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  • Slogun + iOh “Burn Me Up / Planet X” [Heavy Artillery]

    Slogun + iOh “Burn Me Up / Planet X” [Heavy Artillery]

    Slogun + iOh are mos def my favorite American Jump up Drum & Bass producers right now! They consistently grind out dance-floor rockers and quickly making a name for themselves. Their latest release “Burn Me Up” and “Planet X” on Heavy Artillery Recordings set my floor on fire because I was dancing so hard when I first heard it. If you are hearing their tunes for the first time you may think they are just another pair of UK producers […]

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  • HiJinx & Invader! “Ghosts EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    HiJinx & Invader! “Ghosts EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Long time musicians and seasoned producers of all things bass HiJinx & Invader! are quickly making big names one beat at a time! Their expert production covers the gamut from Dubstep to Drumstep, Drum&Bass to Electro, epic, anthem and everything in between! 3 monstrous cuts on the Ghosts EP, just hold on to your face!!!   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR137 Release date: Apr 23, 2012   Follow HiJinx: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow Invader!: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Genesis Rising “Grindhouse “

    Genesis Rising “Grindhouse “

    If you like hard beats, grinding basslines , and adenoidal tones then Genesis Rising is your man. Hailing from Florida Genesis Rising is a newcomer to the American bass scene starting this year in January and already with six tracks which are all available for free. So be sure to like his Facebook and check out his Soundcloud for more free tunes. I always been a hustla Follow Genesis Rising: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Wick-it the Instigator “Future Krunk”

    Wick-it the Instigator “Future Krunk”

    Pour a glass of Tennessee whiskey neat, power on your sound system, and play Wick-it the Instigator and you get true American “Future Krunk”! Wick-it fuses the dirty south bounce, swagged Hip Hop lyrics, and bright futuristic synths to smack some booty too. The progression of the tune is masterfully distilled for higher concentration for when he douses you in unforgettable melodies. I want an entire album of Wick-its dirty bouncy beats to krunk out too! “Welcome to the future” […]

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  • Sixstring King & Invader! “Natural High EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Sixstring King & Invader! “Natural High EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Florida bad boys Sixstring King and Invader! join forces on Natural High for an uplifting party anthem EP destined for the biggest stages! Monster vibes twist and turn as contagious vocal hooks penetrate your soul and build up into ultra gritty bass drops! Huge tunes from these guys!! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR099 Release date: Nov 28, 2011

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  • Urban Assault “Street Justice EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Urban Assault “Street Justice EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Urban Assault aka Faust & Shortee are back for revenge with streetwise bass music wizardry! 3 slammin’ selections of futuristic gangsta anthems on this EP fit for all, the boulevard soldiers, the seasoned lieutenants and the untouchable bass don dada’s. Drumstep and Dubstep bangers all the way! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings  Release/catalogue number: HAR098 Release date: Nov 22, 2011

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  • Fatality “Fatal Androids” [Bell Ringer Records]

    Fatality “Fatal Androids” [Bell Ringer Records]

    A new debut dubstep album from DJ/Producer- FATALITY! Breaking out of his shell with his debut 4-track EP… is sure to please anyone that has an itch for those nasty basslines! This producer from Clarksville, MD./USA is setting the pace nicely with this release. As all four tracks are sure to set fire to any dancefloor… with creative synth work, filtration, and infectious beats! We here at bell ringer records are proud to announce his debut with this album and […]

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  • Kezwik “Get Dropped EP” [Simplify Recordings]

    Kezwik “Get Dropped EP” [Simplify Recordings]

    A 15 year-old prodigy with the finesse of a seasoned beat-making veteran, Kezwik is bursting into the heart of the Dubstep scene with his monumental debut release, “Get Dropped”. Complex and extraordinarily evocative melodies create tremendous tension and act as the iron-clad framework for the massive beats to come. Precisely chiseled synths assault the senses with finely sharpened edges while absolutely concussive bass sends quaking tremors through any sub lucky enough to bump a Kezwik original. With two superb features […]

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  • We Bang + Quentin Hiatus “Wolfpack EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    We Bang + Quentin Hiatus “Wolfpack EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    We Bang and Quentin Hiatus both have numerous chart poppin’ releases on well known labels under their belts so when they joined forces it was a no-brainer! Powerful sonic progressions collide with wickedly sharp bass chops on 2 monstrous club killers for this EP! Wolfpack takes no prisoners on this EP, and you’re the prey! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR097 Release date: Nov 21, 2011

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  • Bad Rabbits “Booties” (Big Chocolate Remix)

    Bad Rabbits “Booties” (Big Chocolate Remix)

    I know everyone like free music  so here is a  Moombahton tune from Huntington Beach producer Big Chocolate. If you do not already know who he is then you are shit out of luck. This bass mechanic knows his infra sound well and will run your ass over. Bad Rabbits are the American Dream. The collective first generation sons of Indian, Argentinean, Ghanaian and Israeli lineage with a single son of liberty are your tired, hungry and poor invading this […]

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  • Korn feat.Skrillex & Kill The Noise “Narcissistic Cannibal” [Official Video]

    Korn feat.Skrillex & Kill The Noise “Narcissistic Cannibal” [Official Video]

    Legendary Korn is bridging the gap between their hardcore style with Dubstep by collaborating with Los Angeles’ own Skrillex and Kill The Noise in thier newest video for “Narcissistic Cannibal”, dope title could even be a name of a death metal band. With Korn‘s new album expected to release in early December every track on it is a collaboration with a notorious Dubstep producer including the likes of Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Noisia, and 12th Planet. I can not wait for […]

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  • LIVE vol.04: Figure + Dirty Talk

    LIVE vol.04: Figure + Dirty Talk

    Womp TV presents: LIVE vol.04 In our latest installment of our LIVE webisode series we feature Dirty Talk + Figure two of Play Me Records biggest players. This all went down this past summer at LA Beatdown and you even may see some footage from Figure + Whiskey Pete‘s Official Video for “Cut Throat” on Heavy Artillery since they filmed parts of the video at the event. Be sure to subscribe if you like what you see there is plenty […]

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  • Wolfgang Gartner “The Champ” (Bassex Remix) [Play Me]

    Wolfgang Gartner “The Champ” (Bassex Remix) [Play Me]

    Play Me Records never disappoint with their tunes especially their FREE ones. Bassex is back with this fatty bootleg of Wolfgang Gartner‘s “The Champ”, he twists it and turns it all around till it shits out bass goblins that will hijack any dancefloor! Grab it here free!     Artist: Wolfgang Gartner Track: The Champ (Bassex Remix) Label: Play Me Records

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  • Dirty Talk “Dirty Talk EP” [Play Me 2]

    Dirty Talk “Dirty Talk EP” [Play Me 2]

    Dirty Talk are Jordan and Monica, 2 hot young lady DJ/producers from Minneapolis who caught the ears of Play Me when they were co-winners of Play Me’s first remix competition. For their debut EP on Play Me Too they bring in an aresenal of vocalists and worldwide collaborators, resulting in 4 bangin slabs of synth driven drumstep and dubstep and a dubstep-to-moombahton remix from FS & Reid Speed. These girls throw it down hard and are already making serious noise […]

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  • Figure “Beetlejuice” (Dubstep Mix)

    Figure “Beetlejuice” (Dubstep Mix)

    It is October and that means one of my favorite holidays of the year Halloween. Also this month is Figure‘s highly anticipated release of “Monsters of Drumstep vol.02″. The new collection of monsters will be released on October 10th on Figure’s new label DOOM Music instead of Play Me Records. The new array of monsters are more frightful than the first and “Beetlejuice” is just the first in the horror to come. Figure samples vocals and the theme song from  from […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Phetsta | Gridlok |MC Tali | Apok C + Alpha DK

    LA Beatdown: Phetsta | Gridlok |MC Tali | Apok C + Alpha DK

    THE BEATDOWN WILL CONTINUE!!! The beat for ya feet!!!! The Bass for ya face!!!! LA Beatdown got it all!!!!!! All tempos All stylez All in All, All Good!!!!!! P H E T S T A !!!!!!! Helps spread ALL the GOOD!!!! -Regal D

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  • Respect: Reid Speed [Regal D]

    Respect: Reid Speed [Regal D]

    Thursday night D&B in effect on time and on schedule!!!!! Ladies night got it poppin’ on that “I’m glad I came out to RESPECT tonight” level!!!!!! Super special shout out to all the ladies in attendance for this one!!!!!!! Heavyweight selectah biz droppin’ bombs on this night. Big up MC T A L I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! with the special appearance activity. Bringin’ all the heads out to get down for the session!!!!! REID SPEED!!!!!!! […]

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  • Bass Goes Boom: Halo Nova

    Bass Goes Boom: Halo Nova

    LA loves that BASS!!!!!! When that BASS goes BOOM, there’s nothing but movement inside the room!!!!!! Dubstep & Drum & Bass on the menu. Special shouts to selectahs makin’ the basslines roll inside venue!!!!! HALO NOVA!!!!!! Makin’ you raise your shoudlahz!!! -Regal D

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  • Cris Cab “No Hatred” (Caligula’s Giant Banana Remix)

    Cris Cab “No Hatred” (Caligula’s Giant Banana Remix)

    Caligula‘s new Drumstep remix of “No Hatred” by Cris Cab will fill your body full of joy. Cris Cab‘s vocals and Caligula‘s bumping basslines area perfect concoction only a Iron Chef could meld together. The smooth rasta / ska melody radiates warmth of sunshine on your soul  bringing a smile to your face while Caligula‘s beats brings the edge for the head nodding gangsta with a blazing blunt. If you are feeling the vibe of this track be sure to […]

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  • Bro Safari “5150″

    Bro Safari “5150″

    Much love and respect to everyone who has been showing me support over the years and most recently. This new genre is a lot of fun for me and I enjoy experimenting w/ different sounds at this tempo. I’m gonna keep making this shit ’til I run out of ideas so make sure you stay tuned and check back often for free mixes and downloads. -Bro Safari Btw – Please rate, comment, favorite and all that. It genuinely helps me […]

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  • Ground Zero: POINT.BLANK | HELICOPTER SHOWDOWN [9.10.11]

    Ground Zero: POINT.BLANK | HELICOPTER SHOWDOWN [9.10.11]


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