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  • Respect: Marcus Intalex [Photos]

    Respect: Marcus Intalex [Photos]

    Drum & Bass Thursday nights Bringin’ in the summer heat for you with a bonified heavyweight!!!!!!! Big up to all the heads for the continued support of your DJs!!!!!! Local & Worldwide!!!!!!!! Special shout out to the artist among us that support the sound, and can stay humble as the spotlight shines on them!!!!!!!! W e s e e y o u ! ! ! ! All in attendance are blessed to witness the bass heavyweight in action right in […]

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  • UK Thursdays Presents: Figure & Calvertron

    UK Thursdays Presents: Figure & Calvertron

    UK Thursdays Presents: Figure & Calvertron Tempe, Arizona at the School of Rock facebook.com/​UKThursdays facebook.com/​IMFIGURE myspace.com/​calvertronica Also Featuring: CRIT: facebook.com/​critdeejay JPAUL From HavocNdeeD: facebook.com/​HavocNdeeDsounD Visuals by: Cameron Crossley from Beama Visual Environments Tracks Featured: Calvertron – R U READY? (original mix) Figure – Werewolf Figure – Zombies Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Armanni Reign “Off The Grid” [Westbay Music]

    Armanni Reign “Off The Grid” [Westbay Music]

    This week saw the long-awaited release of Westbay Music artist Armanni Reign’s debut EP, “Off the Grid”. The boys at Westbay have created an interesting collaboration that focuses on hip-hop but combines elements from drum and bass and dubstep to feature Armanni Reign’s awesome lyrics on top of production by Atlantic Connection, Submorphics, and Trowa. The result creates a serious musical vehicle, blending mainstream popular hip-hop rhythms and melodies, which can smoothly transfer to popular mainstream clubs. Originally a hip-hop […]

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  • Respect: Optiv | Dara [Photos]

    Respect: Optiv | Dara [Photos]

    Yes indeed!!!!! The summer is ready, it’s Thursday night, and the drums & the bass is all we need!!!!! Big up to all of the loyal JUNGLIST that support the DJ’s, the SOUND, & the SCENE!!!!! LOCAL, & ABROAD!!!!!!! REMEMBER, It’s a worldwide sumtin’!!! …and the worldwide sumtin’ is BIG!!!!!! Special guest headliner activity addition for this session!!!!!! D A R A ! ! ! ! O P T I V ! ! ! ! ! ! READY TO DOUBLE […]

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  • LIVE vol.02 | World of Drum & Bass

    LIVE vol.02 | World of Drum & Bass

    Womp TV presents: LIVE vol.02 In our second installment of our new series LIVE we captured the World of Drum & Bass when it stormed through Los Angeles at Respect. The 2011 tour was a bit smaller than last year in the line up and the venue but, the vibe was massive as ever. This years lineup included newcomer Rollz who rolled heads with his heavy basslines. Second on the bill was legendary Bailey of BBC 1Xtra dropping bass bombs. […]

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  • Blu Mar Ten & InsideInfo “Still the One” [Sneak Peek]

    Blu Mar Ten & InsideInfo “Still the One” [Sneak Peek]

    Any fan of drum and bass, young or old, will have inevitably heard the name Blu Mar Ten at some point. This trio has been releasing incredibly strong and passionate tunes for almost two decades; their first release was voted Fabio’s favorite tune of the year in 1996 and their second tune was an official remix of Erykah Badu’s “On and On” that rose to top 10 in the charts. Having established a devoted following and writing music across genres […]

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  • Chase & Status feat. Delilah “Time” (We Bang Pixel Ghost Remix) [Free Tune]

    Chase & Status feat. Delilah “Time” (We Bang Pixel Ghost Remix) [Free Tune]

    We Bang is at it again with another amazing free remix this time of Chase & Status‘ tune “Time” featuring the vocals of Delilah. We Bang maintains the essence of drama from the original tune with hypnotic head knocking drop laced with spectacular synthesizer reflecting heart ache and pain. The Drum & Bass breakdown is a great change of pace to the tempo of the 140 bpm picking up the intensity then drops out to nothing but vocals emphasizing the […]

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  • Expressions: Ed Rush & Optical [The American Jungle]

    Expressions: Ed Rush & Optical [The American Jungle]

    The American Jungle crew has started production of their documentary and as a result they created a new series “Expressions” to give all you junglist out there a taste of what is to come over the next year. be on the look out for when they reach your city so you get a chance to be apart of history. In their first episode is showcases the Virus sound’s of Ed Rush & Optical with the lyrical prowess of MC Dino […]

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  • Respect: Calculon & Whizard [6.2.11]

    Respect: Calculon & Whizard [6.2.11]

    Southern Cali D&B activity goin’ in, and goin’ on for your Thursday night feel good session!!!!!! Beatmaker’s delite for the night, gettin’ the producto in YOU fellin’ just right!!!!!! Shouts out to all those givin’ up love and supporting the local product!!!!! Two of socal’s finest indeed!!!!! CALCULON & WHIZARD!!!!!!!! – Regal D

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  • LA Beatdown: 1 year Anniversary [5.27.11]

    LA Beatdown: 1 year Anniversary [5.27.11]

    LA BEATDOWN!!!!!! Steady BLASTIN’ that sound on SOUND!!!!!!! So much to say so little time. more to come later. LIQUID STRANGER!!!!!!! Bringin’ that BEATDOWN!!!!!!! – Regal D

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  • Respect: Marcus Visionary [5.26.11]

    Respect: Marcus Visionary [5.26.11]

    BIG BASS SOUND from the T.O. all the way to the WEST COAST for the Thursday night underground sound ritual!!!!!! The vibes keepin’ all inside hella high!!!!! Sooo many familiar faces bringin’ smiles to those that know, and never let go!!!!!!! BDays, and ‘long time no sees’ takin’ the session up even higher as you have no escape from the Drum & Bass!!!!!! Gettin’ fresh=MIYUKI!!!!!! Coast to Coast Junglist & Digital Soundboy BASS brought straight to your place!!!!!!!! MARCUS VISIONARY!!!!!!!! […]

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  • UK Thursdays: Figure [Video]

    UK Thursdays: Figure [Video]

    Figure Live @ UK Thursdays Dropping his track: “Cut Throat” Figure Live @ UK Thursdays Dropping his track: “Cut Throat” #1 on DnB Charts on beatport right now facebook.com/​IMFIGURE Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Respect: Klute [5.19.11]

    Respect: Klute [5.19.11]

    AH YES!!!! Drum & Bass Thursday nights commence with those HARD BEATS for the deep!!!! Big up to all those keepin’ up with the producers, beat makers, movers & shakers from the D&B community!!!!! Another personal favorite on deck for this session!!!! Big BDay shouts to Siraaj Muhammed!!!!! Gettin’ fresh=EECUE!!!!!! KLUTE!!!!!! In the place 2B!!! Suicide it’s the Suicide!!!!!!! -Regal D

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    SKRILLEX IN LAS VEGAS OFFICIAL VIDEO facebook.com/​skrillex Featuring: -BARE ( facebook.com/​BARESTEP ) -SLUGGO ( facebook.com/​slugstep ) -FLINCH ( facebook.com/​FLINCHBASS ) facebook.com/​FrequencyEvents FIlmed & Edited: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Timeless: KJ Sawka [5.14.11]

    Timeless: KJ Sawka [5.14.11]

    818 BASS in effect ready to WRECK!!!!! Big up all true Junglist!!!! If you love Jungle, you LOVE MUSIC!!!! If you love MUSIC, the DRUMS & the BASS!!!!! All on display for the night!!!!!! At first, the peeps seemed a bit taken by the set up. But once the BASS started rumblin’, it was BASSiness as usual!!!!! J A D E!!!!!! K J S A W K A ! ! ! ! ! ! Ready with their BASSiness attire!!!! -Regal […]

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  • Respect: Jumping Jack Frost [5.12.11]

    Respect: Jumping Jack Frost [5.12.11]

    Thursday night D&B going down in LA with that true school Legendary polish on this night!!!!!!! The Junglist you haven’t seen inna looong time came out to show support for the artist in demand!!!! Loads of love in and all around the place for the session!!!!! That’s what the BASS can do to you!!!! BIG BDAY SHOUTS TO: SUBFLO!!!!!! It’s been a loooong time!!!!! Now he’s back with the Drums that make you sweat, and the Bass to raise the […]

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    Smash Gordon smashed it HARD with this insane BASS music mix released on Buygore. This is one of the hottest Dubstep mixes out right now so be sure to get your free copy today. Full mix now available for download check out : getyoursmashon.com enjoy the hip hop mixtape parody artwork 10,000 plays in just a few days on Buygore now uploaded here as well. TRACK LIST : SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE INTRO END OF DAYS – ZARDONIC & NUMBERNIN6 […]

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  • Respect: Rockman [5.5.11]

    Respect: Rockman [5.5.11]

    Thursday night Drum & Bass. Always there for you, and always on time!! Beats rollin’ in, and rollin’ on inna Cinco de Mayo stylee!!!! Shout out to all the party people inside the venue on this night. Steady rockin’ til the AM! Yup All the way from Columbia to LA, ROCKMAN!!!!! Ready to ROCK you!!!!! -Regal D

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  • SMOG vs. Respect [4.29.11]

    SMOG vs. Respect [4.29.11]

    Once again, The BASSLINES are on the attack!!!!! For this session, we are honored to have the ***HOUSE OF BLUES*** as the site for this special event!! Yes indeed we say, BIG UP ALL JUNGLIST MASSIVE!!!!!!!!! BIG UP ALL DUBSTEP POSEE AND CREW!!!!!!! Incredible to see soooooooo many heads gettin’ down & dirty for some of Los Angeles’ finest!!!!!! Special shouts out to Pablo Hassan & Machete for the Super venue & Colossal Collabo!!!!! SMOG & RESPECT!!! DUBSTEP & DRUM […]

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  • Respect: Mampi Swift [4.28.11]

    Respect: Mampi Swift [4.28.11]

    It’s that LA Thursday night heat, bringin’ out the peeps, for those underground BEATS!!!!!!!! The BIG sounds of DRUM & BASS keepin’ the true heads steppin’, got’ the fellas makin’ noise, and makin’ the ladies loose their poise!!!!! BIG BDAY SHOUTS TO: GIL KONSPIRACY!!!!!! JUSTIN!!!!!!! It’s the return of the BIG TIME!!!! BIG MAN!!!! Droppin’ BIG TUNES!!!!!! M A M P I S W I F T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -Regal D

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  • BASE vol.4: Jamal & Commodore 69

    BASE vol.4: Jamal & Commodore 69

    Womp TV presents the fourth webisode for our show “BASE”.

    Jamal, also known as the second half of the Bay Area Drum & Bass duo “2Cents”, sat down with Womp TV to discuss his transition from 170bpm Drum & Bass to 140bpm bass music, his creative process in the studio producing and the translation into his DJ sets, and his collaborative story with Commodore 69 of Hot N Heavy Recordings.

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