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  • Aesop Rock “Coffee” (Figure Remix)

    Aesop Rock “Coffee” (Figure Remix)

    Ever since I heard “Boombox”Aesop Rok became one of my favorite underground Hip Hop MC’s. Add the fact he teamed up with San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish to create a children’s book “The next Big Thing” there is no stop to his creativity. Now Figure has added another avenue to Aesop Rock’s genius with his remix of “Coffee”. Originally a dub for closing shows and a select few friends to rock in their car or headphones is now available for […]

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  • Vaski “Podcast Episode 1″

    Vaski “Podcast Episode 1″

    Vaski drops the first episode of his brand new Podcast. Over 30 tracks mixed in 74 minutes of non-stop bass business. If you have seen Vaski live and think you are going to hear the same ol’ tracks guess again. The beauty of a Podcast you can mix in what ever you like and do not have to worry about instant  crowd reaction and adjust your set accordingly. Vaski unleashes Dub plates and experiments with deeper progressive tracks which you wouldn’t normally hear in the club. Tracklist: Antiserum and Mayhem – […]

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  • Figure “Adventures in Time and Space Tour Mini Mix”

    Figure “Adventures in Time and Space Tour Mini Mix”

    EDM / Heavy Bass producer FIGURE (aka Josh Gard) has announced his International 2013 Tour: “Adventures In Time & Space” along with the release of a new DJ Mix available for free download. The ‘Adventures In Space & Time” tour launches in Paris on January 11th then heads across Western Europe before landing in the United States for a North American Tour spanning February & March 2013. Tracklist 1. Figure – Super Sonic Brain Waves 2. Figure – Indian Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien 3. Figure – Beast Mode Feat Del The Funky Homosapien 4. […]

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  • Shrapnel Streetware

    Shrapnel Streetware

    With the Shrapnel 2013 collection, the brand strives to further define street fashion from within the Bass Music culture. From New Era snapbacks to cutting edge all over printed tees, Shrapnel has expanded its focus well beyond its striking graphic designs and 3D graphics. Introducing several women’s items including off the shoulder crop tops, racerbank tanks, and attention-grabbing full color printed tights. New men’s items also include brand new tees, tanks, hoodies, and accessories. The collection lookbook is filled with […]

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  • Deltron 3030 “Upgrade” (Figure Remix)

    Deltron 3030 “Upgrade” (Figure Remix)

    “Deltron 3030 was essential music to me for so long that to have the groups blessing on this remix is more than a honor. Dan The Automator was more than kind enough to send me Del’s studio acapella, and Del gave me the thumbs up on the mix … In short, I am very giddy about this one! I tried to capture the vibe of the original all while keeping my sound intact. This remix isn’t made for just dj […]

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  • Figure “Monsters Vol 3″ [DOOM Music]

    Figure “Monsters Vol 3″ [DOOM Music]

    The follow up to FIGURE’s chart-topping Monsters of Drumstep Vol 1 & 2 releases, this full-length LP mixes up a sub-slaughter potion of gruesome proportions as the essential soundtrack for the Halloween season. Monsters Volume 3 is a 15-track collection of originals including collabs with Tommy Lee and Bare as well as remixes from the likes of J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Dr. Ozi, and Phrenik.   Released by: DOOM MUSIC  Release/catalogue number: DOOM006 Release date: Oct 16, 2012 Figure Facebook […]

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  • Figure “The Corpse Grinders” (Original Mix)

    Figure “The Corpse Grinders” (Original Mix)

    EDM Master-of-Horror, Figure is releasing the 3rd volume of his wildly popular Monsters series at his favorite time of year. The follow up to his chart-topping Monsters of Drumstep Vol 1 & 2 releases, this full-length LP mixes up a sub-slaughter potion of gruesome proportions as the essential EDM soundtrack for the Halloween season. Monsters Volume 3 is a set of 15 spooky tracks spanning the heavy electronic genres and including collaborations with Tommy Lee and Bare as well as remixes from the likes of J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Dr. Ozi, and Phren […]

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  • Knife Party “Centipede” [Official Video]

    Knife Party “Centipede” [Official Video]

    After a 2 week hiatus back home to party it up with my brother for his 21st birthday 1 month after his near death accident I am now finally getting back into the flow of work again. Reading a back log of emails full of new music and videos simultaneously hand picking the best. One of my sources from the UK sent me the pre-release of Knife Party’s new official video for their track “Centipede” from the Rage Valley EP […]

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  • Figure “The Last Dawn” [Doom Music]

    Figure “The Last Dawn” [Doom Music]

    This speech captures the very essence of whats going on right now all over the world… more so now than ever. I wanted a way to use the sample during my live set, so I took Charlie Chaplin s speech from “The Great Dictator” and made a song around it. Layered with driving heartfelt pianos and LFOs bouncing every which way, “The Last Dawn” holds a fist to the powers that be. About to head off for weekend shows… 1st […]

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  • Kanye West “Mercy” (Figure Remix)

    Kanye West “Mercy” (Figure Remix)

    After much demand from Electric Daisy Carnival and Starscape Figure gave into your requests and is releasing his Kanye West remix of “Mercy”. This remix is more mellow compared to his usual hardcore party tunes but, don’t get it twisted Figure shows no mercy with his heavyweight swag crushing the competition amidst his champion sound. Released by: DOOM Music Release date: Jun 15, 2012   Follow Figure Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • The Killabits “We Have a Crisis” [DOOM]

    The Killabits “We Have a Crisis” [DOOM]

    Toronto-based production duo The Killabits announce the release of their 4-track EP ‘We Have a Crisis’ through DOOM Music. The EP hits stores worldwide on May 22nd, with an exclusive prerelease on Beatport starting May 8th. Limited edition vinyl pressing through Groove Distribution includes the bonus track ‘Heavy Metal,’ a collab between The Killabits’ and drumstep heavyweight and FIGURE. Orbiting the genres of Dubstep, Moombahton, Drum & Bass, and Electro House, this collection embodies a signature Killabits sound with out-of-this-world […]

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  • Midnight Conspiracy “Dead Fame 003″

    Midnight Conspiracy “Dead Fame 003″

    Midnight Conspiracy signs to AM Only, the premier New York-based booking agency with the likes of Skrillex, Tiesto and David Guetta on their roster. To commemorate the signing, Mid Con releases Dead Fame 003, the heaviest in the mixtape series which features 3 unreleased tracks from their upcoming Remix EP for “The Eye” in a fast-paced 30-minute onslaught of heavy electro and dubstep. See below for the 24-song tracklisting.   Tracklisting: Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te – The Eye (Original Mix) […]

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  • Rihanna “Birthday Cake” (Proper Villains Remix)

    Rihanna “Birthday Cake” (Proper Villains Remix)

    Straight from Rihanna’s new album “Birthday Cake” has been the center on controversy due to the collaboration with Chris Brown but, none of which is of any concern to Proper Villains and his hard banging remix. Originally an interlude on the album Proper Villains transformed it into a 3:20 minute Dubstep to Drumstep dance-floor smasher. Inspired by the styles of Figure & Calvertron, Proper Villains stepped up his game with this ferocious remix.   Follow Proper Villains: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Oblivion “Bomberman Fights Back” [Doom]

    Oblivion “Bomberman Fights Back” [Doom]

    With Oblivion’s anticipated “Dead In Space EP” release on Doom Music he is giving away the first track on the EP, “Bomberman Fights Back“. If this song is any indication of the quality of the EP I expect an intergalactic bass bomber. Oblivion takes full advantage of Minneapolis’ high ranking music scene- he knows that people like their electronic music fresh and loud, and are willing to seek it out when the sound is scorching. Outside of the Twin Cities, […]

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  • Figure “The Brink” (Original Mix) [Doom]

    Figure “The Brink” (Original Mix) [Doom]

    Are you get ready for a retro Sci-Fy thriller chasing you through space while bombarding bass cannons blasting you to the brink of total destruction? If not Figure will be more than happy to eradicated you with the heavy futuristic Doom sound to the dance-floors and rips it to shreds. It’s been a while since Figure gave away  free tune and “The Brink” is a must have tune for all.   Download here: http://imfigure.net/blog/the-brink/ Released by: DOOM MUSIC Release date: […]

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  • Borgore feat. Shay “Flex” [Ultragore]

    Borgore feat. Shay “Flex” [Ultragore]

    After a 2 part preview of Borgore‘s new music “Flex” is officially here! From what we saw from the behind the scenes created a different impression in my head as to how to video would be as to what it is now. I did not expect all the crowd footage that you see in all the other videos and all the real heavy visual effects composite over the strippers which I thought there would be more shots of being filthy. […]

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  • Borgore “Flex” Behind the Scenes Pt. 2

    Borgore “Flex” Behind the Scenes Pt. 2

    Borgore is back with part 2 of his behind the scenes of his new music video “Flex”. Part 2 is not as outrageous as part 1 but, he does give us some history about his first viral hot video for “Nympho”. “Flex” is sure to be a huge success just by seeing the amount of effort being poured into this project. I am glad to see an artist taking his music seriously enough to make a proper “Official Music Video”! […]

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  • Borgore “Flex” Behind The Scenes pt.1

    Borgore “Flex” Behind The Scenes pt.1

    Here is a glimpse of what goes on behind camera on the set of Borgore’s new Music Video for his track “Flex” featuring Shay. Borgore’s filthy mouth makes strippers blush and dancing in his lap while he drives. “Flex” is a dry humping titty bouncing bassline banger Borgore is renowned for.The single will include outrageous remixes from Figure, Coven, Document One but, not until March 5th. Also Be ready for Borgore upcoming Dubstep mix dropping on January 27th 2012 on […]

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  • Figure “The Ball Drop” [DOOM Music]

    Figure “The Ball Drop” [DOOM Music]

    Although the ball already dropped the party has not stopped. You can still ring in the New Years strong with this massive Drumstep tune from the biggest man in Drumstep Figure. This is a drumstep treatment of Auld Land Syne, an old classic normally sang to bring in the next year. The basslines and synths all follow the same chord structure with some drops to bring the classic up to speed with 2012. Whether you’re a DJ looking for the […]

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  • The Juggernaut feat. Dell “Stupid” (Figure Drumstep Remix)

    The Juggernaut feat. Dell “Stupid” (Figure Drumstep Remix)

    This was a remix supposed to come out a while back but ended up missing the release .. so before the new year came I wanted to hand you guys what should have been in your crates for a while now. (Check the video link  of this tune smashing at DEMF!!) Check out more from Juggernaut here!      

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  • Figure “Dominate” [DOOM Music]

    Figure “Dominate” [DOOM Music]

    Made just for my live sets to stir things up a bit, Dominate embodies all the genres that I play and produce… an example of how i approach similar synth structures within various tempos. Took myself on a ride creating it. Hope it’s just as much fun on the other side. Enjoy. Next up, touring through Waterloo, Burlington VT, and Boca Raton. Released by: DOOM MUSIC Release date: Nov 14, 2011

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