Ritual: Candyland | Natty Freq | Balance | Bud Vapors | Shredda [07.05.12]

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Candyland [Santa Barbra, CA]

Santa Barbara natives Ethan and Josie better known as CANDYLAND began producing their own original songs back in April of 2011.

Natty Freq

This Dynamic Duo, ‘Natural Frequency’, aka Natty Freq, is quickly becoming a staple in the Southern California electronic music scene with both members having deep rooted ties to the community for quite some time. Boxmon, Arman Zand, has not only been co-producing the big hitting distinct sounds that you hear today from “Natural Frequency,” but is also co-founder of Orange County’s famous Adrenaline Club which originated in 2002 and has featured some of the world’s best Drum N Bass and Dubstep talent.
Notation, Mike Newberg, who is also 1/2 of the Drum N Bass group, “Clique” (Backed by AK1200′s very own Big Riddim Recordings), has been at the game just as long and can get the ladies moving with his melodic, yet powerful sounds that will definitely get the spot jumping.
With a style unique to their individual, yet very diverse from each other, they come together to bring you an incomparable sound. With releases on “Smashed Beatz” (SB001 & SB002) and “Rockers Dub” (RD010) and also forthcoming tunes (2011 – 2012) on Legendary Drum and Bass Producer/DJ Shimon’s Label “Audioporn” Records. The duo from Orange County, California have been slammin the decks up and down the coast of Southern California for years. With heavy work in the studio daily these 2 men or about to take the dubstep scene on a tear.
Step into a world of lush, sonic bliss. Each set is a carefully crafted auditory adventure that spans the range of melodic bass music across the genre and BPM spectrum. Known for bringing her own flavor to the sound, Carly D fuses the freshest bass anthems, with her own newest original tracks, and on the fly lyrical mash-ups that are sure to have every booty on the floor shakin’.


Dj Balance broke ground 6 years ago when her passion for hip hop and electronic music in addition to her collection of vinyl harmoniously synthesized.

As a graduate of the Scratch DJ Academy (L.A.), she aquired her skills from many talented and creative DJ’s and producers. djBalance spins many genres, but mostly BASS influenced music. You can catch djBalance mixing and blending a fusion of BASS with your booty shaking in mind all over the Bay Area.

Bud Vapor

It all started in 2003 with the purchase of a VaporDoc vaporizer with lots of hits of tasty ganja while playing video games. The screen name Bud Vapor was born. After a decade of being involved in the San Francisco Rave scene as a Goa Trance/ Psy Trance DJ. In 2004 Sausee decided to take a break from the scene and music that use to bring such inspiration. With roots from rap/hip hop and friends beginning to make rap music. Sausee began to make his own style of 90 bpm rap styled beats. Instead of the standard structure most rap songs are built. Sausee tried to add his own style and flow of the tracks that he would find in a Trance/Techno song. So if there were no rapping words over the beats, it would still have a feeling and story to it. Even though his rapping friends thought of this style as too trancey. Sausee kept making the music that had a certain feeling to it. In 2007 Sausee decided to try and return into the Rave scene as a Psy DJ. To avoid any confusion on the 2 completely different styles of music production. All the melodic styled trance hop would go under the name BUD VAPOR.

In 2010 Bud Vapor started mixing his own original tracks together in a DJ set creating a unique style of Melodic Tech Trance feeling Hip Hop. Even though the grooves were hard, it still had more of a chill feel to it.

So in 2011 Bud Vapor decided to add Drum and Bass and Dubstep/ Glitch to the list of genres to spin. Although instead of doing quick style mixes like a majority of the DJ’s in those genres. Bud Vapor decided to use his Sausee styled mixing of layering the tracks and flowing them in a way to soothe the psy trancer within.

Even though this is just the beginning of the Bud Vapor movement. Things are starting to pick up quick. Be on the look out for more Bud Vapor to come!!!!



Ritual has proudly become an icon in the Bay Area dubstep scene. This event is not possible without the music lovers that join us every week. With our humble beginnings in a tiny club, we eventually expanded to the famous Temple Nightclub in San Francisco with beautiful dancing people joining us every Thursday. This is an experience that is fueled by you, and we love you for shaping Ritual in a positive direction.

~Presented by Irie Cartel~
~Flier designed by Skulltrane~
~Photography by Julie Hanna~
~Shaking by your ass~



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