Calyx + TeeBee “Elevate This Sound / Hurting” [RAM Records]

RAM120Hurtling towards the release of their sophomore album ‘All Or Nothing’, Calyx & TeeBee display their versatility on this, their new single. Having proven their worth with a decade and a half of success, the duo take their unique sound and apply it to two haunting tracks that are sure to get fans of expertly crafted D&B excited for the forthcoming long player.

Leading the way is ‘Elevate This Sound’ a beautifully constructed piece of music that underpins a fully structured song complete with one of the finest vocals to ever grace a drum & bass record. Skipping beats are underpinned with layers of Rhodes organs, subtly effected emotions and a moving bassline which ensures this track will be as at home on dance floors worldwide as it is on your mp3 player.

Flip over and Calyx & TeeBee offer up a track that bears their signature hallmarks infused with a fresh feel. ‘Hurting’ is packed with the kinds of twists, turns and downright gut-wrenching basslines you’ve come to expect from this duo. Stepping drums and grinding bass notes are interspersed with haunting vocal snippets and plenty of the signature sound that will keep the drum & bass elite happy.

Released by: RAM Records
Release/catalogue number: RAMM120
Release date: Aug 13, 2012


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