BASE vol.08 | KJ Sawka

BASE_KJsawkaFollowing up Gridlok we keep the bass rolling with BASE volume 08 featuring American drummer / producer KJ Sawka of the band Pendulum. After a lot of back and forth with KJ’s manager we were able to get squeezed into KJ’s busy schedule before his show at Timeless. Although a comedy showcase was in session throughout the entire recording of the interview so, you may hear some background vocals and laughter, like true professional the show must go on.In addition to the comedy session KJ was sick and you can see the paleness in his face but, he was a soldier and endured through the interview and gave his all during his performance which the crowd loved.

“I was playing for 8 to 10 hours day”

Our interview with KJ Sawka covered his introduction to the world of drums, how he became the only American member of Pendulum, and some of his most memorable moments on tour with the internationally famous band. Watch and listen to how one man’s passion for drums which vaulted him into the most recognized drummer within the Bass community.

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  1. Amy Selekta says:

    Great interview! Loving the tracks used, big ups!!

  2. Rico says:

    @Amy thanks for the love!

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