Figure “The Last Dawn” [Doom Music]

LastDawnThis speech captures the very essence of whats going on right now all over the world… more so now than ever. I wanted a way to use the sample during my live set, so I took Charlie Chaplin s speech from “The Great Dictator” and made a song around it.

Layered with driving heartfelt pianos and LFOs bouncing every which way, “The Last Dawn” holds a fist to the powers that be.

About to head off for weekend shows… 1st stop to visit you guys in Houston before heading to Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks. The venue has been a dream of mine for over 3 years. I still can’t believe it’s happening. I know I wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for all of you guys and can’t thank you enough.

See you soon!


Released by: DOOM Music
Release date: Jul 19, 2012

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