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  • Excision at Coachella 2013

    Excision at Coachella 2013

    If you missed out on Coachella this year her is a glimpse as to what you could have experienced present Excision. This is a one minute roller-coaster ride on the Xecutioner’s ax is a clean slice of an amazing show which you wished you never missed to begin with. What is in store for 2014?   Follow Excision Facebook Twitter

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  • Shrapnel Streetware Giveaway

    Shrapnel Streetware Giveaway

      We have some exciting news for all of you we linked up with FiXT Store and Shrapnel Streetware to bring you a week long contest to give away a piece from their collection of your choosing. It is really easy to enter all you have to do is fill out the form with your full name plus your email and thats it. A winner will be selected on week from today on Friday March 22nd at 12pm PST. The […]

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  • Vaski “Podcast Episode 1″

    Vaski “Podcast Episode 1″

    Vaski drops the first episode of his brand new Podcast. Over 30 tracks mixed in 74 minutes of non-stop bass business. If you have seen Vaski live and think you are going to hear the same ol’ tracks guess again. The beauty of a Podcast you can mix in what ever you like and do not have to worry about instant  crowd reaction and adjust your set accordingly. Vaski unleashes Dub plates and experiments with deeper progressive tracks which you wouldn’t normally hear in the club. Tracklist: Antiserum and Mayhem – […]

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  • Mark Instinct “Bad Seed”

    Mark Instinct “Bad Seed”

    “Bad Seed” was featured in Excision Shambala 2012 mix and people were fiending for it since. Well get your fix now because this track is now available to you for free! Mark Instinct the bad seed smokes weed till his eyes bleed and produces bass smashing beats until his ears bleed. New breed I’m the bad seed Mark Instinct Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Shrapnel Streetware

    Shrapnel Streetware

    With the Shrapnel 2013 collection, the brand strives to further define street fashion from within the Bass Music culture. From New Era snapbacks to cutting edge all over printed tees, Shrapnel has expanded its focus well beyond its striking graphic designs and 3D graphics. Introducing several women’s items including off the shoulder crop tops, racerbank tanks, and attention-grabbing full color printed tights. New men’s items also include brand new tees, tanks, hoodies, and accessories. The collection lookbook is filled with […]

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  • Rekoil “Reloaded EP” [Firepower]

    Rekoil “Reloaded EP” [Firepower]

    As Datsik and his Firepower Records crew blaze across America on their mammoth tour, their mission to champion a new wave of young talent is continuing apace. For the next EP on the label the floor is being opened up to 18 year-old Baltimore-based heavy hitter Rekoil. Set for release on 23rd October, ‘Reloaded’ is certain to put the young producer on the map.   Jumpstarting the EP is wrecking ball opener ‘4-matic’ that sets the scene with its haunting intro before Rekoil unleashes a […]

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  • Excision “X Rated – The Remixes” [Mau5trap]

    Excision “X Rated – The Remixes” [Mau5trap]

    In October of last year Canadian DJ and producer Excision cemented his position at the forefront of the burgeoning dubstep movement in North America with the release of his masterfully crafted debut album ‘X Rated’ on mau5trap. Dissecting an eclectic array of influences over the course of the ten tracks that make up ‘X Rated’, its influences stretch from drum and bass to hip hop, metal to electro, always remaining both unique and progressive. Packing enough heat to send any […]

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  • Lil Wayne “A Milli” (Excison + Datsik Remix)

    Lil Wayne “A Milli” (Excison + Datsik Remix)

    The Rottun Swagger of Excision and Datsik is some of the heaviest in the bass game and their new remix of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” is no exception. This dark bass roller compliments Lil Wayne’s gritty lyrics perfectly. With all their recent collaboration with Korn I hope this remix will spark future collaborations with Hip Hop artists   Follow Excision Facebook Twitter Follow Datsik Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • The X Tour ft. EXCISION/Liquid Stranger/Lucky Date in Arizona

    The X Tour ft. EXCISION/Liquid Stranger/Lucky Date in Arizona

    If you haven’t seen the X TOUR in action yet then jees, you guys are in for a surprise. Bass pumping music, visuals like no other, and the bonding you get with everyone in the room. If 100,000 watts is not enough for you then I dont know what to say to you. Check out the re-cap video from when they were in AZ, ENJOY! The X Tour ft. EXCISION/Liquid Stranger/Lucky Date in Arizona also featuring HavocNdeeD excision.ca theliquidstranger.com facebook.com/HavocNdeeDsounD […]

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  • Dip Vertigo “Occupy This” [US Dubstep]

    Dip Vertigo “Occupy This” [US Dubstep]

    LA Beatdown‘s very own Dip Vertigo is back at it again bringing you his second dubstep mix OCCUPY THIS! Having been deep in production for the past year, this mix features 3 original tracks. Coming straight out of the gates Dip hits you with “You Know How I Play”, a collaboration with good friend and amazing producer, Obsidian. This operatic master piece, sung in Italian by Dip and Meliss FX, could be the first opera step ever produced and Dip […]

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  • Excision “Subsonic” (Dirt Monkey Remix)

    Excision “Subsonic” (Dirt Monkey Remix)

    A while back Excision released all his sound effects and vocals from his track “Subsonic” for folks to remix and submit. Here is one grimey bad ass remix of “Subsonic” from Dirt Monkey. also be sure to check out Dirt monkey’s remix of DCarls “Jump” on Play Me Records

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  • Korn feat.Skrillex & Kill The Noise “Narcissistic Cannibal” [Official Video]

    Korn feat.Skrillex & Kill The Noise “Narcissistic Cannibal” [Official Video]

    Legendary Korn is bridging the gap between their hardcore style with Dubstep by collaborating with Los Angeles’ own Skrillex and Kill The Noise in thier newest video for “Narcissistic Cannibal”, dope title could even be a name of a death metal band. With Korn‘s new album expected to release in early December every track on it is a collaboration with a notorious Dubstep producer including the likes of Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Noisia, and 12th Planet. I can not wait for […]

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  • Document One “Tainted Dub” [Buygore]

    Document One “Tainted Dub” [Buygore]

    Since their debut performance in early 2009, Document One, a duo comprised of producers Matt King and Joe Froud has risen rapidly to become a serious force within the fast developing Dubstep scene. They have received huge support from such heavy weights of the genre as Borgore, Bar 9, Excision and Datsik to name just a few. “as Filthy as it comes, Phasing wobbles stretching the stereo limit and modulations that’ll make you throw up” – Tomba The pair’s production […]

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  • SOFI & Millions Like Us “Broken Souvenirs” [Official Video]

    SOFI & Millions Like Us “Broken Souvenirs” [Official Video]

    The multi-talented SOFI (Some Other Female Interest) is no newcomer. Having earned her stripes working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, she debuted on Mau5trap as the voice behind Deadmau5 singles ‘SOFI Needs A Ladder’ and ‘One Trick Pony’ from his globally acclaimed album ’4X4=12′. Now, SOFI returns to the label to deliver the explosive ‘Locked And Loaded’ EP. Featuring three dynamic collaborations with some of the most exciting electronic talent around, SOFI‘s unique voice, lyricism […]

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  • Redi Speed “Sans Pants” (Thank You vol.02)

    Redi Speed “Sans Pants” (Thank You vol.02)

    This is a thank you to all the fans who have put the Play Me Records facebook page to over 10k fans and who voted Reid Speed America’s #35 best DJ please enjoy this set of super melodic, vocal, deep hard bass music with varied tempos from 140 to 110 and back again… you might find it a little bit girly, cuz ITS A NO PANTS PARTY! TRACKLIST: 1. Kaskade- Raining (AFK & Zach Witts Remix) 2. Exponaut- E621(Circus) 3. […]

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  • Excision feat. Messinian “X Rated” [Official]

    Excision feat. Messinian “X Rated” [Official]

    X Rated featuring the lyricism of Messinian is the first single from Excision‘s album on Mau5trap. This tune is amazing and is beyond anything else out there right now. The epic build, dinosaur roars, and dope lyrics are just the beginning of the richness of this tune. Be sure to get your copy of the album when it drops September 12th. EXplicit eXpert; the highly eXalted… I eXercise dance floors, leave em eXhausted… EXploring apeX sound eXpedition filled with eXcess […]

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  • Skrillex “Rock n Roll” [Music Video]

    Skrillex “Rock n Roll” [Music Video]

    Just released is Skrillex‘s new music video for “Rock n Roll” by NYC crew One & Only Productions and Orange County’s Cru Jones. This video is a mini documentary of Skrillex‘s US Tour over the past 8 months and only a glimpse of what his life on the road is like. There are a volley of cameos from every all-star in the Electronic Dance music scene from all over the world. Buy this track http://atlr.ec/jC1zTB. Directed by Jason Ano for […]

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  • Excision & Downlink “Existence EP” [Rottun Recordings]

    Excision & Downlink “Existence EP” [Rottun Recordings]

    The dastardly duo Excision and Downlink released their latest project “Existence EP” today on Rottun Recordings. The title and anchor track of the EP Existence has been a Dubstep anthem for 2011. The anticipated 4 track EP is a prime example of their abilities to experiment with new styles. The first tune Not Enough featuring the vocals of Skaught Parry who screams despair in a hard rock fashion fusing with filthy dubstep bass. The second tune has a classic sample […]

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  • LIVE vol.01 | LA Beatdown: Subsonic Tour

    LIVE vol.01 | LA Beatdown: Subsonic Tour

    LIVE is our latest creation in our drive to promote the Domestic BASS Movement. The purpose of LIVE is to capture the vibe at each event we cover and bring it to you where ever you are.

    Our pilot volume of LIVE is an exclusive of Rottun Recordings & PK Sound’s Subsonic Tour with Excision, Downlink, & Antiserum when they blitzed LA Beatdown at the Music Box in Hollywood.

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  • Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    The duo Caligula out of Miami with releases on The Overthrow released their “The Corruption Mix” today and its is full of disgusting obscene rotten bassline bounce. If you are not already corrupted by bass you mos def will be after listening to this bass tainted mix. I wish there were a playlist of the tunes but other than that this mix is an instant classic for your Dubstep collection. Show Me Tour Dirty Face! The Corruption Mix   Artist: […]

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  • US Dubstep: APX1 [Free Mix]

    US Dubstep: APX1 [Free Mix]

    US Dubstep has been steadily rising in the media for Dubstep mixes, photographs, and news in the scene. We have also collaborated with US Dubstep on the Excision Subsonic Tour. Keep it locked for the exclusive video dropping soon.Their latest release of mixes feature Los Angles OG DJ APX1. APX1 throws the infamous party I LOVE LA with his partners in crime CRS? and Steel Lion Sound. You can watch Womp TV’s exclusive interview with APX1 about his I LOVE […]

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