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  • Twofold “The Prelude EP” [Firepower]

    Twofold “The Prelude EP” [Firepower]

    Firepower’s ethos is to bring fresh, undiscovered talent to the forefront of the scene and provide individuals with a platform to get their music heard worldwide. With this in mind, enter Datsik’s latest discovery…Twofold are a UK/US production duo made up of Static Function & Vannin. The two started off as separate entities but after numerous successful collaborations, they decided to join forces to form an all-encompassing powerhouse duo. Twofold are set to release their debut ‘The Prelude EP’ on […]

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  • Eric Evasion “Drama” [FiXT]

    Eric Evasion “Drama” [FiXT]

    Eric Evasion is back with his second original single, “Drama”, the follow-up to last year’s slow-simmering whomper “BOOM”. “BOOM” was the penultimate track of Eric’s first official full-length mixtape, which has amassed more than 80,000 plays and streams for the Cleveland-based producer. Eric brings years of experience as a DJ on the club circuit to bear on “Drama”, whose sinister synth lines and orchestral stabs warn of explosive tension around every corner. Join the fray. Eric Evasion: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

    BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

    Mixed by Music You Need’s own: Nemo Junglist | @Nemo-junglist ————————————————————————— Tickets & More information at: Bassickelements.eventbrite.com ————————————————————————— Check out the line up, details, and full list of sponsors at: Musicyouneed.net/bassickelements ————————————————————————— PRESENTING SPONSOR: @dubstep.net TRACKLIST Sub Swara – Kholi Stance (DOV Chunky remix) Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Ill-Esha remix) Kill Paris – Baby Come Back Kraddy and Ill-Esha – Ill Million Greg Reeve – Decoy (illGates and Dov remix) Kill Paris – I Do Love You Knight […]

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  • AFK “Killionaire EP” [Firepower]

    AFK “Killionaire EP” [Firepower]

    Fresh from the release of the label’s debut album in the form of Getter’s ‘I Want More’ LP, Firepower waste no time in returning to continue their mission statement of bringing through fresh, exciting production talent. Jimmy Blythe, otherwise known as AFK, has been grinding away at the dance scene in his hometown of Dallas, Tx for years. Fast forward to 2013, after going out on tour in support of Firepower Records, releasing his first EP, and playing multiple festivals […]

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  • Zimo “War Machines EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Zimo “War Machines EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    ,VocalsZimo is back and shaking suckers silly with monstrous beats that just don’t stop….ever!!! Zimo joins forces with Jarvis (UK) and Spacekid bringing the madness straight to the frontline with 3 amazing dancefloor smashers that’ll annihilate your senses! Big and bashy head nodding bassline business on this EP, get your neck ready! Zimo Facebook Soundcloud Youtube

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  • Dubba Jonny “The Drinking Man EP” [Liyan]

    Dubba Jonny “The Drinking Man EP” [Liyan]

    Bournemouth-based Dubba Jonny first exploded into the limelight in 2009 – and hasn’t looked back since. Earning an enviable reputation thanks to energetic sets, first class production and some of the most forward thinking tunes around, the Dubba Jonny name has gone from strength to strength in the last 4 years. Regularly racking up over a million views on YouTube’s UKF including 6 million on the ‘A Brief Tutorial On Dubstep Production’ Dubba Jonny has also featured numerous times on […]

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  • Getter “I Want More LP” [Firepower]

    Getter “I Want More LP” [Firepower]

    It is a firm substantiation of Tanner Petulla’s talents that before he had even turned 18 he had already been tapped for releases on Ultragore, Prime Audio, Chronos and Firepower Records. This San Jose native, known to the music world as Getter, has been taking over stages across America for the last two years with his high energy presence and bass infused sets and has won support for his original productions from scene stalwarts such as Rusko, Flux Pavilion and […]

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  • Josh Money “Love Like That Again” [Official Video]

    Josh Money “Love Like That Again” [Official Video]

    For those who may not have been paying attention, Florida-based Josh Money has been smashing up the US dubstep scene thanks to a succession of hard-hitting releases. Here Sludge Records brings in the rising American star for their latest release, one that will definitely get some bassbins quaking this summer. ‘Love Like That Again’ displays Josh Money’s musical side with euphoric vocals paired with chunky beats and grinding bassline combinations. Then ‘Open Up My Head’ takes you on another epic […]

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  • Rednek “50 Shades of Red EP” [Play Me]

    Rednek “50 Shades of Red EP” [Play Me]

    It has been a long time coming and Play Me Records is proud to support REDNEK’s new EP, “50 Shades of Red”. The EP boasts an onslaught of heavy bass and massive drops, from tuff dubbed beats to anthemic dance floor demolishers. REDNEK also features Terry Coldwell, Zuz Rock, Son Of Selah, Stormin and Ratpack to showcase their talents. Rednek has immediately become the talk of the industry. What sets Rednek apart from other artists is that he performs his […]

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  • Vaski “Podcast Episode 1″

    Vaski “Podcast Episode 1″

    Vaski drops the first episode of his brand new Podcast. Over 30 tracks mixed in 74 minutes of non-stop bass business. If you have seen Vaski live and think you are going to hear the same ol’ tracks guess again. The beauty of a Podcast you can mix in what ever you like and do not have to worry about instant  crowd reaction and adjust your set accordingly. Vaski unleashes Dub plates and experiments with deeper progressive tracks which you wouldn’t normally hear in the club. Tracklist: Antiserum and Mayhem – […]

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  • Dysphemic + Miss Eliza “Synthetic Symphony”

    Dysphemic + Miss Eliza “Synthetic Symphony”

    Ever wondered what a violin making sweet, sweet love to a sub-woofer sounds like? How about Bach on the gear? Or maybe you’re partial to manga girls and dope beats hey? Well enter, stage left, Dysphemic & Miss Eliza! Blossoming in Melbourne, Australia from a kiss in the depths of a drum and bass party, D&E’s obsession with music and each other spawned an outfit built on melodic complexity, slamming drums, violin virtuosity and double time rap. All performed 100% […]

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  • Mark Instinct “Bad Seed”

    Mark Instinct “Bad Seed”

    “Bad Seed” was featured in Excision Shambala 2012 mix and people were fiending for it since. Well get your fix now because this track is now available to you for free! Mark Instinct the bad seed smokes weed till his eyes bleed and produces bass smashing beats until his ears bleed. New breed I’m the bad seed Mark Instinct Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Celldweller “I Can’t Wait” (RIOT 87 Remix)

    Celldweller “I Can’t Wait” (RIOT 87 Remix)

    RIOT 87 launched at the height of Psytrance’s hold on electronic dance music and quickly became a top EDM act in their native Serbia. After discovering FiXT and the hybrid stylings of Celldweller and Blue Stahli in 2009, they undertook a transformation. They now emerge having wholly evolved into a metalstep juggernaut, fusing together giant metal riffs and punishing Dubstep/Drum’N’Bass beats. RIOT 87′s take on a classic horror film theme is followed by six brand new, never-before-heard remixes of Celldweller, […]

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  • The Digital Connection “Stasis LP” [Gravitas]

    The Digital Connection “Stasis LP” [Gravitas]

    A bright new year brings brand new music, and Denver based producer The Digital Connection christens 2013 in style with the new full length album ‘Stasis‘. The inaugural release of the year from Gravitas Recordings leads strong with thoughtful percussion and slimey basslines at the helm. Drawing largely upon dubstep speed and rhythms, the album is not exclusively confined to any one genre as hip hop and drumstep flavors are strongly represented throughout. The 10 track release in it’s entirety […]

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  • Figure “Adventures in Time and Space Tour Mini Mix”

    Figure “Adventures in Time and Space Tour Mini Mix”

    EDM / Heavy Bass producer FIGURE (aka Josh Gard) has announced his International 2013 Tour: “Adventures In Time & Space” along with the release of a new DJ Mix available for free download. The ‘Adventures In Space & Time” tour launches in Paris on January 11th then heads across Western Europe before landing in the United States for a North American Tour spanning February & March 2013. Tracklist 1. Figure – Super Sonic Brain Waves 2. Figure – Indian Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien 3. Figure – Beast Mode Feat Del The Funky Homosapien 4. […]

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  • Divine Elements “Down in Flames” [Heavy Artillery]

    Divine Elements “Down in Flames” [Heavy Artillery]

    2013 is already looking bright as Divine Elements is releasing their newest bass creation “Down in Flames,” in collaboration with Heavy Artillery Recordings, as a free download. Divine Elements continues to display their diversity and depth in this emotional, dance floor “brick house” of a tune. More monstrous releases coming from Divine Elements very soon on the likes of Play Me Records and more. Keep it locked. Divine Elements Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Celldweller “Space & Time EP” [Fixt]

    Celldweller “Space & Time EP” [Fixt]

    The Blackstar isn’t finished yet with it’s interstellar voyage. It remains in a mysterious orbit, exerting its influence on space and time, transforming all it touches. The Space & Time EP includes new evolutions of songs from Celldweller’s monumental Wish Upon A Blackstar album. The drumstep/metalstep monster “Unshakeable” has been morphed by Klayton himself into a dark slice of Drum & Bass with sinister growls of bass writhing beneath a steady rhythm. Under the watchful eye of Tim Ismag (courtesy […]

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  • ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio. “Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and […]

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  • Captain Panic! “The Invasion EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Captain Panic! “The Invasion EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    With so many tracks, 10, you would think “The Invasion” would be an LP instead of an EP.  ”The Invasion” is the soundtrack for December 21st supposed  apocalypse with its futuristic Sci-Fi sound setting the tone for a melancholy aftermath of the Reapers. Hidden beyond the realms of human reach they wait as they have for centuries, millennia, eons; the invasion is imminent. Apocalyptic soundscapes slither into your subconscious when transmitted from the helm of the Captain Panic rogue mother ship. […]

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  • Noah D “Fire Alram EP” [SMOG]

    Noah D “Fire Alram EP” [SMOG]

    Ring the alarm! 
This latest release from Noah D seems to be some of his best work to date. The “Fire Alarm” EP contains four original tracks that are distinctly the Noah D sound. Big brass hits, dubby Jamaican bass, flute loops, and organic sounds give this record a bright and warm feel. These tracks suit the club as much as they they do on your home HiFi system.   Noah D Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • DKS “Can’t Get Enough” [Firepower]

    DKS “Can’t Get Enough” [Firepower]

    With support from some of the biggest names in bass music, including Datsik, Skream & Benga, Rusko, Mistajam, Plastician and Emalkay, as well as tens of thousands of YouTube and SoundCloud plays, its time for 19-year-old producer/DJ DKS aka Max Clarke to take centre stage. Age is not a factor when it comes to admiration and musical knowledge and this young, aspiring musician has talent and experience way beyond his years.   ‘Can’t get enough’ kicks off the EP with […]

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