Borgore feat. Shay “Flex” [Ultragore]

Flex2After a 2 part preview of Borgore‘s new music “Flex” is officially here! From what we saw from the behind the scenes created a different impression in my head as to how to video would be as to what it is now. I did not expect all the crowd footage that you see in all the other videos and all the real heavy visual effects composite over the strippers which I thought there would be more shots of being filthy. Here I thought is was going to be more like an old school Hip Hop booty video with a bucket. Do not let me mislead you into thinking any of this takes away of the fact “Flex” is a monstrous hard hitting party smasher! Also you can go over to Borgore‘s Facbook page and download this tune right now for free!

Available to download FREE from:
Flex EP including remixes from Document One, Coven and Figure + Borgore v Dev ‘Kiss My Lips ‘ out 5th March 2012 on Buygore Records

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