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  • Craggz + Parallel “Metal Plate” [Official Video]

    Craggz + Parallel “Metal Plate” [Official Video]

    Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water two of drum & bass’s longest serving soldiers return with an EP of immense proportions on their own Product Recordings. With years of experience between them shining through Craggz & Parallel show their stripes in spades here with four brand new productions designed to put hairs on your chest; some of the most powerful drum & bass you’ll have heard this year. ‘Metal Plate’ and we’re treated […]

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  • Getter “Smasher EP” [Firepower]

    Getter “Smasher EP” [Firepower]

    Still early in his career, Tanner Petulla aka Getter has asserted himself as one of the most consistent and significant talents to emerge from the international bass scene in the last few years. A stalwart of the FIREPOWER stable, Getter continues his prolific run of form with his new SMASHER EP, out July 9.   Building upon the success of his debut album I Want More, which was released on FIREPOWER in February of this year, the new EP features seven raw and dynamic original tracks. The title track breaks through with a whirlwind of thrashing […]

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  • Hamilton “Schema EP” [RAM]

    Hamilton “Schema EP” [RAM]

    Hamilton’s Schema EP Last seen on Ram tearing up the dance with the mighty ‘Deep In My Heart’ and ‘Rich Kids’, Hamilton has been in studio lockdown working on a whole series of next-level workouts that will be rolling out this June and July. Presented in a unique three-vinyl release schedule with a massive digital package climax, this is, without doubt, Hamilton’s biggest delivery to date. ‘Push’ is the ultimate motivational message. The perfect way to start this epic series […]

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  • Protohype “Hear No Evil EP” [Firepower]

    Protohype “Hear No Evil EP” [Firepower]

    On 4th June, Protohype will make his return to Firepower Records with the second installment of the ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ trilogy. Having launched the series with ‘See No Evil’ back in March, next up is ‘Hear No Evil’, which continues Protohype’s exploration of the different facets of his productions as he constructs bass music in its multifarious forms. Blending dubstep, hip hop, drum & bass and more across the EP, he brings these diverse […]

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  • DutyFreak “Fall EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    DutyFreak “Fall EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    French music maestro DutyFreak cranks out finely tuned masterpieces fit for bass bin destruction! His background as a live musician pave the way for a clever production style that is melodic, organic, funky and yet heavy enough to smash the place properly! Dubstep, Drumstep, D&B and more; it all gets the treatment when DutyFreak is in control! Tag on some stellar remixes by bass music masterminds Arkasia and FetOo and it’s a wrap! This is the ultimate French connection!!   […]

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  • Need For Mirrors “Reset EP” [V Records]

    Need For Mirrors “Reset EP” [V Records]

    Comprising of Joe Moses and Emilio Dimitri, Need For Mirrors have quickly become known for their innovative, stripped back style of Drum and Bass. Drawing on their influences and reflecting them back, Need For Mirrors’ rich but simple signature sound has seem them release on prestigious labels including Metalheadz, Symmetry, Digital Soundboy, Dispatch, Shogun and V as well as their own Zoltar imprint. Now after the stunning Merk on Philly Blunt, the London based duo make the transition to V Recordings for the innovative Reset EP. Featuring the slick sounds of Reset, the infectious […]

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  • Paper Diamond “Paragon EP”

    Paper Diamond “Paragon EP”

    Paragon was created over the course of a year and a half since the release of Levitate and has changed shapes many times. Initially, it was an 8 song EP that I planned on releasing a few months back. I sent it to a few producers/friends and Diplo contacted me saying he really liked the EP and especially 3 of the songs. He thought they would be a good introductory release on his label Mad Decent. I ended up splitting […]

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  • Twofold “The Prelude EP” [Firepower]

    Twofold “The Prelude EP” [Firepower]

    Firepower’s ethos is to bring fresh, undiscovered talent to the forefront of the scene and provide individuals with a platform to get their music heard worldwide. With this in mind, enter Datsik’s latest discovery…Twofold are a UK/US production duo made up of Static Function & Vannin. The two started off as separate entities but after numerous successful collaborations, they decided to join forces to form an all-encompassing powerhouse duo. Twofold are set to release their debut ‘The Prelude EP’ on […]

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  • Various Artists “Sound Investment” [Liquid Tones]

    Various Artists “Sound Investment” [Liquid Tones]

    This week Liquid Tones is making a substantial withdrawal from their vault with three immense cuts of colourful D&B. Engineered with the club DJ in mind, the EP comes packed with plenty of punch and provides a spectacularly high octane liquid experience from start to finnish, proving to be a truly sound investment. Liquid Tones Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • AFK “Killionaire EP” [Firepower]

    AFK “Killionaire EP” [Firepower]

    Fresh from the release of the label’s debut album in the form of Getter’s ‘I Want More’ LP, Firepower waste no time in returning to continue their mission statement of bringing through fresh, exciting production talent. Jimmy Blythe, otherwise known as AFK, has been grinding away at the dance scene in his hometown of Dallas, Tx for years. Fast forward to 2013, after going out on tour in support of Firepower Records, releasing his first EP, and playing multiple festivals […]

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  • Dubba Jonny “The Drinking Man EP” [Liyan]

    Dubba Jonny “The Drinking Man EP” [Liyan]

    Bournemouth-based Dubba Jonny first exploded into the limelight in 2009 – and hasn’t looked back since. Earning an enviable reputation thanks to energetic sets, first class production and some of the most forward thinking tunes around, the Dubba Jonny name has gone from strength to strength in the last 4 years. Regularly racking up over a million views on YouTube’s UKF including 6 million on the ‘A Brief Tutorial On Dubstep Production’ Dubba Jonny has also featured numerous times on […]

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  • Various Artists “Junction EP” [IM:LTD]

    Various Artists “Junction EP” [IM:LTD]

    2012 has been a fulfilling year for IM:Ltd and with the sonic summer being definitively over, the French based label gets back moodier than ever with ‘Junction 12’, a collection of 6 meticulously picked Drum & Bass tracks from some of the hottest talents on board that comes in the form of a 3×12” vinyl series. Disc 1 sees Berlin producer Es.tereo going back to some of his darker playgrounds with ‘Junction 12’, an autonomic influenced stepper forged on obsessive […]

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  • Celldweller “Space & Time EP” [Fixt]

    Celldweller “Space & Time EP” [Fixt]

    The Blackstar isn’t finished yet with it’s interstellar voyage. It remains in a mysterious orbit, exerting its influence on space and time, transforming all it touches. The Space & Time EP includes new evolutions of songs from Celldweller’s monumental Wish Upon A Blackstar album. The drumstep/metalstep monster “Unshakeable” has been morphed by Klayton himself into a dark slice of Drum & Bass with sinister growls of bass writhing beneath a steady rhythm. Under the watchful eye of Tim Ismag (courtesy […]

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  • Noah D “Fire Alram EP” [SMOG]

    Noah D “Fire Alram EP” [SMOG]

    Ring the alarm! 
This latest release from Noah D seems to be some of his best work to date. The “Fire Alarm” EP contains four original tracks that are distinctly the Noah D sound. Big brass hits, dubby Jamaican bass, flute loops, and organic sounds give this record a bright and warm feel. These tracks suit the club as much as they they do on your home HiFi system.   Noah D Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • MTWN “Architecture EP” [Proximity]

    MTWN “Architecture EP” [Proximity]

    Belgium brothers Dimitri & Max Mathieu aka Mtwn return to the Proximity spot  light with their eagerly awaited follow up release, Architecture EP. Self titled track Architecture fully embraces  the production duos sound and plays host to an array of crushing saw lines, crisp rim shots on the drums with a burning baseline to boot! Rolling the duties firmly out next is Moshpit. One truly designed for dark depths of the dancefloor here. Mtwn smash out the heaviest of beats on […]

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  • Technical Itch “The Failed Evolution EP”

    Technical Itch “The Failed Evolution EP”

    Technical Itch just released his latest EP “The Failed Evolution” just in time for the end of the world apocalypse on December 21st 2012, OMG! Let me tell you this is the perfect soundtrack for your end of days party to celebrate total destruction of everything we know. Technical Itch’s ominous alien basslines, apocalyptic melodies, and gritty drum patterns ensure he reigns supreme atop the dark Tech-step style. Technical Itch Facebook Twitter SoundCloud

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  • Rollz “The Firepod EP” [Pilot]

    Rollz “The Firepod EP” [Pilot]

    Having ascended the bass music ranks with startling speed, Rollz is quickly garnering the attention of all the right people with his intricate, emotive and powerful productions. The past year Rollz has become an increasingly prominent force in bass music, picking up support from a number of heavy hitters including BBC Radio One tastemakers Zane Lowe and Annie Mac. Now capping off a stellar year this prodigious talent is returning to Pilot Records with his new ‘Firepod’ EP which is […]

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  • Krewella “Play Harder Remix EP”

    Krewella “Play Harder Remix EP”

    Do you like free Music? how about Krewella? Well if you answered yes to both you will love what I present to you a free 9 track remix EP of their song “Play Harder”. The EP features of remixes from Dirtyphonics, Chuckie, Mutrix, and more. Krewella: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • “The Genesis EP” [Metalheadz]

    “The Genesis EP” [Metalheadz]

    First up Mortem delivers ‘Iceberg’ a hauntingly chilly piece of music with echoed vocal snippets, crisp two-stepping breaks, cavernous sound effects and a shifting slab of bass. All the elements combine effortlessly in Mortem’s hands as he crafts each moment with expert precision. FD kicks down your front door and runs away with your prized possessions as he drops ‘Break & Enter’ – a chunky bass-weight track that sounds immense when played loud. This one will undoubtedly shake the bass […]

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  • Screwball “Chrum EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Screwball “Chrum EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Screwball’s legacy as a producer covers the full spectrum ranging from Hip Hop, Breaks, Hardcore, D&B and more. On this EP Screwball bangs out his signature driving techy beats that stomp the dancefloor with twisting basslines and ultra sonic drum devastation. 2 huge tunes ready to annihilate the Drum&Bass massive! Skrewball Facebook Soundcloud  

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  • Mediks ft. Georgina Upton “By A Thread” [Official Video]

    Mediks ft. Georgina Upton “By A Thread” [Official Video]

    Georgina Upton’s soft spoken gentle lyrics float a top of Mediks’ energetic bouncing bassline in their recent collaboration track “By A Thread”. The pulsing sonic stabs adds to the energy and futurism of the track which is complimented by a child’s imaginative music video where a Teddy bear is treated with life.  Mediks Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Georgina Upton Facebook Twitter Audioporn Facebook Twitter YouTube

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