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  • Respect: Mampi Swift [4.28.11]

    Respect: Mampi Swift [4.28.11]

    It’s that LA Thursday night heat, bringin’ out the peeps, for those underground BEATS!!!!!!!! The BIG sounds of DRUM & BASS keepin’ the true heads steppin’, got’ the fellas makin’ noise, and makin’ the ladies loose their poise!!!!! BIG BDAY SHOUTS TO: GIL KONSPIRACY!!!!!! JUSTIN!!!!!!! It’s the return of the BIG TIME!!!! BIG MAN!!!! Droppin’ BIG TUNES!!!!!! M A M P I S W I F T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -Regal D

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  • BARE feat. Proe “Indica Sativa” [Free Tune]

    BARE feat. Proe “Indica Sativa” [Free Tune]

    “Indica Sativa” is BARE‘s second free tune in celebration of his 5000 likes on Facebook. This tune is a 420 anthem and will be rinsing this tune out everytime i blaze it up. “Maryjane I Never Leave Her” Indica Sativa Artist: BARE MC: Proe Track: Indica Sativa

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  • Respect: Prolix [4.21.11]

    Respect: Prolix [4.21.11]

    HEAVY HEAVY sounds rollin’ all around Thursday night rhythmz from the underground!!!!! TRUE soldiers steppin’ in, and throughout the place on this night for the DRUM & BASS!!!!! BIG BDay shouts out to ERNIE!!!!!! GETTIN’ FRESH=ROXANNE!!!! HEAVY product in effect all night long!!!!! P R O L I X ! ! ! ! With the proper product placement!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Respect: Total Science [4.14.11]

    Respect: Total Science [4.14.11]

    Thursday night underground sounds in effect for the Lost Angel in you!!!!!!! GREAT to see so many in attendance for the weekly ritual of DRUM & BASS!!!! BIG UP to the BBoys in the place burnin’ up the dance floor!!!! Gettin’ Fresh=Louie!!!!!! Bringin’ the product like no other, SPINBACK!!!!! TOTAL SCIENCE!!!!!! Breakin’ it up, and Beatin’ it DOWN!!!!!!! PEACE -Regal D

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  • The Redeye Rewind: Kelly Dean [Free Mix]

    The Redeye Rewind: Kelly Dean [Free Mix]

    The young up & coming Drum & Bass, Dubstep producer, and DJ out of Los Angeles is a purveyor of delicious BASS. Slogun‘s recent releases on DJ Shortee & Faust‘s label Heavy Artillery and radio show “The Redeye Rewind” on INDIE 103.1 were achieved within one year of his first release “Gone Away” on the Bassline Rumble Spring EP. Kelly Dean of Los Angeles’ leading dubstep crew SMOG tempered the wheels of steel for an hour last night on “The […]

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  • US Dubstep: APX1 [Free Mix]

    US Dubstep: APX1 [Free Mix]

    US Dubstep has been steadily rising in the media for Dubstep mixes, photographs, and news in the scene. We have also collaborated with US Dubstep on the Excision Subsonic Tour. Keep it locked for the exclusive video dropping soon.Their latest release of mixes feature Los Angles OG DJ APX1. APX1 throws the infamous party I LOVE LA with his partners in crime CRS? and Steel Lion Sound. You can watch Womp TV’s exclusive interview with APX1 about his I LOVE […]

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  • Urban Assault “Kick The Bass / Loneliness EP”

    Urban Assault “Kick The Bass / Loneliness EP”

    Heavy Artillery just released “Kick The Bass EP” today a Beatport Exclusive. Two bass rumbling tracks by the relentless duo DJ Shortee and DJ Faust aka Urban Assault keep putting out trunk thumping tracks whether it is Drum & Bass, Dubstep, or Breaks. These two are by far the hardest working producers in the business. “fuses Latin flava and heavyweight, jarring bass lines for a bangin’ summer future classic!” Artist: Urban Assault Album: Kick The Bass EP Label: Heavy Artillery […]

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  • Screwface: DJ Lee | 6Blocc [3.11.11]

    Screwface: DJ Lee | 6Blocc [3.11.11]

    PURE FILTH Back innit one more time 2 give you that SCREWFACE feelin’!!!!!! Shouts out to all those hangin’ in through all the iffy weather!!!!!! METALHEADZ & L A Go together like Chocolate & Peanut Butter Rice & Beans Purple & Gold!!!!!!!!! So, Ladies & Gentleman, DJ L E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -Regal D

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  • Subsonic Tour: Excision | Downlink | Antiserum (Exclusive)

    Subsonic Tour: Excision | Downlink | Antiserum (Exclusive)

    US Dubstep was very proud to be the only media along side WOMP TV that had the honor of covering the Excision Subsonic Tour in Los Angeles CA. Excision, Downlink, Antiserum & Da Moth nearly tore down the walls of the music box this past Thursday night. Big ups goes out to Goldenvoice, Rottun Records, LA Beatdown, The Music Box & everyone else who was involved in this epic event. Stay Tuned for video coverage from Womp TV !

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  • Respect: Junglist Platoon

    Respect: Junglist Platoon

    Celebrating 12 years of dedication to the sound. R E S P E C T DRUM & BASS! ! ! ! ! ! Making Thursday nights a time to praise the bass!!!! BIG BIG B I G UP!!!! to all the heads in the place givin up props and showin support for the residents!!!!! Happy BDay Paul!!!!! Once again, the crew bringin’ the ruckus take control of the night to drop that Junglist goodness all on you!!!!!!! You know their […]

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  • 12th Planet & Plastician “Westside Dub” (SMOG 007)

    12th Planet & Plastician “Westside Dub” (SMOG 007)

    This is 12th Planet‘s first release of 2011 is a collaboration with Plastician and is on the B-side of SMOG 007 with Flinch‘s “Don’t Look Back”. “Westside Dub” creeps up on you as the intro is so quite you turn up your volume to the max to make sure your speakers are working then BOOM the bass drops on you and your start C-walking. Buy it on BEATPORT

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  • Respect: DJ RAP [2.24.11]

    Respect: DJ RAP [2.24.11]

    The City of Angels!!!!! On Thursday nights, it’s the city of AMENS!!!!!!! Big time PROPER Drum & Bass activity in the city on this night!!!!! DJs in the place makin’ the bass drop!!!! Ladies inside the venue makin’ all Jawz drop!!!!!! BBoys in the place blessin’ the floor showin’ how to step for more!!!! Gettin’ Fresh=Brandy!!!! The Supreme Junglist Globetrotter returns!!!!! D J R A P ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Pushin’ up ya lightah, Layin’ it down […]

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    BARE‘s anticipated EP on Dieselboy‘s SUBHUMAN Records drops on the 28th of this month. I am not sure if it is going to be a Beatport exclusive or not but at the moment it is only being advertised as so. The first track in the EP “Game Changer” is pure BASS madness and rightfully titled. “Gryllz” the first track to have a clip released 3 months ago has been building up the hype for the EP ever since.

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  • Respect: Raiden [2.17.11]

    Respect: Raiden [2.17.11]

    Thursday night, Drum and Bass boomin’ in the place to be!!! All types of fun goin’ on inside the venue on this night!!!!!! Peeps gettin’ down from start to finish for this one!!! Happy BDay R A I D E N ! ! ! ! ! Gettin’ fresh=LORD CLOUD With the beats to crumble the streets, RAIDEN!!!! Showin’ the technique!!!!! -Regal D

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  • US Dubstep: Drummsmuggla [Free mix]

    US Dubstep: Drummsmuggla [Free mix]

    US Dubstep just released their newest mix from their series and this one features Los Angeles OG Drumsmuggla aka CRS? It is a hour long of filthy Bass goodness. and its free. Be sure to download your copy. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ON DUBSTEP PRODUCTION – DUBBA JONNY STAR (DOCTOR P REMIX) – BLAME FT. CAMILLA MARIE IN DISCO – BAR9 CATACLYSM – VISTA & PRESENCE KNOWN RED (CHASING SHADOWS REMIX) – LAID BACK JUMP SUIT ADVENTURES – KOAN SOUND CIRCLE […]

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  • Screwface: Jakes | Take [2.11.11]

    Screwface: Jakes | Take [2.11.11]

    Screwface on deck for this one!!!! You know what that means!!! Big Beats droppin’ and lil beats stoppin’!!!!!!! All formats on display and in full effect for this session!!!! Big up to the heads in the place keepin’ the dance floor movin’, and bouncin’ around to the big beats!!!! Got the drill sergeant in the spot ready to give you that FACE!!!!!!!! J A K E S ! ! ! ! ! ! -Regal D

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  • Quick & Dirty vol.1: M.O.B.

    Quick & Dirty vol.1: M.O.B.

    Quick & Dirty is Womp TV’s newest web series of on-the spot impromptu interviews with bass artists. No preconception. Just straight up Quick & Dirty.

    Featured Artists:
    Mark Instinct & BARE as M.O.B.

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  • Respect: Heavy Hittahz [2.10.11]

    Respect: Heavy Hittahz [2.10.11]

    Underground sounds rolling thick in Los Angeles on a Thursday night!!!!!! Beatmakers from all SoCal zone in as the HITTAHZ are ready to drop a load!!!!! Great to see the heads show much support for the OC combo!!!!! Happy BDay PRIEST!!!! GETTIN’ FRESH=4EST DIGGSMORE!!!!!! Bringin’ those beats that’ll rumble ya teeth, ya feet, and beneath!!!!! HEAVY HITTAHZ!!!!!!! -Regal D

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    No matter Vinyl, Compact Disc, MPC or MP3, The Thursday night sessions will continue!!!!! The Junglist Platoon reppin’ LA to the fullest!!!! Shouts to the true floor shakerz Showin’ them real skills!!!!!! Great to see the heads in the place gettin’ down havin a real good time!!!! GETTIN FRESH=JEFF Shoulder to shoulder, and side by side. Holdin’ it down with no doubt!!!!!! Junglist Platoon!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Monsters of Bass: Freq Nasty | MartyParty | Opiuo | Goldrush [2.26.11]

    Monsters of Bass: Freq Nasty | MartyParty | Opiuo | Goldrush [2.26.11]

    When the Monsters of Bass tour comes to Los Angeles, there\’s only one crew that can bring together all the bass-heads and sub-freaks for a night of over-the-top music, art and dancing, and that\’s The Do LaB. FreQ Nasty, MartyParty, Opiuo and GoldRush will be blessing the sound system all night long! Along with live art and several hundred of LA\’s wildest beat addicts dancing the night away, this will be a night not to miss. Presale Tickets Music and […]

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    PURE FILTH back in effect for your BIG BAD BASS Pleasure!!!!!! This time around with some Hollywood blvd action!!!! Special shout out to SAMIYAM for all the help!!! Always HELLA good to see the spectrum of bass music expand, and always good to see the artist involved on display and in action!!!!!! PURE FILTH!!!!! Givin’ ya that SCREWFACE!!!!!!!!

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