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  • Dank “Wonder Child” [Ultra]

    Dank “Wonder Child” [Ultra]

    If you thought the mercury couldn’t climb any higher, prepare yourself for Dank’s new scorcher- “Wonder Child.”DANK’s New Single, “Wonder Child” abducts the listener from the 1st note of the Alien-like vocals… And the wild ride begins.”Wonder Child” leaps from the speakers and grabs the audience by the ears.  The song’s freakish vocals and sweltering bass once again separate this renegade from the pack.Composed by Dank and his European collaborators, “Wonder Child” combines New York’s grimy rhythms with soaring melodies.   Dank […]

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  • Getter “Smasher EP” [Firepower]

    Getter “Smasher EP” [Firepower]

    Still early in his career, Tanner Petulla aka Getter has asserted himself as one of the most consistent and significant talents to emerge from the international bass scene in the last few years. A stalwart of the FIREPOWER stable, Getter continues his prolific run of form with his new SMASHER EP, out July 9.   Building upon the success of his debut album I Want More, which was released on FIREPOWER in February of this year, the new EP features seven raw and dynamic original tracks. The title track breaks through with a whirlwind of thrashing […]

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  • Axonic “Entropy EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Axonic “Entropy EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Underground electronic music trio Ben McKibben, Max Challis, and Joel Shapiro aka Axonic specialize in bass line warfare! Their multicultural background inspires an incredibly diverse sound, gritty and raw yet full of rich layers. On Entropy the trio showcases their keen sense of depth with 3 subsonic Drumstep and Dubstep anthems made to crush the space! Heavy beats pound while Axonic cleverly blends Dubstep, Drumstep and Trap sensibilities into future dance floor magic! Axonic Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Incube “Pink Cadillac” [Caliber]

    Incube “Pink Cadillac” [Caliber]

    Returning to Caliber Music with an interesting twist on the emerging Neurohop sound, Incube delivers an energetic cut riddled with catchy melodies and even bigger basslines. Starting off with influences ranging from jazz to disco, ‘Pink Cadillac’ soon drops to seismic talking basses and intricate drum programming. With previous releases in the Neuro realm, Incube shows why he is a producer worthy of your attention. Teaming up with a group of Russian producers for remix duties, The Jumanji injects glitchy […]

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  • Noah D “BBC 1xtra Mista Jam Daily Dose” [Smog]

    Noah D “BBC 1xtra Mista Jam Daily Dose” [Smog]

    Noah D killing it in the mix on Mista Jam’s Daily Dose BBC 1extra show in London-town. This mix is a prime example of the true Los Angeles Bass scene from the most prolific crew SMOG. 01. Common & J. Period – The Next Chapter (Still Love H.E.R.) 02. Siyoung – School Day 03. Amerie vs Jay-Z – This One Thing / Change Clothes (Son of Kick Remix) 04. Pawn – Lean4 05. Problem – Like Whaaat (Salva Remix) 06. […]

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  • K100 “Cyclone EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    K100 “Cyclone EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Ireland, K100 brings titanium beats to the front line. Menacing bass lines roar, tearing through the atmosphere as heavy drums rain down like asteroids! Powerful and cinematic, K100′s compositions transport the listener into the uncharted soundscapes of a post apocalyptic future reigned by technology and machined mayhem! 2 huge cuts on this EP to start the revolution with!! K100 Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Divine Elements “The Ascent” (Official Video)

    Divine Elements “The Ascent” (Official Video)

    Divine Elements comes correct with their latest single and music video “The Ascent” out now on Play Me Records. “The Ascent” starts off as a heavy stomper with a melodic piano lead to ease you into the monstrous bass. For Play Me updates and future releases, be sure to follow us at: – Facebook: www.facebook.com/playmerecords – Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/playmerecords – Soundcloud: @playmerecords Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords Artist Links: www.facebook.com/divineelementslive www.soundcloud.com/divineelements

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  • Protohype “Hear No Evil EP” [Firepower]

    Protohype “Hear No Evil EP” [Firepower]

    On 4th June, Protohype will make his return to Firepower Records with the second installment of the ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ trilogy. Having launched the series with ‘See No Evil’ back in March, next up is ‘Hear No Evil’, which continues Protohype’s exploration of the different facets of his productions as he constructs bass music in its multifarious forms. Blending dubstep, hip hop, drum & bass and more across the EP, he brings these diverse […]

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  • DutyFreak “Fall EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    DutyFreak “Fall EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    French music maestro DutyFreak cranks out finely tuned masterpieces fit for bass bin destruction! His background as a live musician pave the way for a clever production style that is melodic, organic, funky and yet heavy enough to smash the place properly! Dubstep, Drumstep, D&B and more; it all gets the treatment when DutyFreak is in control! Tag on some stellar remixes by bass music masterminds Arkasia and FetOo and it’s a wrap! This is the ultimate French connection!!   […]

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  • Konec “Futures” [Firepower]

    Konec “Futures” [Firepower]

    Up next on Firepower, the label is turning to the other side of the Atlantic with a new four-track EP by 19 year-old producer Konec from Southampton, UK. Already sparking serious interest with his earlier productions such as ‘Immortal’ and ‘Forever’, the new ‘Futures EP’ is set to cast him firmly into the spotlight.   Opening the EP, the titular track’s panoramic soundscapes and winding melodies set the scene for proceedings, carried off into the night by a fierce drum […]

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  • Arent + Raxell “Hard Days Night” [Heavy Artillery]

    Arent + Raxell “Hard Days Night” [Heavy Artillery]

    These two young producers from Russia have smashed all stereotypes about Electro House, Dubstep and Drum’n’Bass music with their consistent multi-genre assault! Their clever production style stands out from the pack and their diverse sounds have garnered then support from major artists worldwide. This bomb 2 track beast showcases the fluid funk Arent & Raxell are becoming known for, big stuff! Arent + Raxell Twitter Soundcloud

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  • GFT + Jalice Jack “The Revolution Show EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    GFT + Jalice Jack “The Revolution Show EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    French producer GFT has been absolutely smashing things with a constant flow of bass heavy anthems and this here is no exception! GFT’s musical talent has no boundaries, all genres get the treatment and his driving beats pave the way for the full assault of twisted bass lines and infectious melodies! The Revolution Show blends hardcore electronic and metal influences for a cinematic EP of pure mayhem. Stellar remixes by the super talents FetOo and RYKR launch this EP to […]

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  • MineSweepa “Foxy Lady EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    MineSweepa “Foxy Lady EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Salem, Oregon MineSweepa has been steadily making moves and getting the attention of highly respected artists and labels alike! His production strikes the right balance of melodic excellence and super filthy bass goodness across all genres! Foxy Lady EP is a prime example of MineSweepa’s ability as a top notch multi-genre artist. This is only the beginning for MineSweepa but the future is bright for this one, big things ahead! MineSweepa Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Must Die! “Caffeine EP” [Firepower Records]

    Must Die! “Caffeine EP” [Firepower Records]

    Featured on Protohype’s recent ‘See No Evil’ EP with his stellar remix of ‘Menace’, 21 year-old Atlanta based producer Must Die! becomes a fully-fledged member of the Firepower Records camp with the release of his debut solo EP for the label following releases on labels such as Ultra, Dim Mak, Subhuman, Play Me, Mad Decent and Atlantic records. Choosing to represent his darker, sleep-deprived thoughts in his music the six-track ‘Caffeine EP’ sets new standards and will undoubtedly gain the […]

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  • Au5 “Crystal Mathematics / The Reason II” [Viper]

    Au5 “Crystal Mathematics / The Reason II” [Viper]

    Fresh off winning Seven Lions official Beatport contest for ‘Days To Come’, Au5 (pronounced “A-U-Five”) is set to make his Viper VIP debut with ‘Crystal Mathematics’ / ‘The Reason II’ single. Au5 Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • LeDoom “Darkness Over Everything” [Play Me]

    LeDoom “Darkness Over Everything” [Play Me]

    I am proud to present to you not a free track but, an entire 4 track EP on the hottest domestic Dubstep label there is Play Me Records. It only gets better because LeDoom is playin at Bassick Elements on Monday March 11th at Karma Lounge in Austin, TX. “Darkness Over Everything” is a prime example of LeDoom’s production skills spanning from heavy bass to glitchy electro. My favorite on the EP is “Remission” for its piano riff, synchopations, and […]

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  • Zedd Ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Buzzwak Remix)

    Zedd Ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Buzzwak Remix)

    This tune was sent to me today from none other than Buzzwak themselves. We get a lot of submissions here at Womp TV and we do not always get through all of them but, this tune stood out from the others and we had to post it up for everyone to listen and download. Buzzwak did an amazing remix job on Zedd’s “Clairty” featuring the vocals of Foxes.   Buzzwak Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Aesop Rock “Coffee” (Figure Remix)

    Aesop Rock “Coffee” (Figure Remix)

    Ever since I heard “Boombox”Aesop Rok became one of my favorite underground Hip Hop MC’s. Add the fact he teamed up with San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish to create a children’s book “The next Big Thing” there is no stop to his creativity. Now Figure has added another avenue to Aesop Rock’s genius with his remix of “Coffee”. Originally a dub for closing shows and a select few friends to rock in their car or headphones is now available for […]

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  • Caspa “Freeze”

    Caspa “Freeze”

    Who doesn’t like free music especially when it coem from the don of Dubstep Caspa? “Freeze” is off his forthcoming album “Alpha Omega” due to release some time in April of 2013. The dopest ghost in town is just teasing us for what is to surely blast our minds this Spring.   Caspa Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • TOKiMONSTA ft. MNDR “Go With It” [Ultra]

    TOKiMONSTA ft. MNDR “Go With It” [Ultra]

    Most recently, TOKiMONSTA, the Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer/beatmaker, jolted mainstream dance fans into hip-hop’s avant-garde with the psychedelic adventure of her first music video for Ultra Music, ”The Force” featuring Kool Keith. Now, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) has teamed with MNDR on “Go With It,” her new single out this week.  Both “The Force” and “Go With It” appear on her new studio album HALF SHADOWS that’s set for release April 2, with the video for “Go With It,” filmed recently at Los Angeles’ Low End Theory, to be made available soon. TOKiMONSTA Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • 2DB “Jet Black / Bassface” (Technique Recordings)

    2DB “Jet Black / Bassface” (Technique Recordings)

    2DB have established themselves as a production outfit determined to take old skool sensibilities and deliver them with razor-edge production techniques. With a string of acclaimed releases including the recent “Ghetto Boy” backed with “Blunderbuss”, they’ve proven their alchemical mastery of combining emotive melodies with floor-shaking bass aggression. First up is “Bassface”. With a name like that, you might think you know exactly what to expect, but 2DB always have a trick or two up their sleeve. Opening with uplifting […]

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