Divine Elements “You’re Dead” [Official Video]

YoureDeadI had the great opportunity to work with Divine Elements on their latest music video “You’re Dead” on Heavy Artillery Recordings. This unholy of videos was in theme with resurrection and zombies as it was all filmed on Easter Sunday the ultimate most celebrated zombie of them all Jesus. MC Dino leads the Divine Elements crew with his lyrical prowess into a jam session which becomes a full blown party when a raging crowd magically appear when the bass drops.

Their larger than life live PA sound, dark twisted melodies, and heavy grinding basslines will rock any crowd. Divine Elements is the paramount of future electronic dance music incorporating the band format into the dance scene.


 People wanna wake
never standing up for they see
they lying to themselves
while they’re choking on the memory
of something that they never did
or something that the could of stopped

Progression is the lesson
and the killer and hes never off
Slowly travel with the rain
Till u see the lightningl
Focus living in your veins
When u see them smiling
Take a breath, Grit your teeth
Cause there ain’t no stopping
One chance is all you have
to do something proper
Take another step and dive in deep into the black abyss
a hundred times of pain matching pleasure, deep with every kiss
the sacrificial martyr trying to show just why he lost his head
you thinking that your living but “You Dead”

Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings
Release/catalogue number: HAR149
Release date: Jun 18, 2012

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