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  • Sazon Booya “El Pollo” [Rot10]

    Sazon Booya “El Pollo” [Rot10]

    This track is for all you Moombahton heads out there and it comes from another Bassick Elements artist Sazon Booya. Off of their “Oye Mami” EP the tune “El Pollo” grabbed me by surprise and I couldn’t stop listening to the chicken. The latin horn samples get your hips moving warming you up for the sillyness which is about to come. The beat drops and the Chicken stabbing synths are a ridiculous! Be sure not to miss them along with Kill […]

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  • SPL “Transitions EP” [Hollow Point]

    SPL “Transitions EP” [Hollow Point]

    This six track EP delivers everything from Dubstep to Moombahton to Drum & Bass and all within a concept of “Transitions”. The title track includes all of these styles with a cinematic twist that ties three tempos together into a continuous journey. This not only keeps things interesting, it functions as an awesome mixing tool for the DJs out there. Reach out blurs the lines between Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, and Drumstep with a classic dubbed out sample and eerie […]

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  • The Killabits “We Have a Crisis” [DOOM]

    The Killabits “We Have a Crisis” [DOOM]

    Toronto-based production duo The Killabits announce the release of their 4-track EP ‘We Have a Crisis’ through DOOM Music. The EP hits stores worldwide on May 22nd, with an exclusive prerelease on Beatport starting May 8th. Limited edition vinyl pressing through Groove Distribution includes the bonus track ‘Heavy Metal,’ a collab between The Killabits’ and drumstep heavyweight and FIGURE. Orbiting the genres of Dubstep, Moombahton, Drum & Bass, and Electro House, this collection embodies a signature Killabits sound with out-of-this-world […]

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  • Froland “We Wup”

    Froland “We Wup”

    Two Canadians named Stas Frolov + Scott Landriault comprise the Moombahton outfit Froland. Their latest free tune titles “We Wup” after the silly signature sound of Moombahton is a melodic wobblicious  with an up spirited vibe.   Follow Froland: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Dirty It Up “Burn It Down EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Dirty It Up “Burn It Down EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Dip Vertigo & Dknow aka Dirty It Up formed in 2011 to bring a hard hitting fusion of Dubstep, D&B, Drumstep and all things edm to the bass music massive! Heavy weight support on their debut EP by Nightwalker, The Shrike, Slogun, iOh, Tremourz, Obsidian, Urban Assault, Divine Elements, Mustache Riot, Polymer Drone and Curious MC! Get dirty!!! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR124 Release date: Mar 5, 2012

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  • FS “Half Android” [Play Me]

    FS “Half Android” [Play Me]

    FS is a producer, composer, and musician based out of Brooklyn, New York. At age 10, he was DJ’ing, playing piano and guitar, and his fascination with electronics and music began while constructing his first home-built mixer out of an Atari, spare circuitry and a few switches. True to his signature sound, FS delivers electro-glitch-ridden and intricately woven, bass-driven production. Recent chart topping hits, include “Yup” & “Touch O Klass” both hitting #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 Dubstep chart, “Bass […]

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  • Neon Concept “Storm EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Neon Concept “Storm EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Neon Concept is currently taking the underground bass scene by storm with rapid fire D&B beats and sub bass filth bombs! His clever production style embodies all sides, melodic and soulful but heavy and grimy! This EP showcases Neon Concepts sonic swagger with 4 superbly sculpted D&B, Drumstep and Dubstep killers! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR117 Release date: Feb 7, 2012   Follow Neon Concept Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Hot Mess “No Requests EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hot Mess “No Requests EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hot Mess bangs out colossal bass anthems like there’s no tomorrow! From Dubstep, Moombah, Drumstep and D&B, he’s got it covered and in style too! The No Requests EP boasts 4 hard as nails face melters to quench any bass thirst and start some riots with too, get on this uprising! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR114 Release date: Jan 31, 2012 Follow Hot Mess Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube

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  • Adam F vs SonicC “In The Air” [Breakbeat Kaos]

    Adam F vs SonicC “In The Air” [Breakbeat Kaos]

    This is the first Moombahton tune I’ve heard from Adam F of Breakbeat Kaos. It seems that a lot of producers are expanding their horizons these days having fun and it show in Adam F vs SonicC’s “In The Air”. The classic party vocal sample “Put yout hands up in the air” is the foundation of this playful funky tune.     Follow Adam F + Breakbeat Kaos Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Bro Safari “Da Worm” [Mad Decent]

    Bro Safari “Da Worm” [Mad Decent]

    Whether it’s with Ludchrist, Evol Intent, or Bro Safari, Knick knows how to pump out a huge bangin tune and does just that with his new jeffree’s release Da Worm. Da Worm has been much anticipated since it was first reveiled on Diplo’s summer moombahton mix a few months ago. The track has since gained support from all the major moombahton players and we are proud to present it to you today free! We’ve also included another new Bro Safari […]

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  • Bro Safari + Nerd Rage “Wombats” [El Cuco Recordings]

    Bro Safari + Nerd Rage “Wombats” [El Cuco Recordings]

    My latin neighbours looked throught their windows wanting to know what I was bumping so loud today wishing their Raggaton sounded this good. This Bro Safari + Nerd Rage link up to bring you a  womping bassline Moombaton tune called “Wombats” on El Cuco records. Released by: El Cuco Recordings Release/catalogue number: ECRWEBPR007 Release date: Jul 6, 2011

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  • Drop Goblin “Make Yur Head Bounce” [Play Me]

    Drop Goblin “Make Yur Head Bounce” [Play Me]

    Here is a fun party track loaded with Hip Hop samples and rubbery basslines. Drop Goblin‘s “Make Yur Head Bounce” is another amazing freebie from Play Me Records that commands Play Me time at any party. It fills your body full of energy and will shock those around you and anything you touch. www.Soundcloud.com/DropGoblin www.facebook.com/DropGoblin www.Twitter.com/DropGoblin www.DropGoblin.com Released by: Play Me Records Release date: Dec 2, 2011

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  • Mark Instinct “Room Shaker”

    Mark Instinct “Room Shaker”

    Here is a tune from Mark Instinct that will put your speakers to the test and vibrate all your photos off the wall, “Room Shaker“. Screaming synths, rapid fire drums, and elastic bassline streching over your body will get you dancing in your living room.        

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  • E-40 “Tell Me When To Go” (Dirt Monkey Rmx) [Play Me]

    E-40 “Tell Me When To Go” (Dirt Monkey Rmx) [Play Me]

    Moombahton seems like a natural progression into hyphy since they both get dumb and stoopid with their sounds and it all about just having fun with it. Dirt Monkey does just that in his latest remix of E-40′s hyphy anthem “Tell Me When To Go”. Now being born and breed in the San Francisco Hyphy always will hit home for me. You loved his Imperial March Bootleg, and you supported his new song “LEVEL UP” on the Horrors of Halloween […]

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  • Bad Rabbits “Booties” (Big Chocolate Remix)

    Bad Rabbits “Booties” (Big Chocolate Remix)

    I know everyone like free music  so here is a  Moombahton tune from Huntington Beach producer Big Chocolate. If you do not already know who he is then you are shit out of luck. This bass mechanic knows his infra sound well and will run your ass over. Bad Rabbits are the American Dream. The collective first generation sons of Indian, Argentinean, Ghanaian and Israeli lineage with a single son of liberty are your tired, hungry and poor invading this […]

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  • Figure “Leatherface” (Thorn On A Rose Moombahcore Edit) [DOOM Music]

    Figure “Leatherface” (Thorn On A Rose Moombahcore Edit) [DOOM Music]

    Figure‘s “Leatherface” already is a crazy chainsaw that will leave a bleeding buzz in your ear. Then came along Thorn On A Rose whom i have never heard of before until yesterday when I heard his Moombacore edit of Leatherface and OMG, this remix is fucking crazy and not for the faint of heart. Thorn On A Rose‘s edit sounds like Leatherface just snorted an eightball in one rail then goes out to murder and entire town. Artist: Figure Track: […]

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  • Misfits “Halloween” (Figure Moombahcore Edit)

    Misfits “Halloween” (Figure Moombahcore Edit)

    This is the secret track from Figure‘s Mad Decent Monster Mix for Halloween. Now you can use it for your own mixes instead of trying to rip it from the mix. And this one took some balls to even load up in Ableton to start. I grew up on Glen’s haunting voice and The Misfits are still screaming through my speakers daily. A simple treatment for the gigs… my Moombahcore edit is for the fans and fiends. MONSTERS OF DRUMSTEP […]

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  • Kriss Kross “Jump” (TBMA Moomboot Relick)

    Kriss Kross “Jump” (TBMA Moomboot Relick)

    Play Me Records is SO PUMPED to present a little teaser taste of what’s to come in the new year. Without further ado, we bring you new signing The Bolivian Marching Affair. We want the fans to be able to get to know them and their fresh sounds well in advance of their EP “Are You Up For Getting Down” which will be dropping on Play Me January 16, 2012. So here is the first of a couple of wicked […]

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  • Dirty Talk “Dirty Talk EP” [Play Me 2]

    Dirty Talk “Dirty Talk EP” [Play Me 2]

    Dirty Talk are Jordan and Monica, 2 hot young lady DJ/producers from Minneapolis who caught the ears of Play Me when they were co-winners of Play Me’s first remix competition. For their debut EP on Play Me Too they bring in an aresenal of vocalists and worldwide collaborators, resulting in 4 bangin slabs of synth driven drumstep and dubstep and a dubstep-to-moombahton remix from FS & Reid Speed. These girls throw it down hard and are already making serious noise […]

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  • Bro Safari “5150″

    Bro Safari “5150″

    Much love and respect to everyone who has been showing me support over the years and most recently. This new genre is a lot of fun for me and I enjoy experimenting w/ different sounds at this tempo. I’m gonna keep making this shit ’til I run out of ideas so make sure you stay tuned and check back often for free mixes and downloads. -Bro Safari Btw – Please rate, comment, favorite and all that. It genuinely helps me […]

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  • Bro Safari “Back to Skool” (Moombahton Mix) [Free Download]

    Bro Safari “Back to Skool” (Moombahton Mix) [Free Download]

    Bro Safari is the alter ego of Knick from the American Drum & Bass trio Evol Intent. We are starting a new sub-category in our Music section for Moobahton just for this amazing mix. Track number 6 in the mix is a crazy remix of the Drumstep anthem “Cut Throat” by Figure and Whiskey Pete. Be sure to check out the Official Music Video fro that tune also. There are also tunes from all Am,erican favorites such as Flinch, UFO!, […]

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