Borgore “Delicious EP [Buygore]

DeliciousEP I had the opportunity last year to meet Borgore and to be honest I had no idea who he was. He asked me what was my favorite Borgore tune and i was at a blank. i know this sounds horrible but eh what are you gonna do. Now I know exactly who this Filthy Motherfucker is. I was recently given his “Delicious EP” and his “Filthiest Hits… So Far” for my aural pleasure. I have been listening all day eating breakfast, on my bike, on the toilet, everywhere.

The “Delicious EP” is not what I expected from what I heard at a show. This EP is more mellow on the bass with a Hip Hop vibe while Borgore spits Filthy lyrics that get me nostalgic of my time working in porn, ah those were the fun times. The self titles tune Delicious is by far my favorite tune on the EP. With its gangster Victorian lead, his lyrics on the build up to a nasty drop into Drum & Bass. I’m hooked.

Hole in the wall

“Glory Hole” is my other favorite on the EP. The fast high hat and dirty south steez bassline always gets me to bounce. this tune is perfectly perverted and will have you getting nasty on the dancefloor. What I appreciate most about Borgore is he doesn’t hold back, and neither do his fans, and makes great Dubstep. I’ve seen to many Dubstep DJ’s who focus on the crazy wobble and step which works for a while but not all night.

I f you like the big anthem arena style Dubstep with full on Trance melodies, female vocals, and heavy beats then be sure to listen to “Someone Elses’ (Document One) remix. It is tunes like these that bring all the ladies out to his shows. All the filthy bass whores flock to Borgore shows.

I will be reviewing Borgore‘s “Filthiest Hits… So Far” next so be on the look out for that. Also be sure to check out our backstage experience with Borgore when he was here in LA last year.



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