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  • Breakage “Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) [Video]

    Breakage “Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) [Video]

    I was sent this video from one of my newest subscribers on Youtube BrockOutTV. He creates remix videos to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. This is a great remix tune of Breakage‘s “Fighting Fire” by Loadstar and then laced up with some beautiful tripped out timelapse footage of Tokyo. I do not know what the source footage was from but, it is almost seamless with this tune and with the added twist of the walking signal light man creates a […]

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  • Respect: Marcus Visionary [5.26.11]

    Respect: Marcus Visionary [5.26.11]

    BIG BASS SOUND from the T.O. all the way to the WEST COAST for the Thursday night underground sound ritual!!!!!! The vibes keepin’ all inside hella high!!!!! Sooo many familiar faces bringin’ smiles to those that know, and never let go!!!!!!! BDays, and ‘long time no sees’ takin’ the session up even higher as you have no escape from the Drum & Bass!!!!!! Gettin’ fresh=MIYUKI!!!!!! Coast to Coast Junglist & Digital Soundboy BASS brought straight to your place!!!!!!!! MARCUS VISIONARY!!!!!!!! […]

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  • Borgore’s Birdwatching Adventurez Tour Teaser

    Borgore’s Birdwatching Adventurez Tour Teaser

      Borgore’s Birdwatching Adventurez Tour @ The Marquee in Tempe, Arizona. May 27th, 2011 Heres a teaser for all yall! 8) Featuring: BORGORE (facebook.com/​borgore) HAVOCNDEED (facebook.com/​HavocNdeeDsounD) AT DAWN WE RAGE (facebook.com/​atdawnwerage) CRIT (facebook.com/​critdeejay) JEDEDIAH (facebook.com/​LegitJedediah) UGHOG (theughog.com) Special Appearance by Sluggo (facebook.com/​sluggodubstep) Filmed By: Francis Lazaro & Paul Digges Edited By: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Skrillex Presents “Free Treats vol.001″ [Free Tunes]

    Skrillex Presents “Free Treats vol.001″ [Free Tunes]

    The infamous Skrillex presents “Free Treats volume 001″ is a must have EP loaded with 2 tunes from some of LA’s heaviest bass producers including the man himself, Skrillex along side with Smog’s 12th Planet and Flinch. Also included in this great collection of tunes is an Electro House tune from Zedd. Needed Change World On Fire Changes

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  • Captain Panic! “Dimensional Domination EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Captain Panic! “Dimensional Domination EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Captain Panic! continues conquering the Dubstep scene under the 5 starred Heavy Artillery flag. Their latest release “Dimensional Domination EP” crushes all in its path with a wake of broken bass faces. The titles of four track EP has a deep seeded inspiration with Blizzard Entertainment‘s Starcraft & World of Warcraft. First in the chamber Aiur is larger than a Protoss carrier swarming on unsuspecting Terran civilians paving the way for the ground troops. Next the Death March advances executing […]

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  • Excision & Downlink “Existence EP” [Rottun Recordings]

    Excision & Downlink “Existence EP” [Rottun Recordings]

    The dastardly duo Excision and Downlink released their latest project “Existence EP” today on Rottun Recordings. The title and anchor track of the EP Existence has been a Dubstep anthem for 2011. The anticipated 4 track EP is a prime example of their abilities to experiment with new styles. The first tune Not Enough featuring the vocals of Skaught Parry who screams despair in a hard rock fashion fusing with filthy dubstep bass. The second tune has a classic sample […]

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  • UK Thursdays: Figure [Video]

    UK Thursdays: Figure [Video]

    Figure Live @ UK Thursdays Dropping his track: “Cut Throat” Figure Live @ UK Thursdays Dropping his track: “Cut Throat” #1 on DnB Charts on beatport right now facebook.com/​IMFIGURE Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Respect: Klute [5.19.11]

    Respect: Klute [5.19.11]

    AH YES!!!! Drum & Bass Thursday nights commence with those HARD BEATS for the deep!!!! Big up to all those keepin’ up with the producers, beat makers, movers & shakers from the D&B community!!!!! Another personal favorite on deck for this session!!!! Big BDay shouts to Siraaj Muhammed!!!!! Gettin’ fresh=EECUE!!!!!! KLUTE!!!!!! In the place 2B!!! Suicide it’s the Suicide!!!!!!! -Regal D

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    SKRILLEX IN LAS VEGAS OFFICIAL VIDEO facebook.com/​skrillex Featuring: -BARE ( facebook.com/​BARESTEP ) -SLUGGO ( facebook.com/​slugstep ) -FLINCH ( facebook.com/​FLINCHBASS ) facebook.com/​FrequencyEvents FIlmed & Edited: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Dirt Monkey “Boss” (Bootleg remix) [Free Tune]

    Dirt Monkey “Boss” (Bootleg remix) [Free Tune]

    Play Me Records promoting their new release “Ishe & Dirt Monkey EP” with a free tune by mischievous Dirt Monkey. The filthy Dirty Monkey leads you in with a funky bounce luring you to follow him into a trap then he smashes your face into the dirt. You can hear the Hip Hop influences in his music with dark undertones, hard beats,and gangsta vocals brings Boss swinging swagger to the tune. Dirty Monkey is a suspect in several other face […]

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  • Netsky “Iron Heart” (FS Remix) [Free Tune]

    Netsky “Iron Heart” (FS Remix) [Free Tune]

    The one and only FS released a new remix of Netsky‘s “Iron Heart” today and is giving it away for free. Originally the tune was released on Hosiptal Records FS remix does not sound anything like the original but, is a great  tune and a must have for all Dubstep lovers. This is a melodic feel good heavy head nodder for a brilliant Sunday morning wake up tune. Artist: Netsky Remix: FS Track: Iron Heart  

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  • Timeless: KJ Sawka [5.14.11]

    Timeless: KJ Sawka [5.14.11]

    818 BASS in effect ready to WRECK!!!!! Big up all true Junglist!!!! If you love Jungle, you LOVE MUSIC!!!! If you love MUSIC, the DRUMS & the BASS!!!!! All on display for the night!!!!!! At first, the peeps seemed a bit taken by the set up. But once the BASS started rumblin’, it was BASSiness as usual!!!!! J A D E!!!!!! K J S A W K A ! ! ! ! ! ! Ready with their BASSiness attire!!!! -Regal […]

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  • Bass Goes Boom: Joe Nice [5.14.11]

    Bass Goes Boom: Joe Nice [5.14.11]

    Coast to Coast BASS goin’ on, and goin’ down in LA on this night!!!!! BASSLINES ROLLIN’ INSIDE THE VENUE!!!!! Bass Goes Boom posse are the ones to blame!!!!! Special shouts to the STEPS IN TIME crew inside giving up props!!!!! Dubwar, Dub Police & Smog!!! All in one place, All on one night!!!!!! MATTY G!!!!! JOE N-I-C-E!!!!!!! STATESIDES BASS IN FULL EFFECT!!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Respect: Jumping Jack Frost [5.12.11]

    Respect: Jumping Jack Frost [5.12.11]

    Thursday night D&B going down in LA with that true school Legendary polish on this night!!!!!!! The Junglist you haven’t seen inna looong time came out to show support for the artist in demand!!!! Loads of love in and all around the place for the session!!!!! That’s what the BASS can do to you!!!! BIG BDAY SHOUTS TO: SUBFLO!!!!!! It’s been a loooong time!!!!! Now he’s back with the Drums that make you sweat, and the Bass to raise the […]

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  • Marty Party “Purple EP” [Free Tunes]

    Marty Party “Purple EP” [Free Tunes]

    Marty Party who is also one half of Panty Raid with OOAH of the Glitch Mob is promoting his upcoming album “Purple” ,releasing May 31st, by giving away some free tunes.This 3 tune promo EP is a dark shade of purple with chill basslines and melodic synths. “Cocaine” creeps up on you then fades off like you just hada bunk key bump then when you clear your nasals your eyes widen and your seeing Purple. “808 I Want Some” has […]

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.2 | Coma

    Quick & Dirty vol.2 | Coma

    Quick & Dirty is Womp TV’s web series of on-the spot impromptu interviews with bass artists. No preconception. Just straight up Quick & Dirty. Our second episode is with Dubstep producer Jacob Coma from Albuquerque New Mexico. We got a chance to catch up with Coma backstage and have him tell us a bit about himself. Artist: Coma Record Label:  Trillbass Affiliations: The Rizo | Umbrella Clothing | This has been a Womp TV production.   Sucker Punch (Coma Remix) […]

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  • HULK “Almost Famous” [Free Mix]

    HULK “Almost Famous” [Free Mix]

    Hulk aka Claw & Richie August who just played this past Monday at Bassic Mondays in Los Angeles just released their newest Dubstep mix for free download. This is a filthy mix full of disgusting BASS that will infect you body to the core. Almost Famous *mixed and recorded live by Claw, May 5th 2011 @ The Artery, NY 1. HULK – Partykidz 2. Helicopter Showdown – Dramatron 3. HULK – Bass Dip 4. Requake – Klipto 5. HULK – […]

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  • Slum Dogz “For All Time” [Remix MV]

    Slum Dogz “For All Time” [Remix MV]

    Youtube user Add Hardy just released his latest Dubstep Remix video for Slum Dogz “For All Time” on Circus Records. The melancholy video is soothing for the mind and a refresher from all the angry wobble bassline dubstep that has devoured everything in its path. The video remix put together by Add Hardy complements the tune perfectly with its organic timelapse of Southern Utah to the surreal images of skydivers on the edge of the atmosphere seamlessly floating in space. […]

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  • Figure “Monsters of Drumstep VIP” [Free Tunes]

    Figure “Monsters of Drumstep VIP” [Free Tunes]

    Bass banger Figure is giving away VIP edits from his Monsters of Drumstep on Play Me 2 for free, WTF! The first tune is Werewolf which was a limited free promo to hype up the EP release then it disappeared so, now is your second chance to get a copy of it. The next two tunes are from the Monsters of Dumstep EP Aliens and Zombies. If you didn’t already buy the EP these free VIP’s will convince you to. […]

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    Smash Gordon smashed it HARD with this insane BASS music mix released on Buygore. This is one of the hottest Dubstep mixes out right now so be sure to get your free copy today. Full mix now available for download check out : getyoursmashon.com enjoy the hip hop mixtape parody artwork 10,000 plays in just a few days on Buygore now uploaded here as well. TRACK LIST : SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE INTRO END OF DAYS – ZARDONIC & NUMBERNIN6 […]

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  • Dubstep Academy 101

    Dubstep Academy 101

    Jon Zombie is at it again with his delicious coverage of Dubstep Academy at Kelly’s Mission Rock in San Francisco. I used to go to this club way back in the day on the edge of the Bay when it was all Hip Hop now they are doing Filthy slutty Dubstep. 5.6.11 Dubstep Academy 102 Fimed at Kelly Mission Rock San Francisco, California, USA JON ZOMBIE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Official Website Facebook Vimeo Soundtrack: Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Filth Collins […]

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