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  • Idris Elba’s “How Clubbing Changed the World”

    Idris Elba’s “How Clubbing Changed the World”

    Actor and international DJ Idris Elba counts down the defining moments of the greatest cultural phenomenon of our generation in a programme featuring some of the biggest names in dance music. Twenty-five years after the birth of rave, a new generation of British DJs and producers are at the forefront of a global musical revolution. From trance to dubstep, the sound of British producers has now become the most sought-after commodity for the biggest pop stars on the planet. Reaching […]

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.06 | Matty G

    Quick & Dirty vol.06 | Matty G

    I finally finished our next installment of Quick & Dirty after taking time off for a family emergency. This episode features bass blacksmith Matty G of Dub Police. I first heard of Matty G last year at Bass Goes Boom with Noah D when he played “My 808″ the crowd went nuts as did I. When I interviewed Noah D I had to ask him what tune that was and he told me it was Matty G. I was hooked […]

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  • BASE vol.07 | Gridlok

    BASE vol.07 | Gridlok

    This episode of BASE was a long time coming. Filmed last year in San Francisco mt buddy and Sound- man Ian Grimes is good friends with Gridlok and linked us up to film at Gridlok’s home studio in the Haight Disctrict of San Francisco. We headed over to Gridlok’s spot literally right after we filmed Antiserum on the other side of town.  We arrived  just in time to catch Jamal who we featured in BASE vol.04, chillin at Gridlok’s studio […]

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.04 | Spktrm

    Quick & Dirty vol.04 | Spktrm

    It’s been a while since out last Quick & Dirty episode with DJ Qbert we finally got off our asses and have another installment of the Quick & Dirty series with a major facelift. In this volume we feature Drum & Bass prodigy SPKTRM. It’s 24th century Jazz This  unexpected interview and spawned among the chaos backstage at LA Beatdown. Spktrm booking manager Will of Lethal Talent approached me and asked if I;m interested in an interview his client Spktrm. […]

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  • BASE vol.06 Antiserum

    BASE vol.06 Antiserum

    Womp TV presents: BASE vol.06 Antiserum While I was visiting family in my home city of San Francisco I was productive and shoot a few interviews and one of those interviews was Antiserum. Being a one man team on location is a hard move to pull off so I called in some back up, Ian Grimes, to help out on the shoots and be my sound man. The two of us got up early in the morning gathered our gear […]

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  • Borgore Backstage Interview [Exclusive]

    Borgore Backstage Interview [Exclusive]

    This is a classic Womp TV interview we did last year in november 2010 and I have no idea how we let this gem slip through the cracks by not posting it up. This has been a Youtube channel exclusive for the past year. We interviewed dubstep producer/DJ Borgore backstage before he went on @ LA Beatdown where he headlined along with DJ QBert. Included in the interview is BARE from Subhuman.   “If a Smurf is getting choked, how […]

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  • BASE vol.05 | Noah D

    BASE vol.05 | Noah D

    Womp TV presents BASE vol.05 featuring Noah D We are celebrating America’s birthday today with volume 05 of BASE featuring America’s own Noah D. If you are new to Dubstep and are used to the current wave of LOUD, ANGRY, wobblers you may not know of Noah D but, do not be mistaken he is a veteran in the game. Since 2003 Noah D hypnotized dance floors with his VIP’s, dubplates, and bass grooves. You can also hear Noah D’s […]

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  • Sinistarr [Interview]

    Sinistarr [Interview]

    Detroit native Sinistarr stopped by Womp TV’s studio in Burbank and sat down with DJ Whizard to tell us what he has been up to. Sinistarr’s first release was signed to San Diego’s Peer Pressure Recordings. He has since had his unique minimal Detroit techno sound of Drum & Bass tracks signed to Goldie’s Metalheadz and Fabio’s Creative Source Recordings. He told us Los Angeles and Cleveland are his two favorite cities to play in for the massive crowd response. […]

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  • BASE vol.3 Lukeino

    BASE vol.3 Lukeino

    BASE Volume 3 features Lukeino, owner of Sublife Recordings and the newest member of the infamous Bachelors of Science.

    Womp TV flew up to San Francisco and visited Sublife Recordings’ headquarters on a gorgeous sunny morning by the waterfront. Lukeino hooked us up with a Dutch breakfast of coffee and herb then sat down with us on camera to talk about his sound and production process.

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  • DJ SS Interview [Exclusive]

    DJ SS Interview [Exclusive]

    Womp TV caught up with one of the founding fathers of Drum & Bass DJ SS aka Scratch Stein in San Francisco during his tour for the World of Drum & Bass at Temple Nightclub. DJ SS is the founder of Formation Records and was the first to bring Drum & Bass to the Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week in March with the World of Drum & Bass Tour. He tells us how it all started and why […]

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  • BASE vol.2 Divine Elements

    BASE vol.2 Divine Elements

    Womp TV presents the second webisode for our show “BASE” vol.2.

    Featured Artist:
    Divine Elements

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.1: M.O.B.

    Quick & Dirty vol.1: M.O.B.

    Quick & Dirty is Womp TV’s newest web series of on-the spot impromptu interviews with bass artists. No preconception. Just straight up Quick & Dirty.

    Featured Artists:
    Mark Instinct & BARE as M.O.B.

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  • DJ Muggs dropping “BASS for your FACE” in 2011

    DJ Muggs dropping “BASS for your FACE” in 2011

    When i first heard that DJ Muggs of the Legendary Soul Assasins and Cypriss Hill was going to headline LA Beatdown back in September 2010 with an all Dubstep set I was intrigued. I have never seen DJ Muggs live before let alone spinning Dubstep. His track selection was good nothing to original but his DJ skills shined with his mixing and beat juggling which i don’t see other Dubstep DJ’s do. After his set i was impressed and sold […]

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    We are proud to be apart of “The American Jungle” documentary that is currently in the works. If you love jungle, Drum & Bass, or Dubstep this documentary will get tot the roots of how it all started in American and where it is currently headed. Give us support by telling all your friends about “The American Jungle” and take it even one step further and donate some funds to help produce this awesome project. “The American Jungle” is the […]

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  • The End is Part of The Dance: Interview/Track Release

    The End is Part of The Dance: Interview/Track Release

    Here is the official installment of The End is Part of The Dance video I did when i was at Evilbase studios last week! CHECK IT! Big things for TEIPOTD, make sure you add them on facebook! -Francis from PheosiA Films

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    NYC native and Play Me Records founder Reid Speed sits down with Karmaloop & DJ Skee venture Skee TV. The Duchess of Dubstep Reid Speed tells us about her first time on the wheels of steel in front of a crowd. She goes into her now pre-game ritual of stretching, smoking, and booze with some exercise too. She talks about how the role of the DJ hjas changed from a “facless entity”, Reid Speed, into having to put on a […]

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  • Scion A/V Presents: Flinch Interview

    Scion A/V Presents: Flinch Interview

    SMOG‘s own 12th Planet is in the NYC with Roach Coach radio on Scion Radio 17 with Flinch. 12th Planet sits down with Adam Glasgow aka Flinch about his Bass music. He asked him how he got started in the game, who his influences were, and his style changed. Flinch went on to talk about one of his side projects True Pseudo. After 12 years of producing beats Flinch is all about experimention where he can mash up any genre […]

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  • APX1: I LOVE L.A. [Interview]

    APX1: I LOVE L.A. [Interview]

    Womp TV catches up with Southern California’s largest drum and bass/dubstep day party I LOVE L.A.’s founder and local DJ hero “APX1″. He talked to us about how I LOVE L.A. all got started 3 years ago and what is in store for the future of L.A.’s largest bass-orientated day party.

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  • Bassline Rumble “Spring EP” [Interview]

    Bassline Rumble “Spring EP” [Interview]

    Womp TV and Bassline Rumble present: This past Spring, the BasslineRumble.com staff got together and decided to issue a call to all N. American producers to submit their best tracks to be showcased as part of the BasslineRumble.com Spring 2010 Compilation EP. The winners would be featured in our In The Lab artist spotlight series, get their tunes pushed around the world and get undying love from us for supporting the cause! The winners of the Bassline Rumble Spring EP […]

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  • MC G-One [Interview]

    MC G-One [Interview]

    We catch up with MC G1 in Miami after the World of Drum & Bass party for the WMC.

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