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  • Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold Ft. Kemo (Official Video)

    Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold Ft. Kemo (Official Video)

    ‘Pure Gold’ into serious bouncing house territory. As the punchy drums are punctuated by that infamous horn sample you’re pulled slowly and gently in. Before long Hostage places precision cuts of Kemo’s vocal and the infectious bass loop into the mix along with some carnival snares that ensure this is one of the most infectious 4/4 tracks you’re likely to hear all year. Breakdancing by Ken Swift (Rocksteady Crew, NYC) Shot & Directed by Andrew J Attah - http://www.andrewattah.com Follow Calyx […]

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  • Virus Syndicate ft. Mark Instinct “Venom” [Official Video]

    Virus Syndicate ft. Mark Instinct “Venom” [Official Video]

    Here is a huge collaboration between the UK’s Virus Syndicate and Canadian producer Mark Instinct to create this smashing tune and music video, “Venom”. The raw grittiness of this Black and Yellow stylized video shows that even Electronic Dance Music has street appeal. Reminiscent of a 1990′s hip video the Virus Syndicate commands attention when the camera is on. Unfortunately there is no cameo by Mark Instinct but, there is a massive shout out to him from the Syndicate! Visuals […]

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  • 1UP + Subshock “Jump off”

    1UP + Subshock “Jump off”

    1UP and Subshock come harder than a Pornstar facial with their track “Jump Off”. The tune starts off with a fun carnival melody shifts into a nasty filthy drop making whores blush. Accented with classic Hip Hop battle samples, an Andrew Dice Clay “Unbelievable”, blasting breaks ,and a roaring bassline “Jump Off” is a great fusion of modern Dubstep with Hip Hop steez.   Follow 1uP: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow SubShock: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Crime Syndicate vs BARE “Groupie Love” [Lava Edit]

    Crime Syndicate vs BARE “Groupie Love” [Lava Edit]

    Here is another Crime Syndicate Video remix of BARE‘s tune “Groupie Love”. I have been out of the Hip Hop scene for a while so I am not sure what the original video is which was sampled. Nonetheless the Crime Syndicate always deliver with their edits and track selection with some of America’s hardest and filthiest tracks.   Follow Crime Syndicate DJ Crime DJ Lava

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  • The Bolivian Marching Affair “Welcome to Atlanta Remix”

    The Bolivian Marching Affair “Welcome to Atlanta Remix”

    The Bolivian Marching Affair are back with a brand new booty just in time for the new year’s raging! This time they head to the dirty south with a hip and glitch hop inspired drumstep head bangin arm waver. Rawr! Be sure to LIKE them on facebook, unlocking the “New Releases” tab. The all-original TBMA EP “Are You Up For Getting Down?” drops Jan 16th on Play Me Records! Released by: Play Me Free Release date: Dec 29, 2011

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  • BARE “Clips”

    BARE “Clips”

    In celebration of BARE‘s 20k fan page milestone he is giving away 2 free tunes. “Clips” is the first of the 2 that we are posting and fully loaded with Hip Hop influences. The classic leads load the clip and the Biggie vocal samples tare one in the chamber, GANGSTA! “Grab two nine CLIPS and run amok”

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  • Notorious B.I.G. “Party & Bullshit” (Getter Remix)

    Notorious B.I.G. “Party & Bullshit” (Getter Remix)

    Tanner Petulla aka GETTER has def made his mark in the music scene, before he was 18 Getter had a few releases on Ultragore, Tuff Love Dubs and Chronos Records. He also received alot of blog support from Squitty Bubbler and US Dubstep along with other blogs, and played alongside some of the most well known names in dubstep RUSKO, NERO, DATSIK, 12th Planet and more. This Bay Area native has made a big impression in a small amount of […]

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  • ASAP Rocky “Purple Swag” (Trillbass Remix)

    ASAP Rocky “Purple Swag” (Trillbass Remix)

    Born & raised in Harlem, New York, ASAP Rocky is no stranger to the cliché rap lifestyle, popularized by fellow Harlem Patriarchs from Big L & Kool Moe Dee to Ma$e, and Cam’ron. However, Rocky’s entrenching yet melodic rap style has drawn more immediate comparisons to recently incarcerated Harlemite Max B.

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  • HULK “Bad Bitches” [BroTown]

    HULK “Bad Bitches” [BroTown]

    This is a disgustingly filthy Hulk remix of Ludacris “My Chick Bad” featuring  Nicki Minaj. The change up during Nicki Minaj’s verse will chew on your head to drive you insane and loose your shit all over the dance floor. Be sure to download this tune and add it to your best of collection. Released by: BroTown Recs Release/catalogue number: HULK Apocalypse Now Tour Release date: Dec 12, 2011

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  • Judge da Boss “Money All Around Me” (Protohype Remix)

    Judge da Boss “Money All Around Me” (Protohype Remix)

    DYAAAAM! This is a huge remix from Protohype of Judge Da Boss‘ “Money All Around Me”. I am surprised not more Hip Hop artists are heading in this direction of production. this is truly some of phoenix’s finest and would love to hear an official collaboration between judge + Protohype for an EP.

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  • Drop Goblin “Make Yur Head Bounce” [Play Me]

    Drop Goblin “Make Yur Head Bounce” [Play Me]

    Here is a fun party track loaded with Hip Hop samples and rubbery basslines. Drop Goblin‘s “Make Yur Head Bounce” is another amazing freebie from Play Me Records that commands Play Me time at any party. It fills your body full of energy and will shock those around you and anything you touch. www.Soundcloud.com/DropGoblin www.facebook.com/DropGoblin www.Twitter.com/DropGoblin www.DropGoblin.com Released by: Play Me Records Release date: Dec 2, 2011

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  • Trigon & Dave Gee “Murda Style EP” [Profound Audio]

    Trigon & Dave Gee “Murda Style EP” [Profound Audio]

    The “Murda Style EP” by Trigon & Dave Gee delivers some of the meanest beats, bass, and the lyrics (Armanni Reign , Jahdan Blakkmoore, and Diggade MC) in Dubstep. The EP is of 4 tracks of “Murda Style” with three remixes by MRK1 ,Codes, and Von D. The original mix is full of Ragga influences and Hip Hop vibes with a vibrating bassline that will have your trunk rattling. The MRK1 remix is a club banger that will get the […]

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  • J.Rabbit [Free Remixes]

    J.Rabbit [Free Remixes]

    A recent US Dubstep & Media Contender collaboration produced an interview with American Dubstep producer J.Rabbit and is accompanied with not 1 but 3 free tracks. The first free tune is a classic Hip Hop tune by one of my favorite MC’s from back home in the Bay Del‘s “Mistadobilina”. I remember rocking this tune with my boombox in the back of the 38 Geary MUNI Bus in Highschool. The second tune is from one of my favorite Contemporary American […]

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  • Casket “The Oath EP [Heavy Artillery]

    Casket “The Oath EP [Heavy Artillery]

    Southern Cali native Dj Casket has been chopping up killer Hip Hop club beats for years! His polished style and uncanny attention to detail are front and center in his Dubstep production as well. Casket weaves together tense melodies and gritty bass lines for streetwise dub heads! Be sure to get your it is available now! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR076 Release date: Sep 6, 2011

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  • Dirt Monkey & Curious MC “Public Nuisance” [Official Video]

    Dirt Monkey & Curious MC “Public Nuisance” [Official Video]

    Dirt Monkey of Play Me Records and Curious MC of Urban Aboriginee have a new video for for their track “Public Nuisance”. I always new Dirt Monkey had some Hip Hop in him just by listening to his sound and after seeing this collaboration with Curious MC it just confirmed my suspiciI am always happy to seeMusic Video from American Bass Artists since there are far too few. With Dirt Monkey‘s latest EP “Peanut Butter & Jelly” on Play Me […]

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  • DJ Swamp “B Girls Invasion” [Vinyl Disciple]

    DJ Swamp “B Girls Invasion” [Vinyl Disciple]

    DJ Swamp is on a beastly promotion campaign for his album Vinyl Disciple. He has been creating viral videos for almost ever track on his album and unique and different from each other. His latest one is Drum & Bass tune “B Girl Invasion”. The B Girl is an underdog in the B-Boy world and they do not get enough credit for what they do. DJ Swamp composed a great homage to the B-Girl and edited a bunch of B-Girl […]

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  • Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em” (Gein Remix) [Play Me]

    Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em” (Gein Remix) [Play Me]

    It’s been a while since we posted any Play Me tunes well we got one for all of you and the best part of all it is FREE!. To support GEIN‘s new Explicit EP  on Play Me is giving away a free remix of Nicki Minaj‘s tune “Did It On EM”. This is a dope Hip Hop vibe that will have your hands up in the air bouncing in the clubspilling your drink all over the place. GEIN is back in […]

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  • Mochipet feat. E da Boss & Bicasso” Banana Split” [Free Download]

    Mochipet feat. E da Boss & Bicasso” Banana Split” [Free Download]

    To Celebrate Mochipet’s new FREE Album on 1320 Records we wanted to give you this nice summer jam “Banana Split featuring E da Boss & Bicasso of Living Legends. Mochipet is putting out a new release of all original material next month on 1320 Records titled “Chicxulub” but I know some of you can’t wait that long so in the meantime 1320 has a FREE Mochipet compilation title “Hello My Name is Mochipet” for you now to download! So Enjoy […]

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  • 213 “Im fly” (Ashtrobizzle I Love Long Beach Remix) [Free Tune]

    213 “Im fly” (Ashtrobizzle I Love Long Beach Remix) [Free Tune]

    Quickly scaling the mountain of Dubstep standing firmly on a residency with The Rizo, member of the Long Beach crew D.R.E.A.M. (Dubstep Rules Everythjing Around Me), and hustle, Ashtrobot. His recent release is a tribute to Long Beach legend Nate Dogg with a remix of 213‘s “I”m Fly”.  The Hip Hop intro leads you into the classic Long Beach G-Funk vibe laced with Nate Dogg‘s smooth vocals then Snoop Dogg slides in SUPA DUPA FLY to a  womping drop. I’m […]

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  • Armanni Reign “Off The Grid” [Westbay Music]

    Armanni Reign “Off The Grid” [Westbay Music]

    This week saw the long-awaited release of Westbay Music artist Armanni Reign’s debut EP, “Off the Grid”. The boys at Westbay have created an interesting collaboration that focuses on hip-hop but combines elements from drum and bass and dubstep to feature Armanni Reign’s awesome lyrics on top of production by Atlantic Connection, Submorphics, and Trowa. The result creates a serious musical vehicle, blending mainstream popular hip-hop rhythms and melodies, which can smoothly transfer to popular mainstream clubs. Originally a hip-hop […]

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.03 | Qbert

    Quick & Dirty vol.03 | Qbert

    Quick & Dirty is Womp TV’s web series of on-the spot impromptu interviews with bass artists. No preconception. Just straight up Quick & Dirty. DJ Qbert is one of the most humble people I had the opportunity to ever meet it was a blessing to sit down and talk to him. Qbert is one of those people who is so positive, sharing, and truly loves what he does you can feel in his energy illuminate you when you are in […]

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