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  • The Green Man + Peter Bouncer “Word Sound Power” [Video]

    The Green Man + Peter Bouncer “Word Sound Power” [Video]

    Germany’s long-time D&B scene stalwart The Green Man (TGM) delivers his brand new solo album ‘Sound Power’ fresh for 2013. Since his Basswerk label’s inception back in 1997, TGM and his love for all things D&B and electronic has been at the heart of the country’s thriving scene, always looking for the very best this music has to offer. Now label boss TGM presents 30 of his own productions for an aural assault that takes in everything from dub, reggae, jazz, ambient, techno, hip-hop and full […]

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  • Craggz + Parallel “Metal Plate” [Official Video]

    Craggz + Parallel “Metal Plate” [Official Video]

    Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water two of drum & bass’s longest serving soldiers return with an EP of immense proportions on their own Product Recordings. With years of experience between them shining through Craggz & Parallel show their stripes in spades here with four brand new productions designed to put hairs on your chest; some of the most powerful drum & bass you’ll have heard this year. ‘Metal Plate’ and we’re treated […]

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  • Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm “Halcyon” [Official Video]

    Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm “Halcyon” [Official Video]

        Advance vinyl copies available now:http://www.spearheadrecords.co.uk Like Hybrid Minds: https://www.facebook.com/hybridmindsdnb Follow Hybrid Minds: https://soundcloud.com/hybridminds Hybrid Minds – Halycon (Ft. Grimm) is released July 15th and is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Mountains’ on Spearhead Records. Like Spearhead: https://www.facebook.com/SpearheadRec… Follow Spearhead: http://twitter.com/spearheadrecs

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  • The Others ft. Lonette Charles “One Man Show” [Official Video]

    The Others ft. Lonette Charles “One Man Show” [Official Video]

    With the release of his debut album ‘Red Planet’ at the cusp of the new year, Dub Police stalwart The Others showcased the full depth and diversity of his productions, delivering a stunning and widely praised record. Amalgamating the many influences that inform his productions, its balance of light and shade, impact and intricacy has stood the test of time. Now he is set to release one of the album’s deeper cuts as a single backed by a diverse remix package that unlocks the full extent of its dancefloor potential. ‘One Man Show’ showcases a different side to The Others’ capabilities […]

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  • Camo & Krooked “All Night” [Official Video]

    Camo & Krooked “All Night” [Official Video]

    In anticipation of their new album, the pair return to the airwaves with this immense single track release which provides a tantalizing taster of more to come. Entering into groundbreaking new territory, Camo & Krooked ride the current wave of disco fever and carve a fresh new aesthetic which fits their sonic palette and sound engineering wizardry. ‘All Night’ sees a marked departure from the ruckus of “Cross The Line”, proving once again just how versatile these producers are. Kicking […]

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  • Major Look “Too Late” [Official Video]

    Major Look “Too Late” [Official Video]

    A simple and clean video does wonders for a track release and Major Look’s “Too Late”  video compliments the Jump Up club anthem with a dark doom and gloom twist. You don’t want me you don’t need me  no more   Available to buy now: http://bit.ly/1cMQHHe Like Major Look: https://www.facebook.com/itsmajorlook Follow Major Look: http://twitter.com/itsmajorlook  

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  • Swiss American Federation “The Last Cat On Earth” [Music Video]

    Swiss American Federation “The Last Cat On Earth” [Music Video]

    I do not usually feature an Electro music video but, this video is an exceptional exception to the rule. Not only is the track a masterpiece but, the video is an astonishment of what can be produced with the right team and creative energy.  The Infamous Rocket Jump Productions known for the nerd culture inspired Youtube videos and fun visual effects the Jimmy Wong brother of Freddie Wong makes his music video directorial debut and it is a smash! Download […]

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  • Brookes Brothers ft. Chrom3 “Carry Me On” [Official Video]

    Brookes Brothers ft. Chrom3 “Carry Me On” [Official Video]

    I was ecstatic to find The Brookes Brothers with a new single and music video but a bit surprised to see their new release on Viper Recordings. Chrom3 bring melodic vocals which sail through the track with sharpness like a knife through warm butter. His rap breakdown is a great compliment and pick me up ti the synergetic track. The Brookes Brothers never seem to disappoint and I am curious to hear what else they have loaded up with Viper. […]

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  • D-Region + Code ft. Trinity Chris + Shutdown “Hustle From Born” [Official Video]

    D-Region + Code ft. Trinity Chris + Shutdown “Hustle From Born” [Official Video]

    D-Region is the founder of the Canadian independent label Furious Records and has worked with respected music groups Universal/EMI, Moonshine, ZYX, Moist andToronto’s Nice and Smooth in his 12 years in the DnB scene.  In his career, D-Region has landed four singles on Beatport’s coveted Top 10 sales chart (drum n bass) and dozens of tracks on the Beatport Top 100. His single “The Terminator’s Theme” debuted at number 1 on Beatport when it was released in 2005. DJ Code hails from Londonand has […]

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  • Ayah Marar “Lethal Dose” [Official Video]

    Ayah Marar “Lethal Dose” [Official Video]

    The beautiful and artistic Ms Marar has taken us on an eventful journey over the last few months releasing hit after hit from her debut album ‘The Real’. Following on from her club ready record ‘Go Hard’, Ayah returns with her ultimate single from the album ‘Lethal Dose’ released on her imprint ‘Hussle Girl’. ‘The Real’ has received championing support from Q Magazine who gave it four stars, Dazed Digital, Vibe, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labeled Ayah the ‘queen of bass’. ‘Lethal Dose’ dives deep into the darkness of desire and obsession and addresses […]

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  • Danny Byrd “Bad Boy (Back Again)” [Official Video]

    Danny Byrd “Bad Boy (Back Again)” [Official Video]

    Two rival fast food salesmen go head to head in the new Danny Byrd Video… After the enormity of the Zane Lowe endorsed “Grit” (feat Roni Size) backed with the halcyon house anthem “Love You Like This”, Danny Byrd returns with a huge double A-side to kick things off from his forthcoming ‘Golden Ticket’ album. This early summer single features two slices of battering bassline badness representing two sides of Danny’s sound plus radio edits, a 303 mix and a […]

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  • Excision at Coachella 2013

    Excision at Coachella 2013

    If you missed out on Coachella this year her is a glimpse as to what you could have experienced present Excision. This is a one minute roller-coaster ride on the Xecutioner’s ax is a clean slice of an amazing show which you wished you never missed to begin with. What is in store for 2014?   Follow Excision Facebook Twitter

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  • The Prototypes ft.Takura “Rage Within” [Official Video]

    The Prototypes ft.Takura “Rage Within” [Official Video]

    Well I am back from a 10 day hiatus and I am sure a lot of you have already heard or seen  ”Rag Within” by The Prototypes featuring Chase & Status’ Against All Odds vocalist Takura. “Rage Within”  unleashes something inside you when the drop crushes your skull with the weight of a cartoon anvil. No Turning Back I love the simple concept of dancing out your rage it connects to a lot of people even me. I have danced […]

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  • Netsky ft. Bridgette Amofah “When Darkness Falls” [Official Video]

    Netsky ft. Bridgette Amofah “When Darkness Falls” [Official Video]

    Huge love to all of you who made it to the recent Netsky live shows in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, France and beyond. This video by Ben Carter is for you! Hey I’m Ben Carter, I’m a filmmaker from the Hibiscus Coast in Auckland. Four days out from the Netsky tour, Hospital records gave me the opportunity to follow the crew around New Zealand to make this music video. It was my life long dream to follow a […]

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  • Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli “Around The Block”  [Official Video]

    Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli “Around The Block” [Official Video]

    “Around The Block” is a feel-good, summertime hip-hop jam and the first single from Pretty Lights new album, A Color Map of the Sun, which will be released July 2, 2013. It’s all about slowing down and enjoying the best moments in life. The track features the talented BKMC Talib Kweli. Download the first single, “Around The Block” feat. Talib Kweli, at no cost now and pre-order the album athttp://www.prettylightsmusic.com Directed by Anthony Dickenson/Pulse Films Additional footage by Krystle Blackburn/Pretty […]

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  • Ayah Marar “Go Hard” [Official Video]

    Ayah Marar “Go Hard” [Official Video]

    Hot off the back of her latest single ‘Alive’ featuring P Money, Ayah Marar returns with her brand new single ‘Go Hard’. Forthcoming on her imprint ‘Hussle Girl’, ‘Go Hard’ is the fifth single to be taken from her debut album ‘The Real’ which propelled her to the forefront of the bass music scene. Championed by the likes of Q Magazine (four stars), Dazed Digital, Vibe, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labelled her the ‘queen of bass’, it’s clear that Ayah’s army of supporters is ever growing. Ayah isn’t one to shy away from her love for […]

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  • PLS DNT STP “My Chain” [Official Video]

    PLS DNT STP “My Chain” [Official Video]

    My favorite party music label Play Me Records always brings you the freshest new artists and PLS DNT STP is mos def one of them. The duo hailing from Philadelphia release their first official video on Play Me for their track “My Chain” from their same titles EP. The Hip Hop trapped out tune with with pulsating synths and rapid fire hi hats will have you bouncing on the dance floor.  PLS DNT STP Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playmerecords – Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/playmerecords – Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/playmerecords

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  • Son of Kick ft. Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars “EOW” [Official Video]

    Son of Kick ft. Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars “EOW” [Official Video]

    Son of Kick’s “EOW” is arguably one of the most colorful, diverse and energetic tunes of 2012. The track’s rapid-fire vocals and use of high-pitched oscillatating “chirps” compliment the beat perfectly. In addition the worldwide sensational Foreign Beggars and Virus Syndicate lend the lyrical expertise to add the finishing touch to the track.   Director: Charles Whitcher Executive Producer: Persis Koch & Eric Berkowitz Producer: Dana Discordia Director of Photography: Aaron Platt Art Director: June Everett Wardrobe: Marianna Guerrero Hair […]

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  • Metrik “Distant Shores” [Official Video]

    Metrik “Distant Shores” [Official Video]

    Recent signing Metrik crashes onto the Hospital release schedule with this immense self-titled EP. Hot on the heels of his Essential Mix for BBC Radio One, Metrik has forged a reputation for producing top-notch peak time tunes with catchy hooks and uplifting vibes a-plenty. Metrik takes us on a voyage of discovery to the incredible “Distant Shores” which brings the EP to a resounding close with its epic soundscapes, progressive structure and blissful instrumentation. “Distant Shores” is a unique way […]

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  • Caspa “Setting Sun” [Official Video]

    Caspa “Setting Sun” [Official Video]

    CaspaIn the years since an embryonic dubstep movement first emerged from London’s underground scene, Caspa has remained at the very forefront of a new dawn in bass heavy electronic music. In his multiple roles as DJ, producer, label owner and tastemaker, his influence ripples through a whole generation of music lovers and club goers. Having dedicated a large proportion of his time to championing new, emerging talent, he is now stepping firmly back into the limelight with the release of his long-overdue […]

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  • ShockOne ft. Metrik + Kyza “Lazerbeam” [Viper]

    ShockOne ft. Metrik + Kyza “Lazerbeam” [Viper]

    Ever since storming onto the scene with the fast-paced ‘Polygon’ and the innovative Dubstep anthem ‘Adachigahara’s Theme’ in 2009, ShockOne become an undisputed force in the EDM arena. Dominating charts, raves and airwaves alike, as well as picking up YouTube hits by the millions on tracks such as ‘Crucify Me’ and ‘Relapse’, the Australian-born Karl Thomas has built up a huge fanbase as well as support from influential industry tastemakers such as: Triple J, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Pendulum, Knife […]

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