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WOMP TV – The Paradox Experiment: DJ Swamp | Ron D. Core | Ashtrobot [04.28.12]

The Paradox Experiment: DJ Swamp | Ron D. Core | Ashtrobot [04.28.12]

DJ Swamp 3-D music video premiere of ‘Feast of Flesh”
Performing:***DJ SWAMP***
Decadent Records/ www.djswamp.com/
www.soundcloud.com/djswamp-RON D. CORE-
Dr. Freeclouds / www.drfreecoulds.com

Rizo/d.r.e.a.m./Erg / www.soundcloud.com/ashtrobot


LA Beatdown/Timeless / www.soundcloud.com/neuropunkdj

SKM667/Techno Belligerent : Otherkin/Art Saves Lives
www.soundcloud.com/arcid : www.soundcloud.com/shamankyo

-OPEN TABLES- (vinyl only) 8pm-9pm

Mash-Up Turntablism / Drum & Bass / Hardcore / Dubstep / Moombahcore / Core n’ Bass / Open Tables- everyone welcome, all vinyl any genre /


We will be premiering Dj Swamp’s new music video ” Feast of Flesh” in glorious 3-D!! Directed by Erin Leigh

We’ll have open tables, so any DJ- come early and bring your vinyl, first come first spin- in order.

Located at:
Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Ave., Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA

18+ with ID
21+ to drink
$10 cover
Doors open 8pm-2am


**** DJ SWAMP ****
Swamp began mastering his DJ skills more than 15 years ago. In 1996, his rookie year, he took the title of USA DMC Champion. Being true to his nature in an arena that was predominantly influenced by a very hip hop-esque culture, Swamp stepped up to the decks looking like some kind of junky punk. He was well received by the audience despite his counter-culture appearance because he exhibited skills that defied perception and already possessed a stage presence that many of his contemporaries still lacked. The finale came when he closed his set by freakin’ Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and then smashing his records.

Notorious for mischief, while he’s on the turntables his shows are highly anticipated by those who know that they can expect to see something spectacular.

Although he’s a hip-hop/d&b artist, his demeanor and appearance are closer to that of a metal head. He has been referred to as “the Sid Vicious of the DJ’s”, and has been known to have violent on-stage fits more characteristic of a rock star than of a hip-hop turntablist. While it’s easy to compare him to rock/punk legends, in the world of DJ’s he stands alone. Roguish behaviors such as: breaking his records then cutting himself with the fragmented remains; spitting fire; and performing cunnilingus on diamond-tipped phonograph needles really only provides the frame work to showcase what those that are in the ‘know’ recognize as extraordinary turntable skills. Breakbeats, scratching, juggling, and mutilating LPs and vinyl without losing the beat are all a part of a day at the ‘office’ for Swamp. Sometimes they end with a trip to the hospital: “I had to go to the hospital in Phoenix recently with second-degree burns,” Swamp said from his publicist’s office in New York. “I lit my hand on fire and then blew fire on it and basically became a blow torch. I don’t use fire retardant or anything because this is low budget. Dude, I’m just a fire retard.”

For four years DJ swamp toured as a member of beck’s band. Immediately following his decision to depart from the band, swamp released his solo debut album, ‘never is now’ and toured to back the release. His decision to go out on his own gave him just the independence that he was looking for and opened up the avenue to self-expression that both he and the fans were seeking.

Contrary to how he flows when rhyming (eg. “How can I dis you, I’ve never even heard of you”-lyrics from ‘Worship the Robot’), he expresses a certain sense of reverence when reflecting on the pa0th he’s traveled. When considering how he’s managed to maintain critical mass his response is typically “I’m the luckiest person you’ll ever meet. Something’s always popping up. I’m just in the right place at the right time.” Statements like that shouldn’t suggest that he hasn’t worked hard or employed incredible ingenuity to get where he is. He procured the spot with Beck by posing as a reporter to pass off his demo in person.

Swamp says that he draws off of his environment and a ten year affinity with a nameless muse for inspiration. He observes “what’s going on” and converts his impressions into his art. His musical influences range from hip hop, to metal, punk, industrial and anything in between.

DJ Swamp has graced the pages of: Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Raygun, Mean, DJ Times, Keyboard, Rap Sheet, Mixer, Rap Pages, The LA Times, and Urb.

Urb magazine says “Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200′s is like watching a magic show.”

*** RON D. CORE ***
Spinning HARD and on in the scene, even starting with the hard tech scene in California back in 1985. Ron D Core (aka: Ronald Dedmon Jr.) also runs Dr. Freecloudâs Mixing Lab & Atomic Hardcore Recordings. Ron D Core has recorded and toured with many hard-core features all over the world. Generally tagged or falls in the genres of: Gabber, Hard-tech, Death-tech, Tech-core.
Armed with a unique mixing style, excellent track selection & programming, and a penchant for infusing humor into his sets with sound clips from his favorite adult films, Ron D Core continues to be sought after to play gigs not only in his present hardcore / gabber musical style, but also his rare hard acid and old school techno sets. Some of his most notable gigs include: No Doz, Funny Farm, Opium, Shiva’s Erotic Banquet, Aphrodite’s Temple, Pyrotechnodiscoworks, Nocturnal Wonderland, Circa, Together as One, and his own parties with Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab: Operation 1 & 2, Funky Shit Happens, Megablast, Blitzkrieg, and Thirteen.

With his unique style and an ear for what is original and fresh in underground dance music today, Ron D Core will remain a spearhead for cutting edge techno music in the rave scene. Which direction he will take it from this point is anyone’s guess, but you can always be sure it will be something new, exciting, and HARD.

ASHTROBOT is my alter ego, a 90′s baby from los angeles who is a complete product of his surroundings, influenced by graffiti, skating, the thriving bass music culture, the party’s, the ocean, the luxury, the grime, the women, the weed, and everything inbetween that makes him who he is.
ASHTROBOT is the bass monster, the low end lover, the party animal, L.A. badman. LETS GET WEIRD”.

“I’ve worked with KENDRICK LAMAR, AB SOUL, CHRIS MOODY, ROGER SANCHEZ, HER MAJESTY AND THE WOLVES, DJ blaq star, and some shit I cant really discuss…”

Real name Ash Riser, was born in Los Angeles , late august of 1989. then a bunch of shit happened. Now he’s lost his mind and stopped giving a fuck about everything.

BETA CONTROL´S music is explosive and dynamic, setting a floor on volatility. A mix of dubstep, moombahton and glitch rock no two minutes of his records are the same. “Just when you think you know where the record is going, it changes and then bam! BETA does the work of ten producers. He´s incredible man!”Reza Mahallati, former producer of Universal Music.
One huge single after the other, BETA is taking his success back to his Latin roots and sinking his teeth hard into moombahton. His latest moombahcore remix of “Esa Morena” is now gaining praise on the hottest moombahton blogs. “This is a heavy-hitter…” touts Zedward of 110bpm.com. Fans from all over the world are clawing to get a piece of BETA CONTROL. Amidst the 200,000 hits on YouTube and thousand plus downloads BETA CONTROL is making a mark.

“I had followed the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I have crossed this tunnel, I have entered a whole new world. Music is my life; it is the air I breathe and the nutrients that nourish the vessel that is my being. I once read that ´Music is the Vernacular of the Human Spirit´, and ever since then it has been my favorite language.”
Get ready for his Moombahcore set!!

Under his many guises (Neuropunk / K.O.S. / Go-Incognito / ¡HeyZeus!), Solomon Baldeo aka Neuropunk exudes the true renaissance man, tackling as many facets of the nightlife scene and art as humanly possible. DJ/Producer/Promoter/Designer/Illustrator/Writer…the list goes on for the many activities for his daily grind and he holds a deep passion for each one.

Although the harder, darker side of Drum & Bass is the big gun in his arsenal. Neuropunk has a passion for all sounds Drum & Bass, from liquid to jump-up to ragga. His musical taste is a product of his upbringing. From a very young age, Neuropunk had been exposed to Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae/Dancehall and DJ culture from his elder brother, DJ Phers One (DP Sound). As he grew, he also found a love for Punk Rock and Electronic. His love for Drum & Bass began in 1999, at first being exposed to Roni Size and Adam F music videos on cable television and snippets of mixtapes from high school friends, then to a full on passion for the music after his first rave at Nocturnal Wonderland. Soon after he approached the turntables and it wasn’t too long after seeing MCMC live in 2000 that he picked up the microphone.

These two forces from Speed Kore Militia 667 and Otherkin have been forced by the universe to come together to kill every one at The Paradox with a Core n’ Bass back to back turntable set. Sometimes things are just supposed to happen and that’s the case with these two. Both soldiers of dark, hard music with murder intent on the dance floor, will have you wanting more and more Core n’ Bass. Both multi genre enthusiasts and lovers of the core have rocked “dance pits” for years, so people want to see some new shit? These two are bringing it. Get ready for this Crossbreed, get ready for Core n’ Bass. Do not miss this shit!!

You can spin!!, whether you want to bust out a set, or play your song that’s pressed, or if you have some sick punk rock records, get here early and bring your vinyl. It’s an all vinyl affair from 8pm to 9pm. Come in and get a chance to get the party started. Your set time depends on how many people show up, so come show everyone what you’re all about…

*** VISUALS ***
Look forward to an evening of amazing visuals in 3-D as well! we will have two viewing areas to watch the “Feast of Flesh”
3-D music video….sit down and relax, or rip it up on the dance floor! Visuals by:
Jonathan Bernbaum at:

939 Maple Ave. Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90015


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