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  • The Others ft. Lonette Charles “One Man Show” [Official Video]

    The Others ft. Lonette Charles “One Man Show” [Official Video]

    With the release of his debut album ‘Red Planet’ at the cusp of the new year, Dub Police stalwart The Others showcased the full depth and diversity of his productions, delivering a stunning and widely praised record. Amalgamating the many influences that inform his productions, its balance of light and shade, impact and intricacy has stood the test of time. Now he is set to release one of the album’s deeper cuts as a single backed by a diverse remix package that unlocks the full extent of its dancefloor potential. ‘One Man Show’ showcases a different side to The Others’ capabilities […]

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  • Swiss American Federation “The Last Cat On Earth” [Music Video]

    Swiss American Federation “The Last Cat On Earth” [Music Video]

    I do not usually feature an Electro music video but, this video is an exceptional exception to the rule. Not only is the track a masterpiece but, the video is an astonishment of what can be produced with the right team and creative energy.  The Infamous Rocket Jump Productions known for the nerd culture inspired Youtube videos and fun visual effects the Jimmy Wong brother of Freddie Wong makes his music video directorial debut and it is a smash! Download […]

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  • Brookes Brothers ft. Chrom3 “Carry Me On” [Official Video]

    Brookes Brothers ft. Chrom3 “Carry Me On” [Official Video]

    I was ecstatic to find The Brookes Brothers with a new single and music video but a bit surprised to see their new release on Viper Recordings. Chrom3 bring melodic vocals which sail through the track with sharpness like a knife through warm butter. His rap breakdown is a great compliment and pick me up ti the synergetic track. The Brookes Brothers never seem to disappoint and I am curious to hear what else they have loaded up with Viper. […]

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  • Divine Elements “The Ascent” (Official Video)

    Divine Elements “The Ascent” (Official Video)

    Divine Elements comes correct with their latest single and music video “The Ascent” out now on Play Me Records. “The Ascent” starts off as a heavy stomper with a melodic piano lead to ease you into the monstrous bass. For Play Me updates and future releases, be sure to follow us at: – Facebook: www.facebook.com/playmerecords – Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/playmerecords – Soundcloud: @playmerecords Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords Artist Links: www.facebook.com/divineelementslive www.soundcloud.com/divineelements

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  • Danny Byrd “Bad Boy (Back Again)” [Official Video]

    Danny Byrd “Bad Boy (Back Again)” [Official Video]

    Two rival fast food salesmen go head to head in the new Danny Byrd Video… After the enormity of the Zane Lowe endorsed “Grit” (feat Roni Size) backed with the halcyon house anthem “Love You Like This”, Danny Byrd returns with a huge double A-side to kick things off from his forthcoming ‘Golden Ticket’ album. This early summer single features two slices of battering bassline badness representing two sides of Danny’s sound plus radio edits, a 303 mix and a […]

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  • The Prototypes ft.Takura “Rage Within” [Official Video]

    The Prototypes ft.Takura “Rage Within” [Official Video]

    Well I am back from a 10 day hiatus and I am sure a lot of you have already heard or seen  ”Rag Within” by The Prototypes featuring Chase & Status’ Against All Odds vocalist Takura. “Rage Within”  unleashes something inside you when the drop crushes your skull with the weight of a cartoon anvil. No Turning Back I love the simple concept of dancing out your rage it connects to a lot of people even me. I have danced […]

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  • Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli “Around The Block”  [Official Video]

    Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli “Around The Block” [Official Video]

    “Around The Block” is a feel-good, summertime hip-hop jam and the first single from Pretty Lights new album, A Color Map of the Sun, which will be released July 2, 2013. It’s all about slowing down and enjoying the best moments in life. The track features the talented BKMC Talib Kweli. Download the first single, “Around The Block” feat. Talib Kweli, at no cost now and pre-order the album athttp://www.prettylightsmusic.com Directed by Anthony Dickenson/Pulse Films Additional footage by Krystle Blackburn/Pretty […]

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  • PLS DNT STP “My Chain” [Official Video]

    PLS DNT STP “My Chain” [Official Video]

    My favorite party music label Play Me Records always brings you the freshest new artists and PLS DNT STP is mos def one of them. The duo hailing from Philadelphia release their first official video on Play Me for their track “My Chain” from their same titles EP. The Hip Hop trapped out tune with with pulsating synths and rapid fire hi hats will have you bouncing on the dance floor.  PLS DNT STP Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playmerecords – Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/playmerecords – Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/playmerecords

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  • Son of Kick ft. Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars “EOW” [Official Video]

    Son of Kick ft. Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars “EOW” [Official Video]

    Son of Kick’s “EOW” is arguably one of the most colorful, diverse and energetic tunes of 2012. The track’s rapid-fire vocals and use of high-pitched oscillatating “chirps” compliment the beat perfectly. In addition the worldwide sensational Foreign Beggars and Virus Syndicate lend the lyrical expertise to add the finishing touch to the track.   Director: Charles Whitcher Executive Producer: Persis Koch & Eric Berkowitz Producer: Dana Discordia Director of Photography: Aaron Platt Art Director: June Everett Wardrobe: Marianna Guerrero Hair […]

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  • TOKiMONSTA ft. MNDR “Go With It” [Official Video]

    TOKiMONSTA ft. MNDR “Go With It” [Official Video]

    On “Go With It,” TOKiMONSTA unleashes a forward thinking production of rhythmic beats with strong melodies, supported with an uplifting vocal by MNDR.  The Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer/beatmaker now celebrates the premiere of its accompanying video.   Filmed at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and other locations in Southern California, TOKiMONSTA collaborated with visual artists High5Collective who’ve who have recently created videos for Alexander Spit and Felix Da Housecat.  Prominent Hollywood marketing and promotions manager Bo Burroughs is the featured lead, while […]

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  • A$AP Rocky ft Skrillex + Birdy Nam Nam “Wild For The Night” [Official Video]

    A$AP Rocky ft Skrillex + Birdy Nam Nam “Wild For The Night” [Official Video]

    Long Live A$AP Rocky recently released a new music video for his track “Wild For The night” which features two of Electronic Dance Music’s greatest acts, Skrillex and French Hip Hop collective Birdy Nam Nam. Although Birdy Nam Nam is not in the video Skrillex parlays around the Dominican Republic along side A$AP Rocky doing what they do best geting WILD for the night. A$AP Rocky Facebook Twitter Youtube

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  • Next Level 2013: Bro Safari | Mayhem | Antiserum | Loudpvck [Offical Video]

    Next Level 2013: Bro Safari | Mayhem | Antiserum | Loudpvck [Offical Video]

    It is all about TRAP in Jon Zombie Productions latest video shot at Next Level featuring Bro Safari, Mayhem, and Antiserum topping the bill. Classic Zombie style of capturing an event from a fan’s perspective who just won backstage / onstage VIP passes. http://www.fb.me/FuturePresents / ‬
‪‪http://www.fb.me/jonzombiepro‬ /http://www.jonzombie.com‬‬ Next Level Gone Wild 2013 / Official Video Presented by Future Events: http://www.FutureEDM.com Artists: Bro Safari | Mayhem | Antiserum | Loudpvck | 12Gauge | Dark Elixir | Trollphace /// Filmed live at the Fonda Theatre […]

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  • Shrapnel Streetware Giveaway

    Shrapnel Streetware Giveaway

      We have some exciting news for all of you we linked up with FiXT Store and Shrapnel Streetware to bring you a week long contest to give away a piece from their collection of your choosing. It is really easy to enter all you have to do is fill out the form with your full name plus your email and thats it. A winner will be selected on week from today on Friday March 22nd at 12pm PST. The […]

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  • Gridlok “American Dream” [Official Video]

    Gridlok “American Dream” [Official Video]

    In 2009, on a typical sunny day in downtown Los Angeles, Gridlok was at his home studio fiercely working on his next album. Meanwhile a few floors above, a young woman was standing on the edge of his roof staring through the Los Angeles skyline contemplating about how her American Dream died long ago. While deeply focused on his task at hand, Gridlok was suddenly distracted by a loud scream, and then a bang, and then silence… “American Dream” is […]

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  • Bassick Elements SxSW Show [Austin]

    Bassick Elements SxSW Show [Austin]

    WOMP TV is a proud sponsor of BassicK Elements at Karma Lounge in Austin, TX, a massive 12 hour show at SXSW! ► Presale Tickets only $15! Get ‘em before they’re gone! ♦ http://bassickelements.eventbrite.com/ ►Tweet us @bassickelements ► 21+ from 2PM-2AM ► Ins & outs — feel free to come and go ► FREE wristband for SXSW badge holders until 10PM! ★MIXTAPE  ——————- Featuring ——————— ★★★ KILL PARIS ★★★ ★ gLAdiator ★ Sazon Booya ★ Amine Edge & DANCE ★ Sound […]

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  • Killsonik “Slaughterhouse” [Official Video]

    Killsonik “Slaughterhouse” [Official Video]

    KillSonik – ‘Slaughterhouse’ is taken from their new EP ‘Where The River Runs Black’ out now on MTA Records. Director: Benjamin Winston Producer: Daisy Dickinson DOP: Samual Edwards Art director: Eliana Jiwon Lim 2nd Unit: Bin Kim, Timothy Wood, Antonio Pilade Make-up: Melisa Barbosa Body part replicas: Simon Grey Editor: Benjamin Winston VFX: Samual Edwards Mother: Angela Dixon Young man: Alan Calton Become a fan of MTA: https://www.facebook.com/MTARecords Follow MTA on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/mtarecords Follow MTA on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mtarecordsuk

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  • Veranda Panda ft. Jess Sole “Two In The Same” [Official Video]

    Veranda Panda ft. Jess Sole “Two In The Same” [Official Video]

    Who is Verand Panda you might be asking yourself and until they submitted this video to me I never heard of them. Veranda Panda is a live electronic duo from South Africa simliar to Dysphemic and Miss Eliza the violin comes into play although not as dramatic. Their Bass and Violin combination  brings the bounce to the southern tip of Africa with influences of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Funk. Production: Sandcastle Studios Concept Story: Sandcastle Studios and Veranda Panda Direction: […]

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  • Xilent “Boss Wave” [Official Video]

    Xilent “Boss Wave” [Official Video]

    Boss Wave For those who grew up during the golden age of the arcade, the very opening sounds of Boss Wave will bring the memories flooding back, from the barely believable graphics of Out Run when it first hit the arcade (no laughing at the back), the pride at a perfectly timed dragon punch to the the extra life secrets on Paperboy. And while the memories of the games intricacies may fade, it was those end of level talismans, the […]

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  • The Upbeats “Diffused” [Official Video]

    The Upbeats “Diffused” [Official Video]

    The Upbeats latest music video for their new track “Diffused” which is out today on Vision Recordings is a trippy tribal graphic masterpiece. Tobias Edwards did an extraordinary job of creating an abstract shamanistic story to accompany The Upbeats’ womping tune. The Upbeats Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Become a fan of Vision Recordings:https://www.facebook.com/VisionRecordings Directed by Tobias Edwards http://www.defnative.com

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  • Shrapnel Streetware

    Shrapnel Streetware

    With the Shrapnel 2013 collection, the brand strives to further define street fashion from within the Bass Music culture. From New Era snapbacks to cutting edge all over printed tees, Shrapnel has expanded its focus well beyond its striking graphic designs and 3D graphics. Introducing several women’s items including off the shoulder crop tops, racerbank tanks, and attention-grabbing full color printed tights. New men’s items also include brand new tees, tanks, hoodies, and accessories. The collection lookbook is filled with […]

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  • Wobbleland 2012 [Official Video]

    Wobbleland 2012 [Official Video]

    There is not much to say about Jon Zombies newest video for it already speaks for itself and any words I have for it will not do it justice. It is great to see an artist evolve from one piece to the next and Jon deserves all the work & credit coming his way.   WOBBLELAND 2012 / Official Video ‬ Presented by Vital in association with Midnite Events FLUX PAVILION, ZOMBOY, BARE NOIZE, CRIZZLY, BARE, BUTCH CLANCY, DJ MUGGS, […]

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