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  • Kari Kimmel “Black” (Dumbsteppaz Remix)

    Kari Kimmel “Black” (Dumbsteppaz Remix)

    The Dumbsteppaz remix of the Kari Kimmel’s song “Black” which was featured in AMC’s Comic Con trailer of one of my favorite shows the “Walking Dead” premiering in October of 2012 which I can’t wait to see more zombie slaughtering action alongside “Ricktaorship” rule. Dumbsteppaz did an amazing job with their remix of a song that only consisted of vocals and a guitar into a banging bass basher transitioning from Dubstep to Drum & Bass and half time Drumstep. I am […]

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  • Antiserum + Mayhem “BAYTL Dub / So High” [SMOG]

    Antiserum + Mayhem “BAYTL Dub / So High” [SMOG]

    As someone born and breed in the BAY I have a biased  inclination towards Anitserum and Mayhem’s latest release on SMOG records. Their two-track ep “BayTL Dub” and “So High” are the perfect combination of chainsawing basslines and funky space synth melodies backed by robotic vocals reminiscent of Zap and Roger. I am glad to see SMOG picked up Antiserum as one of their label artists as he has much talent and if you do not believe me be sure to check out our interview with him! […]

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  • High Maintenance ft. Katie’s Ambition “Never Enough” [Official Video]

    High Maintenance ft. Katie’s Ambition “Never Enough” [Official Video]

    An awkward dramatic fight over the loss at a stuffed animal filled crane arcade is the concept behind High Maintenance’s new music video “Never Enough” featuring Katie’s Ambition. The graphically intense video overwhelms your eyes like a seizure inducing Japanese anime. The female lead in this video is one crazy bitch who can never “Get Enough” drama in her life that she must create some over frivolous things such as video games. This video is completely absurd but, on the other hand […]

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  • S.P.Y. feat. Ian Shaw “What The Future Holds” [Official Video]

    S.P.Y. feat. Ian Shaw “What The Future Holds” [Official Video]

    Since releasing his first ever tune on Med School in 2006, S.P.Y has been the name on everyone’s lips. With previous releases on Innerground, Spearhead, Critical and Metalheadz, to name but a few, S.P.Y signed exclusively to Hospital at the start of 2012, bringing in the deeper, darker sounds of the underground and keeping things fresh with his unique, sub-genre spanning music. This year alone he has impressed with the “Love & Hate EP” and vinyl-only release “Future Tense feat. […]

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  • Respect: Artificial Intelligence

    Respect: Artificial Intelligence

    RSVP to win a pair of tickets! T H U R S D A Y : S E P T : 2 7 T H R E S P E C T presents A R T I F I C I A L . I N T E L L I G E N C E https://www.facebook.com/artificialintelligencednbM C . K E M O https://www.facebook.com/kemosunplus, S C O O B A https://www.facebook.com/djscooba J A H W Y https://www.facebook.com/DJjahwy M C . X Y […]

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  • Metrik ft. Reija Lee “Freefall” [Official Video]

    Metrik ft. Reija Lee “Freefall” [Official Video]

    How many amazing hooks do you want in one track? From start to finish ‘Freefall’ reels you in with epic big room production layered with unforgettable melody to create a peak set, radio baiting sing along melancholic masterpiece. From the very get go, when Metrik’s ratchet tight drums get the track rolling, the track is all about breezy summer days leading to hands in the air packed club nights. As Reija’s dreamy, killer vocal kicks in for the first time […]

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  • Octane + DLR “Method in the Madness” [Dispatch Recordings]

    Octane + DLR “Method in the Madness” [Dispatch Recordings]

    It is difficult to produce an album let alone a twenty track Drum & Bass one but, Octane and DLR did just that. Their album “Method In The Madness” on Dispatch Recordings showcases their diverse styles and ability to collaborate with a multitude of MC’s, Vocalists, and other producers. Octane & DLR “Method In The Madness” is not your typical Electronic Dance Music album becasue not all the tracks are dance floor friendly some would say with their heavy dark tones and psychological nature […]

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  • Kove “Iodine / Open Ground” [Program]

    Kove “Iodine / Open Ground” [Program]

    Kove’s musical history saw him move from Sussex to London to produce for an electro-pop band in 2009. The following year this young producer encountered drum & bass for the first time and since then has never looked back, immersing himself in the scene and concentrating his efforts on writing his own take on the genre. Those efforts are clearly working as Kove’s musical talent is already picking up steam thanks to a huge remix for LA music legend and […]

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  • Louisiana Jones “Boom City EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Louisiana Jones “Boom City EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    New Orleans native Louisiana Jones brings bigger than life beats to the EDM masses! His diverse genre bending production covers the gamut of styles and his tracks are distinct, soulful melodic bass music anthems. With a steady stream of banging club cuts being added to his arsenal on the daily, Jones is just getting warmed up….believe it!   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings  Release/catalogue number: HAR174 Release date: Oct 1, 2012 Follow Louisiana Jones Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Kill The Noise “Kill the Noise Part 1″ [Official Video]

    Kill The Noise “Kill the Noise Part 1″ [Official Video]

    HOLY SHIT! This is by far the best Dubstep Music Video EVER! Mike Diva aka Mike Dahlquist creative mastermind behind the video did and extraordinary job with Kill The Noise’s Official Video for “Kill The Noise pt1″. This is by far the largest production I have seen for a Dubstep track and Skrillex’s OWSLA is mos def leading the pack with the most influential music videos for the genre. Follow Kill The Noise Facebook Twitter Soundcloud CREDITS: Director / Editor – Mike […]

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  • Wickaman, Hoodlum + Mavrik “One Scratch” / Wickaman + RV “Sound Clash” [Program]

    Wickaman, Hoodlum + Mavrik “One Scratch” / Wickaman + RV “Sound Clash” [Program]

    As everyone who’s been paying attention recently will know, Program is the brand new label from Andy C and Scott Bourne’s Ram Records. Having reached an incredible 20 years in the game, Ram have opened their doors to fresh styles and an exciting roster of talent for Program’s release schedule. Kicked off with Frankee’s debut solo single, this new project looks set to become a staple diet of drum & bass DJs across the globe. Following on from Frankee’s single […]

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  • Idris Elba’s “How Clubbing Changed the World”

    Idris Elba’s “How Clubbing Changed the World”

    Actor and international DJ Idris Elba counts down the defining moments of the greatest cultural phenomenon of our generation in a programme featuring some of the biggest names in dance music. Twenty-five years after the birth of rave, a new generation of British DJs and producers are at the forefront of a global musical revolution. From trance to dubstep, the sound of British producers has now become the most sought-after commodity for the biggest pop stars on the planet. Reaching […]

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  • Dr Meaker “Music In The Night” [V Records]

    Dr Meaker “Music In The Night” [V Records]

    One of Britain’s greatest soulful live Drum & Bass productions Dr Meaker brings the music in the night to life with their latest release on Bryan G’s label V Records. The six person ensemble each inject a piece of their soul into this track creating a concoction of serene vocals, energetic drums, grandeur horns and just the right amount of bass to bounce to. Unreal’s remix tones it down a notch with it mellow sound and heavy rolling bassline perfect after a long heavy […]

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  • Solomon “Crunkin” (Dark Elixir Remix) [Play Me]

    Solomon “Crunkin” (Dark Elixir Remix) [Play Me]

    Bad boy of darkness Dark Elixir is back with a brand new Play Me Too EP, from his sinister alter ego Whoisthis. In support of this Invader EP, he’s offered up this nasty crunked out remix of Solomon that implores the listener to smash faces and guarantees heavy as lead head nods and stomps on the dancefloor. Released by: Play Me Records Release/catalogue number: PLAYTOO045 Release date: Sep 16, 2012 Follow Dark Elixir Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Raw Theory “Meltdown / Flight Path” [Viper Recordings]

    Raw Theory “Meltdown / Flight Path” [Viper Recordings]

    Hailing from Stourbridge, near Birmingham, Tim Smith and Ashley Lamb are starting to have quite an impact in the world of drum and bass. Relatively unknown to many so far, Raw Theory will undoubtably become a name recognised by Drum and Bass followers in the very near future. Sharing a close taste in music the duo inspired and influenced by the likes of drum and bass artists such as Sub Focus, Camo & Krooked, Original Sin, Matrix & Futurebound, Tantrum […]

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  • Black Sun Empire “From the Shadows” [Album]

    Black Sun Empire “From the Shadows” [Album]

    Globally respected drum and bass collective, Black Sun Empire aka Milan Heyboer, Micha Heyboer and Rene Verdult just released their fifth studio album “From The Shadows” (Sept 17th 2012) Black Sun Empire represents the finest in dark and tech fuelled dance-floor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they’ve continued to develop their own unique style and sound, releasing numerous singles as well as four full-length LPs and establishing themselves as leaders in the field. With […]

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  • Respect: Dylan | Clutch | Demonone | MC XYZ [09.20.12]

    Respect: Dylan | Clutch | Demonone | MC XYZ [09.20.12]

    RSVP for your chance to win a pair of tickets!   T H U R S D A Y : S E P T : 2 0 T H R E S P E C T presents D Y L A N https://www.facebook.com/dylanfreak plus, C L U T C H https://www.facebook.com/djclutchone D E M O N 0 N E https://www.facebook.com/demon0neOfficial M C . X Y Z http://twitter.com/mcxyz ************* P R E S A L E . T I C K […]

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  • Prolix “Over You | Pick Pocket” [Cause4Concern]

    Prolix “Over You | Pick Pocket” [Cause4Concern]

    Prolix new EP on Cause 4 Concern Recording is some serious heavy bass business. The first track “Over You” is a black water rapids ride through the sewers of  Los Angeles leading into the LA River. By the time you reach the end you are dressed in a suit of filthy bass sludge. The second track “Pick Pocket” reminds me of when I was in Paris and I had to fight through a gauntlet of pick pockets left and right […]

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  • RealTalk + Symbiotic “Rough & Rugged” [Play Me]

    RealTalk + Symbiotic “Rough & Rugged” [Play Me]

    I am happy to present a new freebie from Play Me Records for all the “Rough N Rugged Mother Fuckers out there“! This collaboration track between RealTalk and Symbiotic grimier than the LA soot which builds up on your care after a year of not washing. The assaulting bassline attacks your eardrums relentlessly with a brief pause to remind you who it’s for. Released by: Play Me Records  Release/catalogue number: PLAY ME FREE Release date: Sep 11, 2012 Follow RealTalk Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  Follow Symbiotic […]

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  • S.P.Y. “By Your Side” [Remix Video]

    S.P.Y. “By Your Side” [Remix Video]

    This is a wonderful video mash-up of Spike Jonze’s whimsically creative short film “i’m Here” and S.P.Y.’s “By Your Side” from Youtube user MoogDnB. After watching this video you would never know they were not originally together because it it so seamless and the tone of the two pieces match perfectly it only seems natural. Follow S.P.Y. Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • DJ Honda ft. Mos Def “Travellin Man” (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)

    DJ Honda ft. Mos Def “Travellin Man” (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)

     We are lucky for Atlantic Connection to have found his bootleg of DJ Honda and Mos Def’s classic “Travelin Man” 10 years later and to release it for free. Atlantic Connection always brings the smooth feel good vibes to put your mind at ease melting all your stress away and forget about the troubles in the world.   Follow Atlantic Connection Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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