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  • The Others ft. Lonette Charles “One Man Show” [Official Video]

    The Others ft. Lonette Charles “One Man Show” [Official Video]

    With the release of his debut album ‘Red Planet’ at the cusp of the new year, Dub Police stalwart The Others showcased the full depth and diversity of his productions, delivering a stunning and widely praised record. Amalgamating the many influences that inform his productions, its balance of light and shade, impact and intricacy has stood the test of time. Now he is set to release one of the album’s deeper cuts as a single backed by a diverse remix package that unlocks the full extent of its dancefloor potential. ‘One Man Show’ showcases a different side to The Others’ capabilities […]

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  • Ayah Marar “Lethal Dose” [Official Video]

    Ayah Marar “Lethal Dose” [Official Video]

    The beautiful and artistic Ms Marar has taken us on an eventful journey over the last few months releasing hit after hit from her debut album ‘The Real’. Following on from her club ready record ‘Go Hard’, Ayah returns with her ultimate single from the album ‘Lethal Dose’ released on her imprint ‘Hussle Girl’. ‘The Real’ has received championing support from Q Magazine who gave it four stars, Dazed Digital, Vibe, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labeled Ayah the ‘queen of bass’. ‘Lethal Dose’ dives deep into the darkness of desire and obsession and addresses […]

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  • Excision at Coachella 2013

    Excision at Coachella 2013

    If you missed out on Coachella this year her is a glimpse as to what you could have experienced present Excision. This is a one minute roller-coaster ride on the Xecutioner’s ax is a clean slice of an amazing show which you wished you never missed to begin with. What is in store for 2014?   Follow Excision Facebook Twitter

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  • Ayah Marar “Go Hard” [Official Video]

    Ayah Marar “Go Hard” [Official Video]

    Hot off the back of her latest single ‘Alive’ featuring P Money, Ayah Marar returns with her brand new single ‘Go Hard’. Forthcoming on her imprint ‘Hussle Girl’, ‘Go Hard’ is the fifth single to be taken from her debut album ‘The Real’ which propelled her to the forefront of the bass music scene. Championed by the likes of Q Magazine (four stars), Dazed Digital, Vibe, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labelled her the ‘queen of bass’, it’s clear that Ayah’s army of supporters is ever growing. Ayah isn’t one to shy away from her love for […]

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  • PLS DNT STP “My Chain” [Official Video]

    PLS DNT STP “My Chain” [Official Video]

    My favorite party music label Play Me Records always brings you the freshest new artists and PLS DNT STP is mos def one of them. The duo hailing from Philadelphia release their first official video on Play Me for their track “My Chain” from their same titles EP. The Hip Hop trapped out tune with with pulsating synths and rapid fire hi hats will have you bouncing on the dance floor.  PLS DNT STP Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playmerecords – Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/playmerecords – Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/playmerecords

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  • Son of Kick ft. Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars “EOW” [Official Video]

    Son of Kick ft. Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars “EOW” [Official Video]

    Son of Kick’s “EOW” is arguably one of the most colorful, diverse and energetic tunes of 2012. The track’s rapid-fire vocals and use of high-pitched oscillatating “chirps” compliment the beat perfectly. In addition the worldwide sensational Foreign Beggars and Virus Syndicate lend the lyrical expertise to add the finishing touch to the track.   Director: Charles Whitcher Executive Producer: Persis Koch & Eric Berkowitz Producer: Dana Discordia Director of Photography: Aaron Platt Art Director: June Everett Wardrobe: Marianna Guerrero Hair […]

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  • Caspa “Setting Sun” [Official Video]

    Caspa “Setting Sun” [Official Video]

    CaspaIn the years since an embryonic dubstep movement first emerged from London’s underground scene, Caspa has remained at the very forefront of a new dawn in bass heavy electronic music. In his multiple roles as DJ, producer, label owner and tastemaker, his influence ripples through a whole generation of music lovers and club goers. Having dedicated a large proportion of his time to championing new, emerging talent, he is now stepping firmly back into the limelight with the release of his long-overdue […]

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  • ShockOne ft. Metrik + Kyza “Lazerbeam” [Viper]

    ShockOne ft. Metrik + Kyza “Lazerbeam” [Viper]

    Ever since storming onto the scene with the fast-paced ‘Polygon’ and the innovative Dubstep anthem ‘Adachigahara’s Theme’ in 2009, ShockOne become an undisputed force in the EDM arena. Dominating charts, raves and airwaves alike, as well as picking up YouTube hits by the millions on tracks such as ‘Crucify Me’ and ‘Relapse’, the Australian-born Karl Thomas has built up a huge fanbase as well as support from influential industry tastemakers such as: Triple J, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Pendulum, Knife […]

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  • High Rankin + Tigerlight “Shouting At The Sky” [Official Video]

    High Rankin + Tigerlight “Shouting At The Sky” [Official Video]

    High Rankin and Tigerlight bring the drama in their single “Shouting At The Sky” from their EP “Rebel Without Applause”. Tigerlight’s vocals paired with High Rankin’s piano chords gently layered over a heavy drum patterns is a beautiful contrast of soft and hard. In addition Mark Hunt did a magnificent job of creating a hilarious love story parady starting High Rankin himself as Deadmau5 caught in a lovers quarrel with Steve Aoiki with parody appearances from Skrillex and David Guetta. […]

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  • Alix Perez ft Sam Wills “Annie’s Song” [Official Video]

    Alix Perez ft Sam Wills “Annie’s Song” [Official Video]

    Having teased us with a free download in recent weeks it’s time to present the real deal, the first official single taken from the brand new album from the unstoppable, wholly original, Alix Perez. Having laid his foundations firmly within drum & bass over the past eight years it was his debut LP back in 2009 that set a precedent for his musical ambition, being one of the first producers to really embrace the crossing of the genres; ‘1984’ astounded critics […]

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  • Ayah Marar  ft. P Money “Alive” [Official Video]

    Ayah Marar ft. P Money “Alive” [Official Video]

    ‘Alive’ is the fourth single off Ayah Marar’s debut album ‘The Real’. Championed by the likes of Q Magazine (four stars), Dazed Digital, Attitude, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labeled her the “dubstep queen”. This single is Ayah’s first foray back into dubstep after her ’Follow U’ release with Yogi on Ministry of Sound. Having been a fan of both Funtcase and P Money, this seemed the perfect time to bring them together. Big,bashy, dark and very unafraid, Ayah’s penchant for unusual collaborations means that her tracks span a variety of genres making them relevant to an […]

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  • Savant “Ghetto Blastah” [Official Video]

    Savant “Ghetto Blastah” [Official Video]

    Savant- Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/aleksander-vinter Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/savantdubstep Twitter - http://twitter.com/__savant__ SectionZ Records- http://www.facebook.com/SectionZ.Records https://soundcloud.com/sectionz-records http://www.twitter.com/szmusic ### Video by Component Prod. Visual Department: Direction, editing, camera, special fx, drudger: Andrea Barracu Assistant: Il Genna Director assistant, script: Daniele Cardosa Editing assistant: Giacomo Gagliano BREAKERS: Fabio “kora” Minelli Stefano Regolo Andrea Cerretani Nicol Carmellini Luca del Fa Francisco Panconi Filippo Chini Stefano bralia

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  • ill-esha “Whiplash Recovery (Radio Edit)” [Gravitas]

    ill-esha “Whiplash Recovery (Radio Edit)” [Gravitas]

    Whiplash Recovery” is the newest release from bass music guru ill-esha, released March 5th on Gravitas Recordings. Staying true to her roots, the ten track album delivers both rich dubstep and harmonic vocal progressions. Pulsating basslines combine effortlessly with sexy rhythms, which grab the listener from the start and don’t let go until the very end. The title track “Whiplash Recovery” is an epic symphonic song with meaning and soul that completes a truly quality album by the one and […]

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  • Killsonik “Slaughterhouse” [Official Video]

    Killsonik “Slaughterhouse” [Official Video]

    KillSonik – ‘Slaughterhouse’ is taken from their new EP ‘Where The River Runs Black’ out now on MTA Records. Director: Benjamin Winston Producer: Daisy Dickinson DOP: Samual Edwards Art director: Eliana Jiwon Lim 2nd Unit: Bin Kim, Timothy Wood, Antonio Pilade Make-up: Melisa Barbosa Body part replicas: Simon Grey Editor: Benjamin Winston VFX: Samual Edwards Mother: Angela Dixon Young man: Alan Calton Become a fan of MTA: https://www.facebook.com/MTARecords Follow MTA on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/mtarecords Follow MTA on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mtarecordsuk

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  • Koven “More Than You” [Official Video]

    Koven “More Than You” [Official Video]

    Released in March on Viper Recordings. Become a fan of Koven: http://www.facebook.com/KOVENUK Follow Koven on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOVENuk Koven ‘More Than You’ 1. More Than You (Radio Edit) 2. More Than You (DC Breaks Remix) 3. More Than You (Extended Mix) 4. No Blocks Label: Viper Recordings Cat# VPR051 Genre: Dubstep Released: March 2013 Subscribe to Viper YouTube: http://bit.ly/ViperChannelSubscribe Become a fan of Viper Recordings:http://www.facebook.com/viperrecordings Follow Viper Recordings on Twitter:https://twitter.com/ViperRecordings ———- Director & Editor – Nezih Savaskan: http://www.redhavoc.co.uk Production Assistant – Idil Savaskan (c) 2013 […]

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  • Xilent “Boss Wave” [Official Video]

    Xilent “Boss Wave” [Official Video]

    Boss Wave For those who grew up during the golden age of the arcade, the very opening sounds of Boss Wave will bring the memories flooding back, from the barely believable graphics of Out Run when it first hit the arcade (no laughing at the back), the pride at a perfectly timed dragon punch to the the extra life secrets on Paperboy. And while the memories of the games intricacies may fade, it was those end of level talismans, the […]

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  • Bassnectar “Basslights 2012 Recap”

    Bassnectar “Basslights 2012 Recap”

    Relive the thrills and see a little behind the scenes of our spectacular 2-night showdown with Pretty Lights and friends at the Hampton Coliseum. For free music tour dates and more go tohttp://www.Bassnectar.net Video by Danon Cardarelli  

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  • Mojo “Blues” [Official Video]

    Mojo “Blues” [Official Video]

    WARNING, if you have a phobia of clowns this video is not for you you might just curl up in the corer of your bedroom rocking back and forth crying. If you love clown then you will love this video but, either way Mojo’s track “Blues” will put you in a good mood. Mojo Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • The Others + Emalkay “Fallout” [Official Video]

    The Others + Emalkay “Fallout” [Official Video]

    With the release of his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Red Planet’ edging closer, The Others is returning to Dub Police with the second single to be taken from the record, ‘Fallout / Freeze The Frame’. Following up standout  first single ‘The Way You Make Me’, these two tracks give a further insight into what people can expect from the forthcoming LP and once again showcase his unfaltering efforts to continue pushing the envelope. Teaming up with label mate Emalkay on ‘Fallout’, Crawford continues to push his signature style into new […]

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  • Loadstar ft. Benny Banks “Black & White” (Official Video)

    Loadstar ft. Benny Banks “Black & White” (Official Video)

    Straddling the line perfectly between minimal class and powerful sub-low dance floor music, ‘Black & White’ is the perfect embodiment of a stripped-back style that will set the trend for what’s to come next in the world of bass music. Featuring 679 signed rising UK rap star Benny Banks ‘Black & White’ shows a distinct maturity to Loadstar’s current musical approach and will undoubtedly have everyone excited for their forthcoming debut album. Euphoric chords and slowly filtered vocals open the way before Benny’s infectious chorus […]

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  • Urban Knights feat. Eva Lazarus “Voodoo”

    Urban Knights feat. Eva Lazarus “Voodoo”

    Urban Knights return with this electrifying Dubstep anthem featuring the Vocal talents of Dub Mafia’s front lady Eva Lazarus. The video contains live footage from the Urban Knights performances in France, Switzerland and Austria   Urban Knights Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Eva Lazarus Facebook Twitter  

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