SirReal “All Nu:Tone Mix”

NuToneSirReal continues his Artist Mix series with Hospital Records Liquid Funk star Nu:Tone. I recently saw Nu:Tone here in Los Angeles at Respect last week and it was an amazing show. You can see our photo gallery of the night courtesy of Regal D.

I would recommend downloading and listening to Nu:Tone’s soulful 23 track mix exclusively of all his tunes or remixes and browse through the gallery to have a better idea of what a Nu:Tone party is really like.



  1. Nu:Tone – Broken (featuring Kyan)
  2. Nu:Tone – What’s your lesiure
  3. Nu:Tone – Heaven Sent (featuring MC SP)
  4. Nu:Tone – New Boy
  5. Nu:Tone – All over the World
  6. Nu:Tone – Beatnik
  7. Nu:Tone – The boy who lost his smile
  8. Nu:Tone – Three bags full
  9. Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone remix)
  10. Nu:Tone – Feel it
  11. Nu:Tone – Right now
  12. Nu:Tone – System (featuring Natalie Willaims)
  13. Nu:Tone – The Feeling (featuring Ben Westbeech)
  14. London Elektricty – Fast Soul Music (Nu:Tone remix)
  15. Nu:Tone – Beliefs
  16. Nu:Tone – Mrs. Jones
  17. Nu:Tone – Breathless
  18. Nu:Tone – Countdown
  19. Nu:Tone – Seven Years (featuring Natalie Williams)
  20. Nu:Tone – Jet Stream
  21. Nu:Tone – Goofy
  22. Nu:Tone – Missing Link
  23. Nu:Tone – Strange Encounter (featuring Natalie Williams)

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