Triage “Rage LP” [Hollow Point Recordings]

TriageLiar, Debt, & Seth Norman otherwise known as Triage just released of their debut album “Rage” on Hollow Point Recordings. “Rage” is an 18 wheeler jackknife obliterating anything in its path. The album also includes phenomenal collaborations with Antiserum, SPL, The Bassist, Chewie, Riskoteque, and Jaden.

One of my favorite tunes from the album is the acid bass cruncher  “Radium” which also sets the tone for the entire LP as it is track one. Another is their tune with SPL “Party Foul” a melodic skull cracking accelerating bassliner. Traige’s collaboration with Antiserum “Aneurysm” is a wild wobbler with an Electro twist will have you annihilating the dance floor. I only got through a third of the album so, you must listen to “Rage” for yourself and form your own opinion because you already know mine.


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