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  • Minnesota “Stardust Redux” (Psymbionic Remix) [Gravitas]

    Minnesota “Stardust Redux” (Psymbionic Remix) [Gravitas]

    California based producer Minnesota, well known for his melodic, uplifting sound, is celebrating the success of his recent “Eternal Frequencies: Equinox” EP with a series of remixes from his good friends. Tracks will be released once a week, culminating with an EP released on August 19th, 2013 via Gravitas Recordings. Each track will be a free download, with the option to pay what you want – make sure to check back every Monday for a new tune! Minnesota Facebook Twitter […]

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  • Rawtekk “Sprouted and Formed” [Med School]

    Rawtekk “Sprouted and Formed” [Med School]

    “Sprouted and Formed” is the inaugural album from enthralling electronic duo Rawtekk. Hailing from Hamburg in Germany, Rawtekk initially caught the attention of Med School with the sublime “Snowflakes” which features on the 2011 edition of the label’s popular “New Blood” compilation series. Rawtekk will also be a familiar name to discerning fans of techy/neuro drum & bass, having released on labels such as Subtitles and Noisia’s Division Recordings. Past collaborations include tracks with fellow Hamburg resident and close friend […]

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  • Moon Man & Benjamin “Apollo XI” [Street Ritual]

    Moon Man & Benjamin “Apollo XI” [Street Ritual]

    Moon Man & Benjamin is a duo comprised of Ayani Hayashi and Joey Nygaard, both of whom found a love for electronic music production at a young age. With a professional bluegrass guitarist for a father, Joey Nygaard grew up playing clarinet and drums. His interests, however, shifted to the melodies and complexities of bass music.Ayani Hayashi taught himself electric bass by playing along to thrash metal bands likeSlayer and Megadeth. His love for audio and sound experimentation led him to the world of synthesizers and sound design. Before […]

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  • PANTyRAiD “PillowTalk” [Glass Air]

    PANTyRAiD “PillowTalk” [Glass Air]

    After setting the internet ablaze with their standout debut album “The Sauce,” and babymaking singles like “Get The Money” and ”Beba,” MartyParty and Ooah are pleased to announce their next PANTyRAiD album, PillowTalk. The 12-track LP, available at all digital retailersthrough The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air imprint,serves up bass music with a beat so sexy, you’ll be tempted to flag it as inappropriate. PillowTalk delves into the rich sonic crosssections of instrumental hip-hop, deep house, and ambient electronica rolling under rumpled sheets of warm melodic synths and luscious bass. Infused with […]

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  • GFT + Jalice Jack “The Revolution Show EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    GFT + Jalice Jack “The Revolution Show EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    French producer GFT has been absolutely smashing things with a constant flow of bass heavy anthems and this here is no exception! GFT’s musical talent has no boundaries, all genres get the treatment and his driving beats pave the way for the full assault of twisted bass lines and infectious melodies! The Revolution Show blends hardcore electronic and metal influences for a cinematic EP of pure mayhem. Stellar remixes by the super talents FetOo and RYKR launch this EP to […]

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  • Plantrae “Taproot EP” [Street Ritual]

    Plantrae “Taproot EP” [Street Ritual]

    Plantrae’s debut EP ‘Taproot’ takes us on an auditory journey through dance, growth and nature. Connecting you sonically to your roots through delicate synths, squishy bass, and folk infused melodies; Taproot brings you back to the earth. The melodies are intense, blending with the viola to create a vibrant natural feel that encapsulates this EP. In addition to electronic wizardry, all of the acoustic melodies including the viola, mandolin and guitar were recorded live by Plantrae. This EP sets the stage […]

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  • Mochipet “Unstoppable” [Daly City]

    Mochipet “Unstoppable” [Daly City]

    Mochipet makes songs like a Mad Scientist cloning hybrid exotic pets into his own unique style of cute and vicious creatures. His new tune “Unstoppable” is as much of a classic as it is something new and different.” Blending Future Funk with Techno Swing, clean hard hitting drums are layered along side dirty Moog basses while slap back Berlin Techno bleeps keep you going till the early morning. ReTrunk, ReFunk, and Repeat, The Pet has Godzilla Funked it again! Mochipet […]

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  • Player “Baby Come Back” (Kill Paris Remix)

    Player “Baby Come Back” (Kill Paris Remix)

    Headlining Bassick Elements on Monday March 11th at SxSW in Austin, Texas, Kill Paris. He did an amazing remix on Player’s “Baby Come Back” a classic baby making tune and tuned it up with a monstrous bassline. We will continue to post as many free tunes from artists performing at Bassick Elements all weekend long!   Kill Paris Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

    BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

    Mixed by Music You Need’s own: Nemo Junglist | @Nemo-junglist ————————————————————————— Tickets & More information at: Bassickelements.eventbrite.com ————————————————————————— Check out the line up, details, and full list of sponsors at: Musicyouneed.net/bassickelements ————————————————————————— PRESENTING SPONSOR: @dubstep.net TRACKLIST Sub Swara – Kholi Stance (DOV Chunky remix) Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Ill-Esha remix) Kill Paris – Baby Come Back Kraddy and Ill-Esha – Ill Million Greg Reeve – Decoy (illGates and Dov remix) Kill Paris – I Do Love You Knight […]

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  • niceFingers “imagiNative” [Street Ritual]

    niceFingers “imagiNative” [Street Ritual]

    Sultry vocals, warm bass, and melancholy melodies converge on niceFingersʼ latest EP, ‘imagiNative’, out January 7 on Oakland based Street Ritual- giving rise to an addictive aural  journey listeners will embark upon again and again. Dedicated to creating a unique sound, Nick Waterhouse & Dave Schneider, otherwise known as niceFingers, bring us a dreamy collection of glitched out beats on their debut Street Ritual release. Nothing short of smoothed out goodness, this collection of silky tracks definitely carves a distinctive path […]

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  • The Digital Connection “Stasis LP” [Gravitas]

    The Digital Connection “Stasis LP” [Gravitas]

    A bright new year brings brand new music, and Denver based producer The Digital Connection christens 2013 in style with the new full length album ‘Stasis‘. The inaugural release of the year from Gravitas Recordings leads strong with thoughtful percussion and slimey basslines at the helm. Drawing largely upon dubstep speed and rhythms, the album is not exclusively confined to any one genre as hip hop and drumstep flavors are strongly represented throughout. The 10 track release in it’s entirety […]

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  • ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio. “Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and […]

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  • Psymbionic “Space Monkey” (Psymbionic Remix)

    Psymbionic “Space Monkey” (Psymbionic Remix)

    Brad PittGot a new free download for you all! I used the parts of an older original tune to make a brand spanking new track, and you can grab it for free or pay what you want for it. It’s a mix of lush synths, and hype, crunchy bass noises. Enjoy   Psymbionic Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Volatile Psycle “Plug Hole | You Say EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Volatile Psycle “Plug Hole | You Say EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Britain’s bad bwoy beat bombers Volatile Psycle obliterate heads with twisted masterpieces that’ll make your mom mosh! Heavy stomping drums shake the floor like an earthquake as morphing basslines summon the fallout! Killer masterpieces emerge from everything these guys touch, D&B, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, they can do it all!! Volatile Psycle Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Assault Terror “Galaxy Of Robots EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Assault Terror “Galaxy Of Robots EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Russian bass bandit Assault Terror delivers futuristic grimy bass anthems that’ll rock your rib cage and shock your psyche. Tempos morph, and drums smash up and down as twisting bass lines bombard the stratosphere! Nothing but huge, filthy, killer beats straight from Russia with bass! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings  Release/catalogue number: HAR188 Release date: Nov 20, 2012 AssaultTerror Facebook Soundcloud  

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  • Metaphase “Mad Funk” [Play Me]

    Metaphase “Mad Funk” [Play Me]

    Metaphase is giving away a tasty bass crunchy freebie appetizer to wet your ears appetite and have you hungry for more and you can with his new EP “Superhuman” out on Play Me Records. If your ears like the taste of the glitchy sweet bass of Metaphase be sure to  satisfy your appetite and get some “Superhuman“! Metaphase Facebook Twitter Soundcloud    

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  • VNDMG “Reblastr EP” [Daly City Records]

    VNDMG “Reblastr EP” [Daly City Records]

    Bay Area-based VNDMG presents his debut EP, Reblastr. This fresh spin on Bass music offers up a range of all-original material; from the sexy, head-nod rhythm of Ten Tons to the immersive, synth-rich tones of Falling Forward, Reblastr seamlessly combines the bleeps and bloops of future bass with trap-style beats to form a creative new approach to electronic music. This collection of five tracks serves up a healthy dose of VNDMG medicine, illustrating his capability to both capture and maintain his audience […]

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  • heRobust “Screw Loose EP” [Muti Music]

    heRobust “Screw Loose EP” [Muti Music]

    The EP Screw Loose is like a robot doing gardening on an inner city porch and taking a moment to do a funky dance on the street.  After garnering a lot of hype online and now with performances nationally he’s generating rumblings from the underground upwards. heRobust is an emerging talent that is kicking up dust with his relentless ability to drop gangster funk, light hearted good vibes and experimental IDM with the ease, fluidity and grace of an Olympic […]

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  • Sugarpill “Space Foray” [Muti Music]

    Sugarpill “Space Foray” [Muti Music]

    Specializing in bouncing bass, sideways beats and sweet melodies, Sugarpill is a master of both the creation and delivery of polytemponic glitch bass. Residing in Los Angeles yet living in a twisted world of sound, this young artist stays dosed to the eyelids in chopped-up samples, meticulously tweaked beats and obese waves of bass. Space Foray is an uplifting and emotional journey that is as futuristic as it is retro, riding 808 beats and providing light moments of beauty reminiscent […]

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  • Opiuo “Butternut Slap Part 2″ [Addictech Records]

    Opiuo “Butternut Slap Part 2″ [Addictech Records]

    Hot on the heels of headlining a sold out North American tour, Opiuo is back with Part 2 of the Butternut Slap series! Cementing his hold in the forefront of dancefloor electronics, he evolves his sound further and lands the soul slap funkship directly in the center of the bullseye of your inner raver’s third eye. We don’t know where this music comes from, or how he manages to continue to evolve and surprise, but he is clearly setting the […]

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  • Showka “It’s Showtime EP” [Low Pass]

    Showka “It’s Showtime EP” [Low Pass]

    Showka is an up-and-coming dubstep producer hailing from Las Vegas. Having had one single released on Substruk in the past, but accumulated a hefty catalog of original tracks, Low Pass Records found him, and signed his work immediately. The ‘It’s Showtime! EP’ features 4 tracks, ranging from dubstep, to electro house, and glitch hop. This EP really showcases all of Showka’s wide range of talents, and will hopefully shine the spotlight on a soon to be house-hold name. Released by: […]

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