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  • Axonic “Entropy EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Axonic “Entropy EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Underground electronic music trio Ben McKibben, Max Challis, and Joel Shapiro aka Axonic specialize in bass line warfare! Their multicultural background inspires an incredibly diverse sound, gritty and raw yet full of rich layers. On Entropy the trio showcases their keen sense of depth with 3 subsonic Drumstep and Dubstep anthems made to crush the space! Heavy beats pound while Axonic cleverly blends Dubstep, Drumstep and Trap sensibilities into future dance floor magic! Axonic Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • K100 “Cyclone EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    K100 “Cyclone EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Ireland, K100 brings titanium beats to the front line. Menacing bass lines roar, tearing through the atmosphere as heavy drums rain down like asteroids! Powerful and cinematic, K100′s compositions transport the listener into the uncharted soundscapes of a post apocalyptic future reigned by technology and machined mayhem! 2 huge cuts on this EP to start the revolution with!! K100 Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • DutyFreak “Fall EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    DutyFreak “Fall EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    French music maestro DutyFreak cranks out finely tuned masterpieces fit for bass bin destruction! His background as a live musician pave the way for a clever production style that is melodic, organic, funky and yet heavy enough to smash the place properly! Dubstep, Drumstep, D&B and more; it all gets the treatment when DutyFreak is in control! Tag on some stellar remixes by bass music masterminds Arkasia and FetOo and it’s a wrap! This is the ultimate French connection!!   […]

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  • Arent + Raxell “Hard Days Night” [Heavy Artillery]

    Arent + Raxell “Hard Days Night” [Heavy Artillery]

    These two young producers from Russia have smashed all stereotypes about Electro House, Dubstep and Drum’n’Bass music with their consistent multi-genre assault! Their clever production style stands out from the pack and their diverse sounds have garnered then support from major artists worldwide. This bomb 2 track beast showcases the fluid funk Arent & Raxell are becoming known for, big stuff! Arent + Raxell Twitter Soundcloud

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  • MineSweepa “Foxy Lady EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    MineSweepa “Foxy Lady EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Salem, Oregon MineSweepa has been steadily making moves and getting the attention of highly respected artists and labels alike! His production strikes the right balance of melodic excellence and super filthy bass goodness across all genres! Foxy Lady EP is a prime example of MineSweepa’s ability as a top notch multi-genre artist. This is only the beginning for MineSweepa but the future is bright for this one, big things ahead! MineSweepa Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Volatile Psycle “The Unexplained” [Heavy Artillery]

    Volatile Psycle “The Unexplained” [Heavy Artillery]

    Britain’s bad bwoy beat bombers Volatile Psycle obliterate heads with twisted masterpieces that’ll make your mom mosh! Their killer Glitch Hop cut sat at the Beatport Glitch Hop #1 spot for 2 months! These 3 supercharged Drum&Bass bombs will shake the place loose as morphing basslines summon the fallout! Killer masterpieces emerge from everything these guys touch, D&B, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, they can do it all!! Volatile Psycle Facebook Soundcloud

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  • Zimo “War Machines EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Zimo “War Machines EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    ,VocalsZimo is back and shaking suckers silly with monstrous beats that just don’t stop….ever!!! Zimo joins forces with Jarvis (UK) and Spacekid bringing the madness straight to the frontline with 3 amazing dancefloor smashers that’ll annihilate your senses! Big and bashy head nodding bassline business on this EP, get your neck ready! Zimo Facebook Soundcloud Youtube

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  • Divine Elements “Down in Flames” [Heavy Artillery]

    Divine Elements “Down in Flames” [Heavy Artillery]

    2013 is already looking bright as Divine Elements is releasing their newest bass creation “Down in Flames,” in collaboration with Heavy Artillery Recordings, as a free download. Divine Elements continues to display their diversity and depth in this emotional, dance floor “brick house” of a tune. More monstrous releases coming from Divine Elements very soon on the likes of Play Me Records and more. Keep it locked. Divine Elements Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Thrilla “Fluent In Reverse” [Heavy Artillery]

    Thrilla “Fluent In Reverse” [Heavy Artillery]

    Thrilla is a man of many styles with the knack for creating deep and devastating anthems, grimy and edgy yet soulful and epic…..it’s all here! His diverse visionary approach to music is clear and as unique as the music he creates. Thrilla’s debut Heavy Artillery EP is killer, eerie and sinful bass annihilation yet just a tasty glimpse into Thrilla’s ill mind! Thrilla Facebook Soundcloud Youtube

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  • Captain Panic! “The Invasion EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Captain Panic! “The Invasion EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    With so many tracks, 10, you would think “The Invasion” would be an LP instead of an EP.  ”The Invasion” is the soundtrack for December 21st supposed  apocalypse with its futuristic Sci-Fi sound setting the tone for a melancholy aftermath of the Reapers. Hidden beyond the realms of human reach they wait as they have for centuries, millennia, eons; the invasion is imminent. Apocalyptic soundscapes slither into your subconscious when transmitted from the helm of the Captain Panic rogue mother ship. […]

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  • Respect: Urban Assault (Faust + Shortee) [Heavy Artillery Recordings]

    Respect: Urban Assault (Faust + Shortee) [Heavy Artillery Recordings]

    RSVP for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Urban Assault! T H U R S D A Y : D E C : 6 T H R E S P E C T presents U R B A N . A S S A U L T https://www.facebook.com/urbanassaultmusic plus, S C O O B A https://www.facebook.com/djscooba D A N N Y . T H U N D E R S https://www.facebook.com/DannyThunders M C . X Y […]

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  • Screwball “Chrum EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Screwball “Chrum EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Screwball’s legacy as a producer covers the full spectrum ranging from Hip Hop, Breaks, Hardcore, D&B and more. On this EP Screwball bangs out his signature driving techy beats that stomp the dancefloor with twisting basslines and ultra sonic drum devastation. 2 huge tunes ready to annihilate the Drum&Bass massive! Skrewball Facebook Soundcloud  

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  • Urban Assault “Turn Up The Bass EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Urban Assault “Turn Up The Bass EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Heavy Artillery label bosses Urban Assault aka Faust & Shortee are back for revenge with streetwise bass music wizardry from the cosmos! 3 slammin’ selections of futuristic bass anthems on this EP fit for all! Next level mid-tempo Electro, Drumstep and Dubstep bangers for the dome!   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR178 Release date: Oct 16, 2012   Urban Assault Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Slogun + iOh “Burn Me Up / Planet X” [Heavy Artillery]

    Slogun + iOh “Burn Me Up / Planet X” [Heavy Artillery]

    Slogun + iOh are mos def my favorite American Jump up Drum & Bass producers right now! They consistently grind out dance-floor rockers and quickly making a name for themselves. Their latest release “Burn Me Up” and “Planet X” on Heavy Artillery Recordings set my floor on fire because I was dancing so hard when I first heard it. If you are hearing their tunes for the first time you may think they are just another pair of UK producers […]

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  • Mashur + Kevlar “Rave Steppin’” [Heavy Artillery]

    Mashur + Kevlar “Rave Steppin’” [Heavy Artillery]

    Beat renegades Mashur & Kevlar are a shining example of the new age of talented, forward thinking Dubstep producers who are on the rise and are able to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the constantly growing EDM audience while still offering an exciting outlook on the various genres the dabble in. With an absolutely stacked 4 track EP dropping on Heavy Artillery July 30th, the skies is the limit for this extraordinarily versatile duo! Make sure to grab the […]

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  • Poseidon “Battle Of The Gods EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Poseidon “Battle Of The Gods EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Perth, Australia the duo widely known as Poseidon have been bombing the airwaves with their epic and sinister Dubstep, Darkstep and Drumstep anthems! Crushing drum hits lay down the perfect canvas for Poseidon’s menacing bass assault! 3 big tunes on this EP including a filthy, dark remix by Grindhouse!   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR157 Release date: Jul 17, 2012 Follow Poseidon Facebook Soundcloud

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  • Divine Elements “You’re Dead” [Official Video]

    Divine Elements “You’re Dead” [Official Video]

    I had the great opportunity to work with Divine Elements on their latest music video “You’re Dead” on Heavy Artillery Recordings. This unholy of videos was in theme with resurrection and zombies as it was all filmed on Easter Sunday the ultimate most celebrated zombie of them all Jesus. MC Dino leads the Divine Elements crew with his lyrical prowess into a jam session which becomes a full blown party when a raging crowd magically appear when the bass drops. […]

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  • Tetrix Bass “Burn This House EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Tetrix Bass “Burn This House EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Tetrix Bass is a Dubstep, Electro\Complextro duo from Israel. The members have been creating electronic music since 2005, and are well known in the psychadelic scene. After many years and releases they’ve decided to shift their attention to heavier bass projects influenced by 8bit game sounds, funky disco melodies, jumpy production and Filthy ROARING BASS SOUNDS! Their dynamic diversity is evident in their production. They enlisted the expertise of Grime Syndicate for a massive Drumstep remix of Burn This House. […]

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  • Al3x Taylor “Depth Charge EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Al3x Taylor “Depth Charge EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Al3x Taylor is a young producer based in the Ukraine who specializes in ill, crunchy beats spanning from Dubstep, Moombah, Electro, D&B and more! This EP includes 3 monstrous filth dredged gems that rain bass blows by the ton!! Hard as nails Dubstep for the dome!   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR151 Release date: Jun 25, 2012 Follow Al3x Taylor Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • GRIM “Take & Fake EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    GRIM “Take & Fake EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Spain, G.R.I.M. (Great Reaper Intelligent Monster) is a trio group formed by Emcy, Shade K & Adri Da Bass also known as Physical Bross. Their menacing beats stomp vigorously while renegade basslines twist out your mind! 5 huge killer beats on this EP as GRIM get things crackin’ with heavy Art! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR147 Release date: Jun 11, 2012 Follow GRIM: Facebook Soundcloud

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  • HiJinx & Invader! “Ghosts EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    HiJinx & Invader! “Ghosts EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Long time musicians and seasoned producers of all things bass HiJinx & Invader! are quickly making big names one beat at a time! Their expert production covers the gamut from Dubstep to Drumstep, Drum&Bass to Electro, epic, anthem and everything in between! 3 monstrous cuts on the Ghosts EP, just hold on to your face!!!   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR137 Release date: Apr 23, 2012   Follow HiJinx: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow Invader!: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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