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  • An-Ten-Nae ft. XOchitl “We Got The Power” [Official Video]

    An-Ten-Nae ft. XOchitl “We Got The Power” [Official Video]

    After a decade of groundbreaking Acid Crunk compilations and EPs and millions of downloads, An-ten-nae finally releases his debut album. “Raindrops on Roses” features 13 new tunes that see him pushing his Acid Crunk sound into new frontiers whilst still keeping his signature 808 bass-heavy low end that is now sweeping the Dance world. A collective of females join Meredith Ostrom, adoptee of the British art world technique where she uses her female form to apply paint to the canvas. Together they celebrate the […]

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  • DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn “The Feeling” [Official Video]

    DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn “The Feeling” [Official Video]

    Aaahhh natsukashi! This DJ Fresh video brings me back to the time when I was living it up in Japan in my early 20′s now I feel like an old man. Although DJ Fresh is more Pop Drum & Bass and I am sure a lot of people will hate but, he makes great feel good music with light hearted lively music videos which always incorporate street culture and dance which I believe Drum & Bass is all about! No […]

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  • Foxes “Youth” (Adventure Club Remix) [Khadafi Dub Edit]

    Foxes “Youth” (Adventure Club Remix) [Khadafi Dub Edit]

    Adventure Club’s insanely popular remix of Foxes “Youth” now has a sexy music video with the lyrical fire of Khadafi Dub. starring a sultry seductress who plays for both teams, YAY! I love how easy it is for a female to pick up another female in this video, grabs her hand, says Hey, and leads here into a bedroom for a hot make-out session.   Follow Adventure Club: http://www.facebook.com/AdventureClubDub http://twitter.com/AdventureDub http://www.soundcloud.com/AdventureClubDubstep Follow Khadafi Dub: http://www.facebook.com/khadafi.dubstep http://www.twitter.com/khadafidub http://www.khadafidub.com Download this tune […]

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  • Borgore feat. Shay “Flex” [Ultragore]

    Borgore feat. Shay “Flex” [Ultragore]

    After a 2 part preview of Borgore‘s new music “Flex” is officially here! From what we saw from the behind the scenes created a different impression in my head as to how to video would be as to what it is now. I did not expect all the crowd footage that you see in all the other videos and all the real heavy visual effects composite over the strippers which I thought there would be more shots of being filthy. […]

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  • Funktion: DJ Hype [Regal D]

    Funktion: DJ Hype [Regal D]

    All photos courtesy of ©Regal D 2012

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  • LA Beatdown: Borgore | Steady

    LA Beatdown: Borgore | Steady

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  • Bass Goes Boom: Halo Nova

    Bass Goes Boom: Halo Nova

    LA loves that BASS!!!!!! When that BASS goes BOOM, there’s nothing but movement inside the room!!!!!! Dubstep & Drum & Bass on the menu. Special shouts to selectahs makin’ the basslines roll inside venue!!!!! HALO NOVA!!!!!! Makin’ you raise your shoudlahz!!! -Regal D

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  • LA Beatdown: Mix Master Mike

    LA Beatdown: Mix Master Mike

    LA Beatdown!!!!!! Bringin’ you some of the best to give you that FUNKIN’ LESSON!!!!!!! MIX MASTER MIKE!!!!! What you gots to say?!?!?!?! -Regal D

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  • Respect: Twisted Individual [Photos]

    Respect: Twisted Individual [Photos]

    Yes. Another Thursday night. Yes. LA loves Thursday night Drum & Bass!!!! Yes. Party People are inside with them vibes!!!!! Yes. We do have more FUN!!!!! Always good to see peeps come back to the BASS that brings a smile for their face!!!!! Big BDayshouts to Daniel(Jungle Riddim) YES!!! When TWISTED INDIVIDUAL comes to town, we get a lil wild!!!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Mark Instinct | BARE [Photos]

    LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Mark Instinct | BARE [Photos]

    LA Beatdown!!!!!!! Bass Dynasty crew in effect making sure you’ll never forget those big rhythmz, and that BIG BASS!!!!!!!! AJAPAI!!!!!! beatin you down with that Ridiculous BASS!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • LIVE vol.03 | Reid Speed | FS | Cyberoptics

    LIVE vol.03 | Reid Speed | FS | Cyberoptics

    Womp TV presents: LIVE vol.03 In this episode of LIVE we covered the Play Me Records & Beatport BASS MONSTER TOUR featuring Reid Speed, FS ,and Cyberoptics LA Beatdown in Hollywood, Ca. Sit down in your chair, crank up the volume, turn up the bass, and listen to the sounds of Play Me Records while your eyes melt to the visuals of Womp TV. Be sure to subscribe if you like what you see there is plenty more to come. […]

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  • Bass Goes Boom: LA Beatdown Takeover | HULK

    Bass Goes Boom: LA Beatdown Takeover | HULK

    LA loves it all. HEAVY BEATS!!!!! HEAVY BASS!!!!! LA Beatdown takin’ over the place!!!!!!! H U L K in the middle of it all makin’ the whole building quake!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Vital SC: Audible Assault [Video]

    Vital SC: Audible Assault [Video]

    Jon Zombie is at it again and this time it is at VitalSC ‘s Audible Assault. The line up for this show is out of control featuring American All-Stars 12th Planet & Kill The Noise. Also in the line up Liquid Stranger with the Swedish swag. All filmed at The Factory in San Francisco Jon Zombie captures the amazing night full of heavy bass and booby grabbing.     Audible Assault 2011 Presented by VitalSC Filmed live on 6.4.11 at […]

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  • Respect: John B [Photos]

    Respect: John B [Photos]

    Thursday night Drum & Basss in full effect, and on time with all the details intact!!!! More heat from, and for the streets than there has been inna looooong time!!!! BIG BDAY SHOUTS TO: H A Z E N ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! No matter your rank or status. Big up all veteran crew!!!!!! Big up all new jack posee!!!!!!! All are in attendance for the legendary J O H N B ! ! ! ! […]

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  • Bassrush + LA Beatdown: Borgore [Photos]

    Bassrush + LA Beatdown: Borgore [Photos]

    Ready that summer rush!!!!! Ready for that summer beatdown!!!!!!! The heat is is your face, the beats are in the place!!!!!!!! LOS ANGELES has put the two 2gether!!!!!! Add BORGORE & SKISM to the menu, and you got maddness inside the venue!!!!!!! Special shout out to all the ladies in the place sweatin’ it out for this one!!!!!! BIG UP & MASSIVE RESPECT to the R A D I O F U T U R A & G C S […]

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  • Respect: Marcus Intalex [Photos]

    Respect: Marcus Intalex [Photos]

    Drum & Bass Thursday nights Bringin’ in the summer heat for you with a bonified heavyweight!!!!!!! Big up to all the heads for the continued support of your DJs!!!!!! Local & Worldwide!!!!!!!! Special shout out to the artist among us that support the sound, and can stay humble as the spotlight shines on them!!!!!!!! W e s e e y o u ! ! ! ! All in attendance are blessed to witness the bass heavyweight in action right in […]

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  • LIVE vol.02 | World of Drum & Bass

    LIVE vol.02 | World of Drum & Bass

    Womp TV presents: LIVE vol.02 In our second installment of our new series LIVE we captured the World of Drum & Bass when it stormed through Los Angeles at Respect. The 2011 tour was a bit smaller than last year in the line up and the venue but, the vibe was massive as ever. This years lineup included newcomer Rollz who rolled heads with his heavy basslines. Second on the bill was legendary Bailey of BBC 1Xtra dropping bass bombs. […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Feed Me | Figure | Dirty Talk [Photos]

    LA Beatdown: Feed Me | Figure | Dirty Talk [Photos]

    Los Angeles. Ready to get that summertime BEAT & BASSLINE action in full swing!!!!!! BASS DYNASTY CREW more than happy to line you up, and BEAT U DOWN!!!!!!!!! LARGE activity goin’ in, and goin’ on for the late night/ early mornin’ steppa in YOU!!!!!!!! 1 year long, 1 year strong with no signs of slowin’ down in sight!!!! LA BEATDOWN!!!!!! F E E D M E!!!!!!! Cant wait….. well, a little bit. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!! -Regal D

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  • LA Beatdown: 1 year Anniversary [5.27.11]

    LA Beatdown: 1 year Anniversary [5.27.11]

    LA BEATDOWN!!!!!! Steady BLASTIN’ that sound on SOUND!!!!!!! So much to say so little time. more to come later. LIQUID STRANGER!!!!!!! Bringin’ that BEATDOWN!!!!!!! – Regal D

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  • Respect: Marcus Visionary [5.26.11]

    Respect: Marcus Visionary [5.26.11]

    BIG BASS SOUND from the T.O. all the way to the WEST COAST for the Thursday night underground sound ritual!!!!!! The vibes keepin’ all inside hella high!!!!! Sooo many familiar faces bringin’ smiles to those that know, and never let go!!!!!!! BDays, and ‘long time no sees’ takin’ the session up even higher as you have no escape from the Drum & Bass!!!!!! Gettin’ fresh=MIYUKI!!!!!! Coast to Coast Junglist & Digital Soundboy BASS brought straight to your place!!!!!!!! MARCUS VISIONARY!!!!!!!! […]

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  • Respect: Klute [5.19.11]

    Respect: Klute [5.19.11]

    AH YES!!!! Drum & Bass Thursday nights commence with those HARD BEATS for the deep!!!! Big up to all those keepin’ up with the producers, beat makers, movers & shakers from the D&B community!!!!! Another personal favorite on deck for this session!!!! Big BDay shouts to Siraaj Muhammed!!!!! Gettin’ fresh=EECUE!!!!!! KLUTE!!!!!! In the place 2B!!! Suicide it’s the Suicide!!!!!!! -Regal D

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