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  • Big Booty Bass: One Year Anniversary [05.18.12]

    Big Booty Bass: One Year Anniversary [05.18.12]

    RSVP: The San Fernando Valley’s premiere bass music event BIG BOOTY BASS is back and better than ever! Come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Splat Media crew as we bring you a night of seriously massive Drum & Bass & Dubstep with our biggest names to date. Now at a brand new, larger location right in the heart of the SFV, this BIG BOOTY BASS is set to go off on a whole new level – don’t miss […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Nero | John B

    LA Beatdown: Nero | John B

    LA Beatdown returns ready to break you down with those beats that can batlle a CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!! Heads from all over came to the venue to experience a true dose of that LA goodness!!!!!! Super shouts out to the upstairs posee!!!!! Givin’ you that O.G. KDAY, Power 106, 92.3 The Beat VIBE ALL NIGHT!!!!! History tells us that he sacrificed everything for the arts. N E R O ! ! ! ! ! ! Goin’ all out!!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • SCREWFACE: AK1200 [2.4.11]

    SCREWFACE: AK1200 [2.4.11]

    Pure Filth all over the place makin’ you Screw your Face!!!!!!!!! Loads of energy in the place for the big time beat dropperz!!!!! AK1200 in the place bangin’ on you, and lettin’ you know what he thinks of your bassline!!!!!! Good vibes inside the venue on this night. Basslines bumpin’ in the city, and the feelinz ALL RIGHT!!!!! -Regal D

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    Startin’ the new year off correctly. LA BEATDOWN!!!!!! Lettin’ you know that there’s no ease up in sight!!!!!!! Even with the delayed kick-off, all posse, and crew came through in full effect!!!!!! The Subhuman crew stop in LA to bring you that HEAVY HEAVY goodness!!!! BIG UP all stateside massive!!!!!! keepin’ the venue packed wall to wall!!!!! Shout out to the patio posse Displayin’ all types of visual and audio skills!!!!! The stateside don himself returns D I E S […]

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