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  • LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Loadstar | Divine Elements [Regal D]

    LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Loadstar | Divine Elements [Regal D]

    Photos All Rights Reserved Regal D ©2012

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  • Timeless: R.A.W. [Regal D]

    Timeless: R.A.W. [Regal D]

    All Photos Rights Reserved Regal D © 2012

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  • Timeless: Hive [Regal D]

    Timeless: Hive [Regal D]

    All photos courtesy of  Regal D 2012

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  • Timeless: UFO! | Slogun

    Timeless: UFO! | Slogun

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  • LA Beatdown: Phetsta | Gridlok |MC Tali | Apok C + Alpha DK

    LA Beatdown: Phetsta | Gridlok |MC Tali | Apok C + Alpha DK

    THE BEATDOWN WILL CONTINUE!!! The beat for ya feet!!!! The Bass for ya face!!!! LA Beatdown got it all!!!!!! All tempos All stylez All in All, All Good!!!!!! P H E T S T A !!!!!!! Helps spread ALL the GOOD!!!! -Regal D

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  • LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Mark Instinct | BARE [Photos]

    LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Mark Instinct | BARE [Photos]

    LA Beatdown!!!!!!! Bass Dynasty crew in effect making sure you’ll never forget those big rhythmz, and that BIG BASS!!!!!!!! AJAPAI!!!!!! beatin you down with that Ridiculous BASS!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • LA Beatdown: 1 year Anniversary [5.27.11]

    LA Beatdown: 1 year Anniversary [5.27.11]

    LA BEATDOWN!!!!!! Steady BLASTIN’ that sound on SOUND!!!!!!! So much to say so little time. more to come later. LIQUID STRANGER!!!!!!! Bringin’ that BEATDOWN!!!!!!! – Regal D

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  • Timeless: KJ Sawka [5.14.11]

    Timeless: KJ Sawka [5.14.11]

    818 BASS in effect ready to WRECK!!!!! Big up all true Junglist!!!! If you love Jungle, you LOVE MUSIC!!!! If you love MUSIC, the DRUMS & the BASS!!!!! All on display for the night!!!!!! At first, the peeps seemed a bit taken by the set up. But once the BASS started rumblin’, it was BASSiness as usual!!!!! J A D E!!!!!! K J S A W K A ! ! ! ! ! ! Ready with their BASSiness attire!!!! -Regal […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Play Me Bass Monster Tour [4.8.11]

    LA Beatdown: Play Me Bass Monster Tour [4.8.11]

    Los Angeles is once again ready for that BEATDOWN feelin’!!!!! PLAY ME RECORDS bringin’ the BASS MONSTER TOUR to LA in a BIIIIIG WAY!!!!!!!! Many parties in town, A gaaaaang of parties all around, but the BDC is still STOMPIN’ on solid ground!!!!! REID SPEED & CREW blastin’ through LA!!!!!!! SMASHIN’ all bassheads in the way!!!!! In true BASS MONSTER form!!!!!!! -Regal D  

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  • Timeless “Priceless” Commercial

    Timeless “Priceless” Commercial

    Tech Support TV has produced this spoof off the Master Card commercial promoting the Bass Dynasty Crew‘s monthly Drum & Bass party at Club Aura in Studio City, TIMELESS. The party has been running for 3 years strong and still going.I have only been to 1 Timeless party and i can say I had a blast. This is one of the best Drum & Bass monthlies in and mos def the best in the Valley. I am glad they moved […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Nero | John B

    LA Beatdown: Nero | John B

    LA Beatdown returns ready to break you down with those beats that can batlle a CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!! Heads from all over came to the venue to experience a true dose of that LA goodness!!!!!! Super shouts out to the upstairs posee!!!!! Givin’ you that O.G. KDAY, Power 106, 92.3 The Beat VIBE ALL NIGHT!!!!! History tells us that he sacrificed everything for the arts. N E R O ! ! ! ! ! ! Goin’ all out!!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • TIMELESS: NIGHTWALKER | Circuit [3.12.11]

    TIMELESS: NIGHTWALKER | Circuit [3.12.11]

    T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S Lauren & Natalie’s Birthday Celebration F E A T U R I N G NIGHTWALKER (Nightwalker Recordings : True Playaz : Timeless : Technique : OKL) CIRCUIT (Almost Famous : Studio Gangsters : LA) DVDA (Neuropunk & Jona) (BDC : LA Beatdown : Media-Obscura.com : LA) ANTIX (Splat Media : Magnetik Space Lab : LA) E M C E E S RIDDA (BDC : TSTV : SD) J-TEC (BDC : LA) AURA NIGHTCLUB 12215 Ventura Blvd. Ste 209 Studio […]

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    After 3 amazing years at The Little Rock, the next chapter of Timeless begins at our new home Aura Nightclub and dnb continues in the SFV with the return of DJ CAPITAL J. The entire Bass Dynasty Crew thanks you for all your support through the years and looks forward to bringing you quality drum n bass every second Saturday. See you at the show!!! Bass Dynasty Crew Presents… T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S … Saturday February 12, 2011 S E L E C […]

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  • SD UNION: Capital J | Dip vertigo (DEEP Sound) [2.19.11]

    SD UNION: Capital J | Dip vertigo (DEEP Sound) [2.19.11]

    ::Featuring:: CAPITAL J – Toronto Can “DRUM&BASS vs DUBSTEP” TOUR 2011 DNB/JUNGLE/DUBSTEP/DRUMSTEP/FIDGET/HIPHOP/OLDSKOOL Dj Capital J’s performances combine lightning fast cuts & scratches, heavy bassline Fidget House, head bangin Dubstep, and floor smashin Jungle Drum & Bass all into one serious show you don’t want to miss. After 20 yrs in the music scene, Capital J has dominated everything he’s put his hands on since he was a teen. Scratch battles as Ontario’s (maybe even Canada’s) youngest protégée, producing, managing and […]

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    FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2011 | BASS GOES BOOM | DUBSTEP – DNB mp 9:30pm – 2:00am | 18+ |$ 5 before 11pm/RSVP, $ 10 after RSVP to BASSgoesBOOMla@gmail.com to get on The List Presented by : : Demon0ne AND a little birdy told me W/ The Rizo family hosting the outdoor art alley featuring art, live art and The Rizo SWAGGA BOOTH. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + CYBEROPTICS […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Datsik [12.25.10]

    LA Beatdown: Datsik [12.25.10]

    It’s that time of the year, and LA is well ready for another true BEATDOWN!!!!! It’s Xmas, Tony Toni Tone had it all wrong, I just got off work so I got there late, lines were still out the door and down the block, capacity was being exceeded, 6Blocc was absolutely DESTROYING the crowd, I knew that this was gonna be a Hella good night!!!!! Shouts out to all posse and crew inside the venue!!! Great to see so many […]

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  • Timeless: 3 Year Anniversary [12.11.10]

    Timeless: 3 Year Anniversary [12.11.10]

    A point in time, yet time never stops. BASS DYNASTY CREW!!!!!!!!! Taking A moment to celebrate, although the celebration is infinite. 3 YEARS of the belief realized!!!!!! So many drums. So many Basslines. So many sounds. So many more to come!!!!! Happy 3rd BDay TIMELESS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Most definitely great to see the peeps come out to have fun & give props!!!!! No matter the venue, THE BEAT WILL GO ON!!!!!! T I M E […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Borgore | Q-bert | Hive [11.19.10]

    LA Beatdown: Borgore | Q-bert | Hive [11.19.10]

    THE BASS DYNASTY TAKEOVER CONTINUES!!!!!! With this edition, the LA BEATDOWN gets even MORE BASS NASTY!!!!!!!! BIG BIG UP to all inside the venue!!!! Twas indeed great to see you all!!! Loved all of the good good vibes from the party people!!!! Special shout out those reppin’ for all elements. Mics, Speakers, floor, stage, canvas, walls, Turntables, etc. You are appreciated!!!!!! Gettin’ ill must’ve been the idea for this one. H I V E ! ! ! ! ! Q […]

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  • Respect: Terravita [11.18.10]

    Respect: Terravita [11.18.10]

    BASS DYNASTY CREW IN THE PLACE Gettin’ BASS NASTY!!!!!! Timeless Possee invades your Thursday night LA D&B fix!!!!!!! BIG TIME BDay shouts out to C A S S I E N ! ! ! ! ! Big up to all BBoy/BGirl crew Keepin’ the floor busy!!!! All the way from the other side of the land. Droppin’ sounds that’ll beat u DOWN!!!!! I don’t know if he likes BBall, but I know he RIIIPS the D & B ! ! […]

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