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  • Wobbleland 2012 [Official Video]

    Wobbleland 2012 [Official Video]

    There is not much to say about Jon Zombies newest video for it already speaks for itself and any words I have for it will not do it justice. It is great to see an artist evolve from one piece to the next and Jon deserves all the work & credit coming his way.   WOBBLELAND 2012 / Official Video ‬ Presented by Vital in association with Midnite Events FLUX PAVILION, ZOMBOY, BARE NOIZE, CRIZZLY, BARE, BUTCH CLANCY, DJ MUGGS, […]

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  • Figure “Monsters Vol 3″ [DOOM Music]

    Figure “Monsters Vol 3″ [DOOM Music]

    The follow up to FIGURE’s chart-topping Monsters of Drumstep Vol 1 & 2 releases, this full-length LP mixes up a sub-slaughter potion of gruesome proportions as the essential soundtrack for the Halloween season. Monsters Volume 3 is a 15-track collection of originals including collabs with Tommy Lee and Bare as well as remixes from the likes of J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Dr. Ozi, and Phrenik.   Released by: DOOM MUSIC  Release/catalogue number: DOOM006 Release date: Oct 16, 2012 Figure Facebook […]

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  • Bare “Altitude” [Official Video]

    Bare “Altitude” [Official Video]

    With Bare comes an assurance: perpetual uncertainty. Using an unorthodox fashion of production, Bare utilizes keen samples while also integrating heavy amounts of head throbbing bass in order to create what the dubstep world would label: a banger. However, Bare does not stop there. A true showman must not only be confident in his product, but also on how it is presented. With an emphasis on mob mentality with a hint of chaos, Bare gets the crowd going by showcasing […]

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  • Midnight Conspiracy “Dead Fame 003″

    Midnight Conspiracy “Dead Fame 003″

    Midnight Conspiracy signs to AM Only, the premier New York-based booking agency with the likes of Skrillex, Tiesto and David Guetta on their roster. To commemorate the signing, Mid Con releases Dead Fame 003, the heaviest in the mixtape series which features 3 unreleased tracks from their upcoming Remix EP for “The Eye” in a fast-paced 30-minute onslaught of heavy electro and dubstep. See below for the 24-song tracklisting.   Tracklisting: Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te – The Eye (Original Mix) […]

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  • Bare & Datsik “King Kong” [Official Video]

    Bare & Datsik “King Kong” [Official Video]

    BUY THE REMIX EP – http://s.beatport.com/king-kong-experiment The official music video from Bare & Datsik’s track “King Kong” Directed/written/edited by: Julian Higgins Executive Producers: Smash Gordon, Geoff Shames and Kavi Halemane – ‪http://www.facebook.com/bassunionarmy‬ ‪http://www.twitter.com/bassunionarmy‬ – CAST: King Kong: Jake Brown Camera Friend: Frankie Muniz Police Officer: Addison Henderson Street Extras: Erik Beck, Miki Marsala, Anita Vora, Kevin Allen, Remington Pettygrove, David Nowlen III, Jennifer Polania Garcia, Quin Walters, Paul Bianchi Soldier Strike Team: The Roughnecks (http://radairsoft.com/) + Disposable Heroes (http://tinyurl.com/82umtrg) CREW: […]

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  • BARE “The Gate” [SubHuman]

    BARE “The Gate” [SubHuman]

    You better be fully equipped with medieval laser swords and be ready for battle when you march into “The Gate”. BARE’s raw mosh pit frenzy sound has become a signature for SubHuman. This tune will rip your head off if you are not prepared.     Follow BARE: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Funktion: Breakage [Regal D]

    Funktion: Breakage [Regal D]

    All Rights Reserved Regal D © 2012

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  • Numbernin6 “Garbage” (BARE VIP Remix) [Subhuman]

    Numbernin6 “Garbage” (BARE VIP Remix) [Subhuman]

    Here is a classic Numbernin6 tune with some VIP treatment from the biggest BARE in the bass bizz. BARE transformed an already screamin Subhuman tune into a slimy stinking bass bomb exploding out the back of a Garbage truck leaving a trail of filth in its wake.   Follow SubHuman: http://www.destroyplanethuman.com/ Facebook Follow Bare: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Nerd Rage “2012 Countdown to Oblivion Mix”

    Nerd Rage “2012 Countdown to Oblivion Mix”

    Nerd Rage finally got some free time from producing banging bass bombs to assemble an amazing mix for the fans. He empties a fully loaded 32 track banana clip into your dancing body. The mix starts off epic with Daft Punk’s Tron OST on into the madness that is Nerd Rage. If you are not into it right away mos def by track 4 DJ Boss “Hands Up” will get you bouncing around.   “Nerd Rage pounding those asses” TRACKLIST […]

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  • Crime Syndicate vs BARE “Groupie Love” [Lava Edit]

    Crime Syndicate vs BARE “Groupie Love” [Lava Edit]

    Here is another Crime Syndicate Video remix of BARE‘s tune “Groupie Love”. I have been out of the Hip Hop scene for a while so I am not sure what the original video is which was sampled. Nonetheless the Crime Syndicate always deliver with their edits and track selection with some of America’s hardest and filthiest tracks.   Follow Crime Syndicate DJ Crime DJ Lava

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  • Funktion: Dieselboy | Smash Gordon | MC Dino [Regal D]

    Funktion: Dieselboy | Smash Gordon | MC Dino [Regal D]

    All Photos courtesy of Regal D ©2012

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  • Crime Syndicate vs BARE “Shot Me down” [Lava edit]

    Crime Syndicate vs BARE “Shot Me down” [Lava edit]

    Here is another Crime Syndicate video remix as promised. This one is chopped up to BARE‘s “Shot Me Down” with clips of Nancy Sinatra’s original video and Kill Bill. Crime Syndicate did an excellent job editing these videos to the track and matches perfectly. Cutting back and forth between Kill Bill‘s ultra violent blood splattering massacre scene in black & white and Nancy Sinatra singing the hook from which BARE sampled.As the tune ends and fades out Crime Syndicate finishes […]

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  • Wonder 8 ft. FuntCase, Bare, KJ Sawka & Ajapai

    Wonder 8 ft. FuntCase, Bare, KJ Sawka & Ajapai

    Relentless Beats Presents: Wonder 8 – 2011 willyouwonder.com Featuring: FuntCase Bare Ajapai KJ Sawka Crit At Dawn We Rage Sens1 Tracks Featured 1. Kombat – Bare 2. Brain – Ajapai 3. Fuuuuck – Funtcase 4. Silent Pterodactyl – Bare 5. King Kong – Bare Mix by TOON TOWN soundcloud.com/djtoontown Filmed by: Francis Lazaro/Pauls Digges/Jeremy Johnson Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production LIKE US @ facebook.com/pheosiafilms

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  • BARE “Leah”

    BARE “Leah”

    This is BARE‘s second free tune for reaching his 20k fan page milestone. I have heard this tune played at a few parties before and its huge. I am surprised BARE is giving it away for free this is truy a great gift back to the people. It goes to show that all of his hard work, dedication, and love for his fans pays off.

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  • BARE “Clips”

    BARE “Clips”

    In celebration of BARE‘s 20k fan page milestone he is giving away 2 free tunes. “Clips” is the first of the 2 that we are posting and fully loaded with Hip Hop influences. The classic leads load the clip and the Biggie vocal samples tare one in the chamber, GANGSTA! “Grab two nine CLIPS and run amok”

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  • “Beasts At Night EP” [Hollow Point Recordings]

    “Beasts At Night EP” [Hollow Point Recordings]

    Hollow Point Recordings brings you a pack of feral bass beasts lead by the malicious Messinian. This 6 track pack features some of the beastliest bass producers SPL, BARE, Mark Instinct, and Triage. After listening to the whole EP your body will ripped to shreds and your bloody carcass will be devoured by the bass. The “Beasts At Night” EP is out now an available for your purchase. “We are beasts at night”

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  • Dip Vertigo “Occupy This” [US Dubstep]

    Dip Vertigo “Occupy This” [US Dubstep]

    LA Beatdown‘s very own Dip Vertigo is back at it again bringing you his second dubstep mix OCCUPY THIS! Having been deep in production for the past year, this mix features 3 original tracks. Coming straight out of the gates Dip hits you with “You Know How I Play”, a collaboration with good friend and amazing producer, Obsidian. This operatic master piece, sung in Italian by Dip and Meliss FX, could be the first opera step ever produced and Dip […]

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  • Respect: Dieselboy + BARE

    Respect: Dieselboy + BARE

    This was by far the carziest night i have ever seen in my 2 years as a Respect patron. between Dieselboy and BARE the spot beyond capacity and the whole building was shaking. Everyone in the LA bass scene was present showing their support in memory of Tony Evjenth, RIP.

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  • Borgore Backstage Interview [Exclusive]

    Borgore Backstage Interview [Exclusive]

    This is a classic Womp TV interview we did last year in november 2010 and I have no idea how we let this gem slip through the cracks by not posting it up. This has been a Youtube channel exclusive for the past year. We interviewed dubstep producer/DJ Borgore backstage before he went on @ LA Beatdown where he headlined along with DJ QBert. Included in the interview is BARE from Subhuman.   “If a Smurf is getting choked, how […]

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  • Bare “World Of Hurt EP” [Subhuman]

    Bare “World Of Hurt EP” [Subhuman]

    Hey bass fans – are you ready to get your guts kicked out?! Well then get ready because Bare has been putting dancefloors in a “World Of Hurt” with these 4 speaker crushing bangers! Showcasing his trademark sub twisting skills behind the console, he has been able to squeeze more low end into these tunes than most systems can handle. Subhuman once again bringing you an ammo box of heavy artillery. Step up and get your cranium cracked – BARE […]

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  • Borgore – BBC 1xtra Daily Dose of Dubstep Mix

    Borgore – BBC 1xtra Daily Dose of Dubstep Mix

    You cant get any filthier than Borgore the head of Buygore. Recently he was the guest DJ on Mistajams “Daily Dose of Dubstep” and this is his live mix that he did on the air. If you had the opportunity to see him perform live you already know how filthy his shows are. Although this may not be a live stage presence it is still a filthy mix and capture s the essence of his performances. Be sure to check […]

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