Indica Sativa” [Free Tune]

    “Indica Sativa” is BARE‘s second free tune in celebration of his 5000 likes on Facebook. This tune is a 420 anthem and will be rinsing this tune out everytime i blaze it up. “Maryjane I Never Leave Her” Indica Sativa Artist: BARE MC: Proe Track: Indica Sativa

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  • BARE “Talon 37″ [Free Tune]

    BARE “Talon 37″ [Free Tune]

    In celebration of BARE hitting 5000 fans he is giving away a free tunes. The first one is “Talon 37″ and wild wobble bassline with an engine red-line rev buildup just to drop heavy bass for your face. Another free tune will be released tomorrow so, be sure to come back for another free tune from BARE! Talon 37 Artist: BARE Track: Talon 37 Labels: Subhuman | Ultragore

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  • Respect: Prolix [4.21.11]

    Respect: Prolix [4.21.11]

    HEAVY HEAVY sounds rollin’ all around Thursday night rhythmz from the underground!!!!! TRUE soldiers steppin’ in, and throughout the place on this night for the DRUM & BASS!!!!! BIG BDay shouts out to ERNIE!!!!!! GETTIN’ FRESH=ROXANNE!!!! HEAVY product in effect all night long!!!!! P R O L I X ! ! ! ! With the proper product placement!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Noisia & Foreign Beggars “Shellshock” [MV & Free Tune]

    Noisia & Foreign Beggars “Shellshock” [MV & Free Tune]

    Noisia and Foreign Beggars new video dropped today for their tune “Shellshock” off the album Split The Atom and to celebrate the release of this astonishing video they are giving the tune away for free.The director Tony Truad did an outstanding job with the video and has taken the Drum & Bass music video to another level. The horror concept, cinematography, and production of the video showcases this MONSTER tune. Shellshock Director: Tony Truad Artist: Noisia featuring Foreign Beggars Album: […]

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  • SMOG Presents: HavocNdeed | DUBTROIT

    SMOG Presents: HavocNdeed | DUBTROIT

    smogla.com HavocNdeed performs at DUBTROIT in Los Angeles, CA facebook.com/​HavocNdeeDsounD soundclound.com/​HavocNdeeDsounD twitter.com/​HavocNdeedsounD Venue: Detroit Bar Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA FIlms Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • TERRAVITA | UK Thursdays Video

    TERRAVITA | UK Thursdays Video

    UK Thursdays Presents: TERRAVITA, MURK & Sens1, Robo/Tech, & Matt Fox facebook.com/​terravitabass twitter.com/​terravitadnb myspace.com/​terravita Audio Track Mix by: Sens1 Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • ZEDS DEAD | Teaser Video

    ZEDS DEAD | Teaser Video

    Electric Sensations Presents: ZEDS DEAD facebook.com/​whoszed whoszed.com twitter.com/​whoszed Here is a teaser for you guys from electric sensations featuring Zeds Dead, Klever, 2ToneDisco, Crit, Audiokillers, DJ Jade, & DJ Havok. Track Used: Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production New Production Logo by: Big Lion Marketing facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Frequency Presents: Skrillex | TEASER VIDEO

    Frequency Presents: Skrillex | TEASER VIDEO

    Teaser from when skrillex was in las vegas at the crown room in the Rio Hotel. Also Featuring Sluggo, Flinch, & BARE. Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Datsik-Borgore-Dieselboy  | Wonder 7 Official Video

    Datsik-Borgore-Dieselboy | Wonder 7 Official Video

    Official Video of Wonder 7 in Tempe AZ at The Marquee featuring: Datsik, Borgore, Dieselboy, HavocNdeed, Turner&Heit, Squarzan VS Whiteboi, & ill-legal? willyouwonder.com/​ facebook.com/​djdatsik facebook.com/​Borgore djdieselboy.com Visual Entertainment by: The DeViltry Dolls facebook.com/​DeViltryDolls Visuals by: Neutrino Sound & Lights by: Doctor MD steezpromo.com relentlessbeats.com facebook.com/​usdubstep usdubstep.biz Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production *New Company Production Logo* by: Arcey twitter.com/​RickyArcey facebook.com/​pages/​Arcey/​105718302827871 facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Skrillex Live in Las Vegas | Crown Room PT.2

    Skrillex Live in Las Vegas | Crown Room PT.2

    SKRILLEX LIVE IN LAS VEGAS – CROWN ROOM! Dropping Unreleased: Equinox facebook.com/​skrillex Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Flinch Live in Las Vegas | Crown Room

    Flinch Live in Las Vegas | Crown Room

    Flinch live in las vegas dropping new unreleased track check it out!! @ the crown room, Rio Hotel. facebook.com/​FLINCHBASS Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Mark Instinct “Blazin” [Free Tune]

    Mark Instinct “Blazin” [Free Tune]

    In our continue effort to give you free banging BASS music on the daily today’s tune is “BLAZIN” by Mark Instinct from Canada. Mark’s tunes have be signed to Borgore‘s Ultragore, Rottun, and Hollow Point to name a few. He continues to guillotine heads with filthy heavy basslines. Blazin‘ Artist: Mark Instinct Track: Blazin’ Label: Ultragore | Hollow Point | Rottun Recordings

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  • At Dawn We Rage “Winner” | “Kit Two” [Heavy Artillery]

    At Dawn We Rage “Winner” | “Kit Two” [Heavy Artillery]

    The recent Heavy Artillery Recordings salvo of new Dubstep artists signings is still in full swing with its newest recruits Travis and Storm aka At Dawn We Rage hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. These guys started a name for themselves with raging remixes of Deadmau5 and Felix Cartal. After some vicious video exposure from Pheosia Films At Dawn We Rage is now all over the place. massive chunky bass drop! The first clip in the forthcoming EP “Winner” is a melodic […]

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  • Respect: Total Science [4.14.11]

    Respect: Total Science [4.14.11]

    Thursday night underground sounds in effect for the Lost Angel in you!!!!!!! GREAT to see so many in attendance for the weekly ritual of DRUM & BASS!!!! BIG UP to the BBoys in the place burnin’ up the dance floor!!!! Gettin’ Fresh=Louie!!!!!! Bringin’ the product like no other, SPINBACK!!!!! TOTAL SCIENCE!!!!!! Breakin’ it up, and Beatin’ it DOWN!!!!!!! PEACE -Regal D

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