Halo Nova “Alien Crunk EP” [Betamorph]

AlienCrunkAnother ambitious newcomer to the game with releases forthcoming on Ultragore & Play Me Halo Nova is a young 20 year old Dubstep producer out of Tampa, Florida. His latest release on Betamorph Recordings the “Alien Crunk EP” is a fully loaded 4 track EP. The self titled tune “Alien Crunk” is a mask-less piss drunk Predator on a 4 day crunk juice party binge at Ultra Music Week tune. Next in the chamber & my favorite tune of the EP “Lady Vengeance”. This tune is full of voracious vengeance as it creeps up on you then stabs you in your face and all you can do is smile. “Yip Yip” is just the opposite and makes me laugh because it reminds me of the Yip Yip alien Muppets which is probably the original intent or sample? The last tune of the EP “Shiva Startsystem” is a heavy wobbler like you were drunk driving and hitting parked cars along the way home.

Yeah, aaaaha you know what it is!

Alien Crunk

Lady Vengeance

Yip Yip

Shiva Starsystem


Artist: Halo Nova
Album: Alien Crunk EP
Released by: Betamorph
Release/catalogue number: BMR041
Release date: May 5, 2011



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