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  • Shrapnel Streetware Giveaway

    Shrapnel Streetware Giveaway

      We have some exciting news for all of you we linked up with FiXT Store and Shrapnel Streetware to bring you a week long contest to give away a piece from their collection of your choosing. It is really easy to enter all you have to do is fill out the form with your full name plus your email and thats it. A winner will be selected on week from today on Friday March 22nd at 12pm PST. The […]

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  • Bro Safari “5150″

    Bro Safari “5150″

    Much love and respect to everyone who has been showing me support over the years and most recently. This new genre is a lot of fun for me and I enjoy experimenting w/ different sounds at this tempo. I’m gonna keep making this shit ’til I run out of ideas so make sure you stay tuned and check back often for free mixes and downloads. -Bro Safari Btw – Please rate, comment, favorite and all that. It genuinely helps me […]

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  • We Bang “The Future”

    We Bang “The Future”

    The last time i saw We Bang we were at Play Me‘s Westside Riders Party in Santa Monica and I got Cyberoptics, Total Recall, We Bang , myself kicked out the spot for smoking a bowl in the club, good times. We Bang is coming correct with his newest free tune “The Future”. This is a mellow Dubstep tune that breaks down into Drumstep. I believe the sample is from Terminator and it reflects the dark tones of the tune. […]

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    DOWNLOAD AT DAWN WE RAGE’S NEW EP Until The Light Takes Us FOR FREE! At Dawn We Rage has been killing it this year with more tour dates out of state, banger toons on the beatport charts, and now there releasing their new EP “Until The Light Takes Us” out for free download right now. This is what i love about ADWR because they love their fans and love the music. This is just the beginning for ADWR so keep your ears […]

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  • Lenzman “Mass Effect” [Free Download]

    Lenzman “Mass Effect” [Free Download]

    Record labels and their staff have developed a long way from the greedy cigar-smoking image of yesteryear.  In fact, the transformative effects of the digital age through increased connectivity in social sites such as soundcloud have made record labels generous! There have been many outstanding releases for free download by top labels across all genres, yet this one presented by Metalheadz seems extra special. One of the most important labels in history of bass music, founded by Goldie himself, that […]

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  • Mochipet feat. E da Boss & Bicasso” Banana Split” [Free Download]

    Mochipet feat. E da Boss & Bicasso” Banana Split” [Free Download]

    To Celebrate Mochipet’s new FREE Album on 1320 Records we wanted to give you this nice summer jam “Banana Split featuring E da Boss & Bicasso of Living Legends. Mochipet is putting out a new release of all original material next month on 1320 Records titled “Chicxulub” but I know some of you can’t wait that long so in the meantime 1320 has a FREE Mochipet compilation title “Hello My Name is Mochipet” for you now to download! So Enjoy […]

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  • Pendulum “The Island” (Subdue Remix) [Free Download]

    Pendulum “The Island” (Subdue Remix) [Free Download]

    A while back the world famous Pendulum held a remix contest for their track “The Island”. Although I am not sure if this free download from Betamorph Recordings is a result from the contest or not but, what I is for certain is Subdue did an extraordinary remix of “The Island”. The Island (Subdue Remix) Artist: Pendulum Track: The Island Remix: Subdue Label: Betamorph Recordings

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  • Uffie feat. Pharrell “ADD SUV” (12th Planet remix ) [Free Tune]

    Uffie feat. Pharrell “ADD SUV” (12th Planet remix ) [Free Tune]

    12th Planet‘s remix of “ADD SUV” by Uffie featuring Pharrell Williams on Ed Banger Records is a true testament to his Los Angeles roots with its West Coast gangsta vibe. The smooth synthesizer lead laced over the rolling bassline, and what sounds like and old school 505 clap is a classic recipe for a dope track. I prefer the sped up vocals with the slower tempo it brings a nice bounce to the tune that compliments the bass. This tune […]

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  • 213 “Im fly” (Ashtrobizzle I Love Long Beach Remix) [Free Tune]

    213 “Im fly” (Ashtrobizzle I Love Long Beach Remix) [Free Tune]

    Quickly scaling the mountain of Dubstep standing firmly on a residency with The Rizo, member of the Long Beach crew D.R.E.A.M. (Dubstep Rules Everythjing Around Me), and hustle, Ashtrobot. His recent release is a tribute to Long Beach legend Nate Dogg with a remix of 213‘s “I”m Fly”.  The Hip Hop intro leads you into the classic Long Beach G-Funk vibe laced with Nate Dogg‘s smooth vocals then Snoop Dogg slides in SUPA DUPA FLY to a  womping drop. I’m […]

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  • BARE “Rocks VIP” [Free Tune]

    BARE “Rocks VIP” [Free Tune]

    In celebration of BARE‘s 10,000 likes on his Facebook Fan page he released a freet une for all his fans. “Rocks VIP” is a classic BARE tune sampling Hip Hop pioneer and legend, Eazy E. BARE has been serving up hard beats in the Dubstep scene for some time now and after EDC in Vegas this past weekend I believe he has solidified his stature in the American Scene. The only place for him to go now i overseas and […]

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  • Linkin Park feat. Chuck D “Wretches & Kings” (HavocNdeeD VIP) [Free Tune]

    Linkin Park feat. Chuck D “Wretches & Kings” (HavocNdeeD VIP) [Free Tune]

    I am glad this tune was leaked because now it has been officially released from the creators HavocNdeeD. Their VIP Remix  of Linkin Park‘s “Wretches & Kings” featuring master lyricist Chuck D is HUGE . The Phoenix and Vegas duo OB-One and JPaul aka HavocNdeeD are notorious for Hip Hop remixes and over all BASS brawlers. I wish more producers did Hip Hop remixes since it translates so well into Dubstep. Drumstep, Glitch whatever you want to call it it […]

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  • Cyberoptics “Geisha” (Total Recall Remix) [Free Tune]

    Cyberoptics “Geisha” (Total Recall Remix) [Free Tune]

    Our homies in South Carolina put together an amazing remix of Cyberoptics‘ “Geisha” on Play Me Records and you know what it is FREE! Total Recall‘s remix is as huge as the original tune with throbbing basslines that will make your head swell until it explodes. You can also catch this tune in out new “Sonic Summer Sessions” mix by Total Recall along with many other VIP’s. Be sure to come out on July 8th because Total Recall will be […]

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  • Chase & Status feat. Delilah “Time” (We Bang Pixel Ghost Remix) [Free Tune]

    Chase & Status feat. Delilah “Time” (We Bang Pixel Ghost Remix) [Free Tune]

    We Bang is at it again with another amazing free remix this time of Chase & Status‘ tune “Time” featuring the vocals of Delilah. We Bang maintains the essence of drama from the original tune with hypnotic head knocking drop laced with spectacular synthesizer reflecting heart ache and pain. The Drum & Bass breakdown is a great change of pace to the tempo of the 140 bpm picking up the intensity then drops out to nothing but vocals emphasizing the […]

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  • Captain Panic! & Rekoil “Get Up” [Free Tune]

    Captain Panic! & Rekoil “Get Up” [Free Tune]

    US Dubstep has released another free exclusive Dubstep tune with Captain Panic! to compliment their recent interview. The 2 man team of Andrew McKay and Michael Myers are murdering the scene  with a trail of  releases on Heavy Artillery and exclusives with US Dubstep. We here at Womp TV also appreciate them and used their first exclusive US Dubstep tune “Rokobased” for our web series LIVE. These guys put out quality tunes and be sure to hear more of them […]

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  • Skrillex Presents “Free Treats vol.001″ [Free Tunes]

    Skrillex Presents “Free Treats vol.001″ [Free Tunes]

    The infamous Skrillex presents “Free Treats volume 001″ is a must have EP loaded with 2 tunes from some of LA’s heaviest bass producers including the man himself, Skrillex along side with Smog’s 12th Planet and Flinch. Also included in this great collection of tunes is an Electro House tune from Zedd. Needed Change World On Fire Changes

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  • Dirt Monkey “Boss” (Bootleg remix) [Free Tune]

    Dirt Monkey “Boss” (Bootleg remix) [Free Tune]

    Play Me Records promoting their new release “Ishe & Dirt Monkey EP” with a free tune by mischievous Dirt Monkey. The filthy Dirty Monkey leads you in with a funky bounce luring you to follow him into a trap then he smashes your face into the dirt. You can hear the Hip Hop influences in his music with dark undertones, hard beats,and gangsta vocals brings Boss swinging swagger to the tune. Dirty Monkey is a suspect in several other face […]

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  • Marty Party “Purple EP” [Free Tunes]

    Marty Party “Purple EP” [Free Tunes]

    Marty Party who is also one half of Panty Raid with OOAH of the Glitch Mob is promoting his upcoming album “Purple” ,releasing May 31st, by giving away some free tunes.This 3 tune promo EP is a dark shade of purple with chill basslines and melodic synths. “Cocaine” creeps up on you then fades off like you just hada bunk key bump then when you clear your nasals your eyes widen and your seeing Purple. “808 I Want Some” has […]

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  • HULK “Almost Famous” [Free Mix]

    HULK “Almost Famous” [Free Mix]

    Hulk aka Claw & Richie August who just played this past Monday at Bassic Mondays in Los Angeles just released their newest Dubstep mix for free download. This is a filthy mix full of disgusting BASS that will infect you body to the core. Almost Famous *mixed and recorded live by Claw, May 5th 2011 @ The Artery, NY 1. HULK – Partykidz 2. Helicopter Showdown – Dramatron 3. HULK – Bass Dip 4. Requake – Klipto 5. HULK – […]

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  • Figure “Monsters of Drumstep VIP” [Free Tunes]

    Figure “Monsters of Drumstep VIP” [Free Tunes]

    Bass banger Figure is giving away VIP edits from his Monsters of Drumstep on Play Me 2 for free, WTF! The first tune is Werewolf which was a limited free promo to hype up the EP release then it disappeared so, now is your second chance to get a copy of it. The next two tunes are from the Monsters of Dumstep EP Aliens and Zombies. If you didn’t already buy the EP these free VIP’s will convince you to. […]

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    Smash Gordon smashed it HARD with this insane BASS music mix released on Buygore. This is one of the hottest Dubstep mixes out right now so be sure to get your free copy today. Full mix now available for download check out : getyoursmashon.com enjoy the hip hop mixtape parody artwork 10,000 plays in just a few days on Buygore now uploaded here as well. TRACK LIST : SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE INTRO END OF DAYS – ZARDONIC & NUMBERNIN6 […]

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  • Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    The duo Caligula out of Miami with releases on The Overthrow released their “The Corruption Mix” today and its is full of disgusting obscene rotten bassline bounce. If you are not already corrupted by bass you mos def will be after listening to this bass tainted mix. I wish there were a playlist of the tunes but other than that this mix is an instant classic for your Dubstep collection. Show Me Tour Dirty Face! The Corruption Mix   Artist: […]

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