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  • Noah D “BBC 1xtra Mista Jam Daily Dose” [Smog]

    Noah D “BBC 1xtra Mista Jam Daily Dose” [Smog]

    Noah D killing it in the mix on Mista Jam’s Daily Dose BBC 1extra show in London-town. This mix is a prime example of the true Los Angeles Bass scene from the most prolific crew SMOG. 01. Common & J. Period – The Next Chapter (Still Love H.E.R.) 02. Siyoung – School Day 03. Amerie vs Jay-Z – This One Thing / Change Clothes (Son of Kick Remix) 04. Pawn – Lean4 05. Problem – Like Whaaat (Salva Remix) 06. […]

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  • Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli “Around The Block”  [Official Video]

    Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli “Around The Block” [Official Video]

    “Around The Block” is a feel-good, summertime hip-hop jam and the first single from Pretty Lights new album, A Color Map of the Sun, which will be released July 2, 2013. It’s all about slowing down and enjoying the best moments in life. The track features the talented BKMC Talib Kweli. Download the first single, “Around The Block” feat. Talib Kweli, at no cost now and pre-order the album athttp://www.prettylightsmusic.com Directed by Anthony Dickenson/Pulse Films Additional footage by Krystle Blackburn/Pretty […]

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  • An-Ten-Nae “Raindrops On Roses” [Muti Music]

    An-Ten-Nae “Raindrops On Roses” [Muti Music]

    After a decade of groundbreaking Acid Crunk compilations and EPs and millions of downloads, An-ten-nae finally releases his debut album. “Raindrops on Roses” features 13 new tunes that see him pushing his Acid Crunk sound into new frontiers whilst still keeping his signature 808 bass-heavy low end that is now sweeping the Dance world. When creating this album, An-ten-nae set out to make something that would stand a test of time, and not just a collection of beats that will expire in a month or two […]

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  • A$AP Rocky ft Skrillex + Birdy Nam Nam “Wild For The Night” [Official Video]

    A$AP Rocky ft Skrillex + Birdy Nam Nam “Wild For The Night” [Official Video]

    Long Live A$AP Rocky recently released a new music video for his track “Wild For The night” which features two of Electronic Dance Music’s greatest acts, Skrillex and French Hip Hop collective Birdy Nam Nam. Although Birdy Nam Nam is not in the video Skrillex parlays around the Dominican Republic along side A$AP Rocky doing what they do best geting WILD for the night. A$AP Rocky Facebook Twitter Youtube

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  • Aesop Rock “Coffee” (Figure Remix)

    Aesop Rock “Coffee” (Figure Remix)

    Ever since I heard “Boombox”Aesop Rok became one of my favorite underground Hip Hop MC’s. Add the fact he teamed up with San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish to create a children’s book “The next Big Thing” there is no stop to his creativity. Now Figure has added another avenue to Aesop Rock’s genius with his remix of “Coffee”. Originally a dub for closing shows and a select few friends to rock in their car or headphones is now available for […]

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  • Kendrick Lamar “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)

    Kendrick Lamar “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)

    If you missed out on Timeless’ 3 Year Anniversary Party last month with Atlantic Connection here is his bootleg remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” from Good Kid M.A.A.D City. By far one of my favorite track on the album for its Outcast ATLiens vibe. Atlantic Connection brings another level of liquid smoothness to the tune.   Atlantic Connection Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Birdy Nam Nam “Defiant Order EP” [OWSLA]

    Birdy Nam Nam “Defiant Order EP” [OWSLA]

    Bursting into 2013 with a co-production credit on A$AP Rocky’s forthcoming Long, Live, A$AP, French turntablist foursome Birdy Nam Nam keep it moving by announcing the Defiant Order EP, a mid-tempo masterpiece paired with re-workings by hip-hop and left-field influencers such as Ed Banger secret weapon Breakbot, syrupy Huntsville go-to heatmakers Block Beattaz, three-time consecutive DMC World Champion DJ Craze, and buzzing masked assailant UZ. The EP will be the group’s second project on Skrillex’s OWSLA.   BNN made their early mark by dominating the 2002 DMC World DJ Championship, […]

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  • TOKiMONSTA ft. Kool Keith “The Force” [Ultra]

    TOKiMONSTA ft. Kool Keith “The Force” [Ultra]

    ‘The Force’ is the long-awaited first single to come from Ultra’s newest signing TOKiMONSTA, whose debut album for the label is scheduled for release later this year.   ‘The Force’ features legendary rapper Kool Keith, a man whose extensive discography and undeniable charisma form the foundation of a reputation that ultimately precedes him. Here he raps over a spray of rattling tribal percussion, warped bass and dusty textures that showcases TOKiMONSTA’s ability to craft unique and progressive electronic music rooted […]

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  • Danny Brown “Blunt After Blunt” (Noah D Remix)

    Danny Brown “Blunt After Blunt” (Noah D Remix)

    Noah D laces up Danny Brown’s “Blunt After Blunt” with some extra nasty bass and 8 bit accents. Noah D’s track selection say a lot about his creative flow after blazing a blunt. His signature grimey bassline vibe resonates in your eardrum. I would love to hear a Hip Hop mash-up album from Noah D wouldn’t you? Noah D Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio. “Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and […]

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  • Sub Antix “80 Weight EP” [Firepower]

    Sub Antix “80 Weight EP” [Firepower]

    Next to come from Datsik’s Firepower arsenal is SUB ANTIX, a rising talent whose productions have led him to the forefront of Canada’s ever growing electronic music community and beyond. With a musical background that ranges from classical piano to playing in a metal band, his diverse musical history filters through into his unique sound and has already caught the attention of Datsik, Downlink, Funtcase, Requake and plenty more. On the two track 80 Weight EP set for release December 18, Sub Antix channels the raw energy and cavalier approach […]

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  • A$AP Rocky vs. Nero “Won’t You Peso” (Carlos Serrano Mix)

    A$AP Rocky vs. Nero “Won’t You Peso” (Carlos Serrano Mix)

    HOLY SHIT, was the first thing I thought to myself when read the title of this track. San Diego based DJ Carlos Serrano put it down with his mash up of Nero’s “Won’t” You” with A$AP Rocky’s hit “Peso”. This is how I envisioned the direction of Hip Hop when I first heard the American style of Dubstep emerging it was just a matter of time before the two collide to make something amazing.   Carlos Serrano Facebook Twitter

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  • Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze “Spooked”

    Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze “Spooked”

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Get your treat from Bro Safari and legendary DMC champion DJ Craze, “Spooked”. This bass heavy Hip Hop beat comes a with a disclaimer in which the bass is so low it may blow your woofer.       Bro Safari Facebook Twitter Craze Facebook Twitter

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  • Skrillex ft. Damian Marley “Make It Bun Dem” (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)

    Skrillex ft. Damian Marley “Make It Bun Dem” (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)

    Although Skrillex’s remix contest for “Make It Bun Dem” is long over it doesn’t mean you still can’t remix the hell out of it. Bro safari and UFO! could not resist the urge to remix the tune and make something entirely for fun and their own personal use in their sets. Twisted together like a fine blunt wrap Bro Safari and UFO! injected a dose of Hip Hop samples intra venusly. Bro Safari Facebook Twitter Soundcloud UFO! Facebook Tiwtter Soundcloud  

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  • Ludacris “How Low” (Caspa Remix)

    Ludacris “How Low” (Caspa Remix)

    Back in 2010 Ludacris asked the question how low can you go and Caspa rebuttled with  a heavy bassline. Officially Caspa remixed this track for Ludacris but, was never released and now 2 years later the dopest ghost around is releasing it for all to enjoy.   Follow Caspa Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • DJ Honda ft. Mos Def “Travellin Man” (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)

    DJ Honda ft. Mos Def “Travellin Man” (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)

     We are lucky for Atlantic Connection to have found his bootleg of DJ Honda and Mos Def’s classic “Travelin Man” 10 years later and to release it for free. Atlantic Connection always brings the smooth feel good vibes to put your mind at ease melting all your stress away and forget about the troubles in the world.   Follow Atlantic Connection Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Naughty By Nature “O.P.P.” (TBMA Remix)

    Naughty By Nature “O.P.P.” (TBMA Remix)

    Are you down with O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature was one of the first CD’s I ever purchased way back in the day at the Warehouse when CD’s were first available as a music format. I always enjoy a great gritty Hip Hop remix and TBMA’s (The Bolivian Marching Affair) is a great one and released under Los Angeles’ own Play Me Records for free. I am sure this tune will rock dance floors across the country and get some […]

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  • SPL “Transitions EP” [Hollow Point]

    SPL “Transitions EP” [Hollow Point]

    This six track EP delivers everything from Dubstep to Moombahton to Drum & Bass and all within a concept of “Transitions”. The title track includes all of these styles with a cinematic twist that ties three tempos together into a continuous journey. This not only keeps things interesting, it functions as an awesome mixing tool for the DJs out there. Reach out blurs the lines between Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, and Drumstep with a classic dubbed out sample and eerie […]

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  • Kanye West “Mercy” (Figure Remix)

    Kanye West “Mercy” (Figure Remix)

    After much demand from Electric Daisy Carnival and Starscape Figure gave into your requests and is releasing his Kanye West remix of “Mercy”. This remix is more mellow compared to his usual hardcore party tunes but, don’t get it twisted Figure shows no mercy with his heavyweight swag crushing the competition amidst his champion sound. Released by: DOOM Music Release date: Jun 15, 2012   Follow Figure Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Lil Wayne “A Milli” (Excison + Datsik Remix)

    Lil Wayne “A Milli” (Excison + Datsik Remix)

    The Rottun Swagger of Excision and Datsik is some of the heaviest in the bass game and their new remix of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” is no exception. This dark bass roller compliments Lil Wayne’s gritty lyrics perfectly. With all their recent collaboration with Korn I hope this remix will spark future collaborations with Hip Hop artists   Follow Excision Facebook Twitter Follow Datsik Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Chae Hawk “Heartlock” [Official Video]

    Chae Hawk “Heartlock” [Official Video]

    Chae Hawk breaks through into the Dubstep scene hard with his “Dance Party For The Heavy Hearted” release “Heartlock”. This tune is a excellent infusion of brash basslines and bold lyrics creating the new American Grime. Not only is this a dope Music video but, the tune is free as well so, be sure to download your copy and go like Chae Hawk! And she lovin’ the way I’m living my life   Follow Chae Hawk Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Credits […]

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