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  • DJG “Rivet” [Official Video]

    DJG “Rivet” [Official Video]

    Mentioned recently in BASE volume 06, DJG, just released his music video yesterday on America’s birthday 4th of July seems fitting since he is an American artist. “Rivet” is one of three tracks forthcoming on UK based label Get Darker Recordings. Grenier’s production style is rich and welcoming, sometimes visceral but never anything less than evocative.  Now considered a veteran of the American scene, Grenier (as DJG) self-released the two-disc Voids collection in 2010, revealing not only a clever grasp of […]

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  • Foxes “Youth” (Adventure Club Remix) [Khadafi Dub Edit]

    Foxes “Youth” (Adventure Club Remix) [Khadafi Dub Edit]

    Adventure Club’s insanely popular remix of Foxes “Youth” now has a sexy music video with the lyrical fire of Khadafi Dub. starring a sultry seductress who plays for both teams, YAY! I love how easy it is for a female to pick up another female in this video, grabs her hand, says Hey, and leads here into a bedroom for a hot make-out session.   Follow Adventure Club: http://www.facebook.com/AdventureClubDub http://twitter.com/AdventureDub http://www.soundcloud.com/AdventureClubDubstep Follow Khadafi Dub: http://www.facebook.com/khadafi.dubstep http://www.twitter.com/khadafidub http://www.khadafidub.com Download this tune […]

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  • Cato ft. Lucy Randell “Spotlight” [Official Video]

    Cato ft. Lucy Randell “Spotlight” [Official Video]

    Anthem alert!!! It’s time for Hatcha and N-Type’s mighty Sin City label to unleash one of the biggest dance floor smashers of recent months, a track that’s been devastating crowds the world over since the boys began dropping it in their DJ sets with maximum impact. Get ready for the rowdy sounds of Cato. Jumping hard into it with ‘Spotlight’, a straight up hands ahoy rinse out that’ll have them reaching for the rafters. Kicking off with a drawn out […]

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  • No Jesus “Doug’s Escape” [Remix Video]

    No Jesus “Doug’s Escape” [Remix Video]

    In case you ever wondered if we actually go through all the submissions people send us this is proof we do. This original tune and mash-up video was sitting in the Womp TV inbox waiting to be seen and heard. After I watched it I just had to share it with all of you. This is an original tune by the Portlandia based duo No Jesus fully loaded with classic samples from the 1990 Sci-Fi film Total Recall. The free […]

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  • Foreign Beggars ft. Donae’o “Flying to Mars” [Official Video]

    Foreign Beggars ft. Donae’o “Flying to Mars” [Official Video]

    I am a huge fan of Foreign Beggars ever since I first heard them on Noisia’s track “Contact” back in 2009. These guys have been on the fringe of the future sound since the beginning  of their inception and it has definitely payed off for them with world tours and amazing fans. On top of all that their collaborations with Burning Reel Productions for their music videos brings their music to the visual world in an extraordinary way. Their new […]

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  • Fytch & Captain Crunch ft. Carmen Forbes “Raindrops” (Flinch Remix) [Jon Zombie]

    Fytch & Captain Crunch ft. Carmen Forbes “Raindrops” (Flinch Remix) [Jon Zombie]

    Jon Zombie is at it again this time he created a “Visual poem” with model Siren to a Flinch remix of Fytch & Captain Crunch’s “Raindrops featuring the vocals of Carmen Forbes. This vignette is a short but, elegant piece of filming and editing to break the monotony of all the event videos out there. Model: Siren Location: San Francisco, California Filmed, Edited & Directed by Jonathan Castro Flinch (http://www.fb.me/flinchbass) Fytch (http://www.fb.me/fytchdubstep) Captain Crunch (http://www.fb.me/djcaptaincrunch) JON ZOMBIE PRODUCTIONS ‪http://www.jonzombie.com‬
‪ http://www.fb.me/jonzombiepro‬ […]

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  • Mydas, “What I Do” [Offical Video]

    Mydas, “What I Do” [Offical Video]

    Following releases from label lynchpins Trolley Snatcha and Emalkay, with the ‘Subtext’ EP and ‘Flesh & Bone’ remix EP respectively, we are happy to announce the debut release from a new artist on the label. We welcome young London based producer Mydas to the fold with an exceptional four track EP. This will act as the perfect introduction to the new artist, showcasing his varied production talents and unique sound. Taking the heaving subs and neck snapping drum beats that […]

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  • N-Type + Surge ft. Pyxis “September Sun” [Offical Video]

    N-Type + Surge ft. Pyxis “September Sun” [Offical Video]

    The ‘September Sun EP’ kicks off with the title track featuring the smooth chanteuse Pyxis, fresh from her previous outing on Surge’s most horrid ‘Leech’. Here though the vibe is right as N-Type and co get to work creating a rich bed of blissed-out bass for her vocals to float over the top of….and it works, very well indeed. ‘Mega-tron’ features a large cinematic intro, lead guitar and a drop into some future b-line madness that’s seen many a dance […]

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  • Rednek ft Virus Syndicate “Castles In The Sand” [Official Video]

    Rednek ft Virus Syndicate “Castles In The Sand” [Official Video]

    I do not know how I missed this video from Rednek but, it is better to be late than never. Rednek is on a relentless mission to release the most music videos within one year and they are all creative. “Castle In The Sand” is most definitely his most controversial video yet. Playing a psychotic “boyfriend” who kidnapped and locked up his love in his house while he goes to work and she is left alone watching the Virus Syndicate […]

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  • Virus Syndicate ft. Mark Instinct “Venom” [Official Video]

    Virus Syndicate ft. Mark Instinct “Venom” [Official Video]

    Here is a huge collaboration between the UK’s Virus Syndicate and Canadian producer Mark Instinct to create this smashing tune and music video, “Venom”. The raw grittiness of this Black and Yellow stylized video shows that even Electronic Dance Music has street appeal. Reminiscent of a 1990′s hip video the Virus Syndicate commands attention when the camera is on. Unfortunately there is no cameo by Mark Instinct but, there is a massive shout out to him from the Syndicate! Visuals […]

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  • I Love This City: Doctor P | Feed Me | Kill The Noise | Helicopter Showdown [Jon Zombie]

    I Love This City: Doctor P | Feed Me | Kill The Noise | Helicopter Showdown [Jon Zombie]

    Here is the latest and greatest from the party scene’s biggest videographer Jon Zombie at the Bay Area’s “I Love This City”. Jon focuses his video on the best stage the BASS stage featuring an all-star lines up of Circus ringmaster Doctor P, Monster man Feed Me, LA’s own Kill The Noise, and Bay Area crew Helicopter Showdown. Jon Zombie always knows how to capture the vibe of an event and now with his new gear it is cleaner than […]

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  • Chae Hawk “Heartlock” [Official Video]

    Chae Hawk “Heartlock” [Official Video]

    Chae Hawk breaks through into the Dubstep scene hard with his “Dance Party For The Heavy Hearted” release “Heartlock”. This tune is a excellent infusion of brash basslines and bold lyrics creating the new American Grime. Not only is this a dope Music video but, the tune is free as well so, be sure to download your copy and go like Chae Hawk! And she lovin’ the way I’m living my life   Follow Chae Hawk Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Credits […]

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  • Rusko “Everyday” (Netsky Remix) [Rene Macias]

    Rusko “Everyday” (Netsky Remix) [Rene Macias]

    Rene Macias an action Videographer known for his work with Bboys and Trickers sent me this amazing piece of art he created the other day and I just had to share it with all of you. You may have come across his 12th Planet + SPL “Lootin’ 92″ remix video he did with the Creative Form Crew back in January 2012. This time around Rene and his partner Javier flip the streets literally in their remix video of Netsky’s remix […]

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  • Klaypex “Ready to Go” [Official Video]

    Klaypex “Ready to Go” [Official Video]

    There is something magnificently malevolent about bored children tormenting their grandparents for entertainment. This is exactly what happens in Klaypex’s new music video for their Summer anthem “Ready To Go”. The two litter terrors upload “Ready To Go” into Grandma’s hearing aid, which I had no idea was possible, and she freaks out destroying her kitchen. Meanwhile, the deliciously evil-looking little girl torments her grandfather with an old Victorian phonograph bumping Klaypex’s “Ready To Go” causing him to convulse and […]

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  • SIRsir vs Beeshop “Suicide Girl” [Official Video]

    SIRsir vs Beeshop “Suicide Girl” [Official Video]

    Lucas Silveira, AKA Sao Paulo based producer SIRsir AKA singer songwriter Beeshop, has quickly established himself in both the EDM and acoustic worlds. With scant regard for genres, his unique sound fuses together his individual set of influences into something completely his own. Here he plays the two projects off against each other to create a track that is a flurry of juxtapositions and as powerful as it is moving. Opening on a bed of soft synths and smooth arpeggios, […]

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  • Bassnectar ft. Amp Live “Ugly” [Official Video]

    Bassnectar ft. Amp Live “Ugly” [Official Video]

    After the huge release of Bassnectar’s first official video titled after the album “Vava Voom” featuring the lyrical prose of Lupe Fiasco he keeps the hype going with a second official video from the album “Ugly” featuring Amp Live. Director David Dutton did an amazing job with this  video keeping true to its nature ugly. The video is pack full of visual effects distorting people’s bass-faces to the beat. Set up like an instructional video David defines “Ugly” with literal […]

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  • Skream & Benga – UMF 2012 [Motion Eccentric]

    Skream & Benga – UMF 2012 [Motion Eccentric]

    Skream and Benga performing live at the Ultra Music Festival 2012 held in Miami, Florida. With Sgt. Pokes on the Mic this was one of the most energetic sets from the entire festival. Tracklist: Bad Boys Theme Killagraham – Clowns Clockwork – Hulk (Dillon Francis Remix) Skream – Vacillate Benga – I Will Never Change

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  • Gerardam “Indian Dubstep”

    Gerardam “Indian Dubstep”

    This is an extraordinary display of creativity and mad tutting skills from the Gerard Brothers. I thoroughly enjoyed this video so much, I sat and watched it several time mesmerized by their hypnotic motion. Not only do they dance but, they produced the track as well and it is available for download so, you too can practice your “Hair Tutting”.   Follow Gerardam: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Video by Jesly

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  • Bare & Datsik “King Kong” [Official Video]

    Bare & Datsik “King Kong” [Official Video]

    BUY THE REMIX EP – http://s.beatport.com/king-kong-experiment The official music video from Bare & Datsik’s track “King Kong” Directed/written/edited by: Julian Higgins Executive Producers: Smash Gordon, Geoff Shames and Kavi Halemane – ‪http://www.facebook.com/bassunionarmy‬ ‪http://www.twitter.com/bassunionarmy‬ – CAST: King Kong: Jake Brown Camera Friend: Frankie Muniz Police Officer: Addison Henderson Street Extras: Erik Beck, Miki Marsala, Anita Vora, Kevin Allen, Remington Pettygrove, David Nowlen III, Jennifer Polania Garcia, Quin Walters, Paul Bianchi Soldier Strike Team: The Roughnecks (http://radairsoft.com/) + Disposable Heroes (http://tinyurl.com/82umtrg) CREW: […]

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  • KDrew feat. Mr. Nickelz “Danger Zone” [Official Video]

    KDrew feat. Mr. Nickelz “Danger Zone” [Official Video]

    KDrew produced their new music video for their tune “Danger Zone” featuring the vocals of Mr. Nickelz in this modern day related high tension era of protests and riots against the establishment. Free Download: http://bit.ly/IRInx6 Buy on iTunes: http://bit.ly/xijurw Produced by KDrew Lyrics: Why did we wait so long? I wonder where we went wrong. We already got this far. Now together we are so strong. Cause we are living in a danger zone. Where’s your home when you’re living […]

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  • Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Mustache Riot Dubstep Bootleg Remix)

    Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Mustache Riot Dubstep Bootleg Remix)

    The ever so popular Gotye and the biggest remixed tune of 2012 so far “Somebody That I used To Know” finally has a Dubstep video bootleg. BIG UPS to Mustache Riot for making a video bootleg along with an amazing free tune.     Follow Mustache Riot: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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