Gridlok “Take The Poison” [Project 51]

TakeThePoisonGridlok just put out a new mix titled after his current tour “Take The Poison”. This mix is fully loaded with exclusive Dub Plates and being heard for the first time. As a matter of fact I hit up Gridlok and asked him for a tracklisting of the mix which is what we usually do here at Womp TV is to keep the people informed of the biggest Bass tunes. He told me there were to many secret tunes in the mix he couldn’t tell me. What I can tell you is this mix is a dark journey through the depths of Gridlok’s mind. His track selection and overall storytelling through sound in impeccably intrepid.


Be sure to watch BASE vol.07 with our exclusive interview with the man himself Gridlok. Also if you are interested in booking Gridlok you can do so by contacting Lethal Talent.


Released by: Project 51 Recordings
Release date: Jun 11, 2012

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