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  • Volatile Psycle “Get Rowdy EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Volatile Psycle “Get Rowdy EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Britain’s bad bwoy beat bombers Volatile Psycle obliterate heads with twisted masterpieces that’ll make your mom mosh! Heavy stomping drums shake the floor like an earthquake as morphing basslines summon the fallout! If that’s not enough, Volatile Psycle and Charged join forces on the ultra funky Gramophone taking things up about 10 notches! Big beats from the ill streets of Britain, don’t sleep on this! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR186 Release date: Nov 13, 2012   Volatile […]

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  • Mediks “Fast Lane EP” [Audioporn]

    Mediks “Fast Lane EP” [Audioporn]

    One of AudioPorn’s newest and brightest collectives’ Mediks return for their second release on the label, after the breakthrough success of their debut ‘Outbreak’ EP – the EP received a glowing 9.5 rating from premier electronic journal, DJ Mag and the Liquicity upload of ‘Blown Away’ alone garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Mediks have built their reputation on a marriage of technical aptitude and bouncing vibrancy, and their latest ‘Fast Lane’ EP is no exception to the rule with […]

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  • Respect: Heist (Metalheadz) | Serjah9 | MC Ridda

    Respect: Heist (Metalheadz) | Serjah9 | MC Ridda

    RSVP for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see HEIST! T H U R S D A Y : N O V : 8 T H R E S P E C T presents H E I S T S C O O B A E R J A H 9 M C . X Y Z SPECIAL GUEST: M C . R I D D A ************* P R E S […]

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  • Matrix + Futurebound ft. Baby Blue “Magnetic Eyes” [Official Video]

    Matrix + Futurebound ft. Baby Blue “Magnetic Eyes” [Official Video]

    This is not a Drum & Bass tune you would regularly hear in the Los Angeles scene as most people are hardcore Junglists and this track would be too poppy but, it is mos def an introduction tune for someone who has never heard Drum & Bass. The soft melodies, elastic bassline, and the sensual serenade of Baby Blue have all the elements for magnetic appeal.   LYRICS:  Walking out to lose myself, eyes down low take my mind to somewhere else, […]

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  • Subscape “High Grade (F.I.R.E.)” [Official Video]

    Subscape “High Grade (F.I.R.E.)” [Official Video]

    Subscape finishes up his four part ‘Elements’ EP on a harder edge, breathing life into the theme of ‘fire’ with growling synths and a juddering bassline on ‘High Grade‘.  The track goes hand in hand with a flame-filled video, focusing on a glamorous performer, and it seems there is always someone watching in the shadows…   Director/DP: Martin Craswell Producers: Katie Burrett and Martin Craswell Make up: Lauren Hansen Cast: Aurora Starr and Stuart Craswell Special thanks to John Barrister […]

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  • Breakage “The Promise EP” [Digital Soundboy]

    Breakage “The Promise EP” [Digital Soundboy]

    Breakage follows his critically acclaimed album ‘Foundation’ & crossover hit ‘Fighting Fire’ with his latest offering ‘The Promise EP’. Progressive in nature, with a nod to both the Balearic Island & the basements of inner-city London, this four-tracker is a taster of what is to come as Boyle readies his 3rd album, set for a 2013 release. Featuring co-production talents of Dismantle on ‘Ass Up’, early supporters include Annie Mac, Mista Jam, Skream, James Zabiela, Busy P, Basement Jaxx & […]

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  • Xtrah “Soundclash” [Official Video]

    Xtrah “Soundclash” [Official Video]

    Xtrah Xtrah! You’ll be reading all about this one for a long time to come as Yasin Elgohary delivers his very first outing on Critical Music and what a debut it is. Having smashed the living daylights out of little sister label Modulations with ‘Set The Levels’, his new offerings are nothing short of devastating. Get the vibes in, this one’s ready to rip a hole in it! Summer soundsystem inspired ‘Soundclash’ is possibly the rudest cut of drum & […]

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  • Hesit “No Sanction” [Digital Soundboy]

    Hesit “No Sanction” [Digital Soundboy]

    Heist pilfered his archive vault of unreleased which were signed to Digital Soundboy after extensive airplay and now it is available once again to you for free! “No Sanction” is a late night creeper lurking in the shadows of fog waiting for the opportunity to catch you by surprise and take all your money.  The ambient spectre sonic melody floats in your ears as the dirty basslines bounces in your head. Be on the lookout next week as heist is […]

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  • Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze “Spooked”

    Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze “Spooked”

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Get your treat from Bro Safari and legendary DMC champion DJ Craze, “Spooked”. This bass heavy Hip Hop beat comes a with a disclaimer in which the bass is so low it may blow your woofer.       Bro Safari Facebook Twitter Craze Facebook Twitter

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  • Lisa Rowe “Black Light” [Official Video]

    Lisa Rowe “Black Light” [Official Video]

    Eye-catching, colorful, and incredibly attention-grabbing, the very essence of Lisa Rowe’s “Black Light” is perfectly captured within this official music video. Creating a bold contrast between dark and light, “Black Lights” pits reality in a valiant struggle against the surreal, two radically different worlds colliding in an explosive, sensual, and wildly energetic fashion. Free Download: Lisa Rowe Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Credits: Model: Momar Sow Dancer: Ian Salvador Lopéz Video by Chris Fay  

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  • Respect: Ink (Metalheadz) | The Fallen

    Respect: Ink (Metalheadz) | The Fallen

    RSVP for a chance to win a pair of tickets! T H U R S D A Y : N O V : 1 S T R E S P E C T presents D J . I N K, T H E . F A L L E N C L U T C H M C . X Y Z ************* P R E S A L E . T I […]

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  • Rekoil “Reloaded EP” [Firepower]

    Rekoil “Reloaded EP” [Firepower]

    As Datsik and his Firepower Records crew blaze across America on their mammoth tour, their mission to champion a new wave of young talent is continuing apace. For the next EP on the label the floor is being opened up to 18 year-old Baltimore-based heavy hitter Rekoil. Set for release on 23rd October, ‘Reloaded’ is certain to put the young producer on the map.   Jumpstarting the EP is wrecking ball opener ‘4-matic’ that sets the scene with its haunting intro before Rekoil unleashes a […]

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  • Respect: Kryteria (Viper, C4C, Ammunition)

    Respect: Kryteria (Viper, C4C, Ammunition)

    RSVP for a chance to win a pait of tickets T H U R S D A Y : O C T : 2 5 T H R E S P E C T presents *Pre-Halloween Bash* feat. K R Y T E R I A plus, D R O N E A P O K . C -B2B- A L P H A . D K M C . D I N O Live […]

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  • Figure “Monsters Vol 3″ [DOOM Music]

    Figure “Monsters Vol 3″ [DOOM Music]

    The follow up to FIGURE’s chart-topping Monsters of Drumstep Vol 1 & 2 releases, this full-length LP mixes up a sub-slaughter potion of gruesome proportions as the essential soundtrack for the Halloween season. Monsters Volume 3 is a 15-track collection of originals including collabs with Tommy Lee and Bare as well as remixes from the likes of J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Dr. Ozi, and Phrenik.   Released by: DOOM MUSIC  Release/catalogue number: DOOM006 Release date: Oct 16, 2012 Figure Facebook […]

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  • Metaphase “Mad Funk” [Play Me]

    Metaphase “Mad Funk” [Play Me]

    Metaphase is giving away a tasty bass crunchy freebie appetizer to wet your ears appetite and have you hungry for more and you can with his new EP “Superhuman” out on Play Me Records. If your ears like the taste of the glitchy sweet bass of Metaphase be sure to  satisfy your appetite and get some “Superhuman“! Metaphase Facebook Twitter Soundcloud    

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  • Rene LaVice “All My Trials / Not Deep” [RAM]

    Rene LaVice “All My Trials / Not Deep” [RAM]

    Earlier in the year Rene LaVice’s ‘Absolute Monster’ EP blew everyone away with its melting pot of different influences and styles, all blended together with Rene’s undeniable sense of experimentation. Having pushed the boundaries once some might be tempted to rest on their laurels and stick to a familiar pattern, but as his brand new single will show Rene LaVice is not that kind of producer. ‘All My Trials’ features the sublime vocal talents of Toronto-born Ivy Mairi. This track […]

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  • VNDMG “Reblastr EP” [Daly City Records]

    VNDMG “Reblastr EP” [Daly City Records]

    Bay Area-based VNDMG presents his debut EP, Reblastr. This fresh spin on Bass music offers up a range of all-original material; from the sexy, head-nod rhythm of Ten Tons to the immersive, synth-rich tones of Falling Forward, Reblastr seamlessly combines the bleeps and bloops of future bass with trap-style beats to form a creative new approach to electronic music. This collection of five tracks serves up a healthy dose of VNDMG medicine, illustrating his capability to both capture and maintain his audience […]

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  • Figure “The Corpse Grinders” (Original Mix)

    Figure “The Corpse Grinders” (Original Mix)

    EDM Master-of-Horror, Figure is releasing the 3rd volume of his wildly popular Monsters series at his favorite time of year. The follow up to his chart-topping Monsters of Drumstep Vol 1 & 2 releases, this full-length LP mixes up a sub-slaughter potion of gruesome proportions as the essential EDM soundtrack for the Halloween season. Monsters Volume 3 is a set of 15 spooky tracks spanning the heavy electronic genres and including collaborations with Tommy Lee and Bare as well as remixes from the likes of J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Dr. Ozi, and Phren […]

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  • Chase & Status ft. Liam Bailey “Big Man” [Official Video]

    Chase & Status ft. Liam Bailey “Big Man” [Official Video]

    This is exactly how a great night out partying is full of drinks, dancing, ladies, and VIP backstage access along with a break outside to smoke one and vomit, lolz. I haven’t seen a video encapsulate the true experience of going out to a show getting fucked up, and all first person and if you are right there in the middle of it all since The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up”. Chase & Status continue to hang-ten on the the […]

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  • Respect: Randall (Metalheadz) + MC Questionmark

    Respect: Randall (Metalheadz) + MC Questionmark

    RSVP for a chance to win a pair of tickets! T H U R S D A Y : O C T : 1 8 T H R E S P E C T presents R A N D A L L M C . Q U E S T I O N M A R K plus, S C O O B A -B2B- M A C H E T E ************* P R E […]

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  • Tantrum Desire ft. I-Kay “What Is Your Desire” [Official Video]

    Tantrum Desire ft. I-Kay “What Is Your Desire” [Official Video]

    Have you ever sat on the couch all day with a friend blazed it up, got the munchies, and ordered pizza delivery? I know I have and when the doorbell rang neither of you wanted to peel your lazy ass off the couch to answer the door so you would have to argue who would answer the door well this new Tantrum Desire and I-Kay video is just like that but, a whole lot more violent.   Tantrum Desire Facebook  Twitter I-Kay Twitter   […]

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