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  • Zedd Ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Buzzwak Remix)

    Zedd Ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Buzzwak Remix)

    This tune was sent to me today from none other than Buzzwak themselves. We get a lot of submissions here at Womp TV and we do not always get through all of them but, this tune stood out from the others and we had to post it up for everyone to listen and download. Buzzwak did an amazing remix job on Zedd’s “Clairty” featuring the vocals of Foxes.   Buzzwak Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • 2DB “Jet Black / Bassface” (Technique Recordings)

    2DB “Jet Black / Bassface” (Technique Recordings)

    2DB have established themselves as a production outfit determined to take old skool sensibilities and deliver them with razor-edge production techniques. With a string of acclaimed releases including the recent “Ghetto Boy” backed with “Blunderbuss”, they’ve proven their alchemical mastery of combining emotive melodies with floor-shaking bass aggression. First up is “Bassface”. With a name like that, you might think you know exactly what to expect, but 2DB always have a trick or two up their sleeve. Opening with uplifting […]

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  • Koven “More Than You” [Official Video]

    Koven “More Than You” [Official Video]

    Released in March on Viper Recordings. Become a fan of Koven: http://www.facebook.com/KOVENUK Follow Koven on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOVENuk Koven ‘More Than You’ 1. More Than You (Radio Edit) 2. More Than You (DC Breaks Remix) 3. More Than You (Extended Mix) 4. No Blocks Label: Viper Recordings Cat# VPR051 Genre: Dubstep Released: March 2013 Subscribe to Viper YouTube: http://bit.ly/ViperChannelSubscribe Become a fan of Viper Recordings:http://www.facebook.com/viperrecordings Follow Viper Recordings on Twitter:https://twitter.com/ViperRecordings ———- Director & Editor – Nezih Savaskan: http://www.redhavoc.co.uk Production Assistant – Idil Savaskan (c) 2013 […]

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  • Stan SB “Anyone Out There EP” [Subsphere]

    Stan SB “Anyone Out There EP” [Subsphere]

    One of the most exciting labels to emerge in the last few years, Subsphere Records has quickly become synonymous with rolling, melodic Drum and Bass. A byword for the very best Liquid has to offer, ever since its creation in 2011 by Moleman, Subsphere has become renowned as a premium outlet for expertly crafted, atmospheric bass music. With a catalogue of five stellar releases to date, the fledgling imprint has catapulted itself into prominence, with huge tracks such as Feint’s […]

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  • Rene LaVice “All My Trials / Not Deep” [RAM]

    Rene LaVice “All My Trials / Not Deep” [RAM]

    Earlier in the year Rene LaVice’s ‘Absolute Monster’ EP blew everyone away with its melting pot of different influences and styles, all blended together with Rene’s undeniable sense of experimentation. Having pushed the boundaries once some might be tempted to rest on their laurels and stick to a familiar pattern, but as his brand new single will show Rene LaVice is not that kind of producer. ‘All My Trials’ features the sublime vocal talents of Toronto-born Ivy Mairi. This track […]

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  • Antiserum + Mayhem “BAYTL Dub / So High” [SMOG]

    Antiserum + Mayhem “BAYTL Dub / So High” [SMOG]

    As someone born and breed in the BAY I have a biased  inclination towards Anitserum and Mayhem’s latest release on SMOG records. Their two-track ep “BayTL Dub” and “So High” are the perfect combination of chainsawing basslines and funky space synth melodies backed by robotic vocals reminiscent of Zap and Roger. I am glad to see SMOG picked up Antiserum as one of their label artists as he has much talent and if you do not believe me be sure to check out our interview with him! […]

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  • Kove “Iodine / Open Ground” [Program]

    Kove “Iodine / Open Ground” [Program]

    Kove’s musical history saw him move from Sussex to London to produce for an electro-pop band in 2009. The following year this young producer encountered drum & bass for the first time and since then has never looked back, immersing himself in the scene and concentrating his efforts on writing his own take on the genre. Those efforts are clearly working as Kove’s musical talent is already picking up steam thanks to a huge remix for LA music legend and […]

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  • Arkasia “New Born” [Heavy Artillery]

    Arkasia “New Born” [Heavy Artillery]

    Arkasia on of Heavy Artillery’s captain’s just released his new symphonic eight track EP titled “New Born”. I think it is an LP since I have never heard of an eight track EP but, never the less this collection of tunes is nothing short of a masterpiece. The opening track “Know Your Enemies” begins with a classical piano intro then dropping into some Gothic Electro grunge, amazing. “Sadness” feature the melancholy voice of Cat Martin which bring the extra layer […]

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  • Ming “Go All Night” (Flinch Remix)

    Ming “Go All Night” (Flinch Remix)

    The legendary banging beat maker Ming has put together an amazing collection of remixes of his largest tunes of 2011 by some of the hottest bass music producers out there. I present to you Flinch’s gritty melodic Dubstep remix of Ming’s “Go All Night”. Keeping the original vocals intact and dark dance-floor vibe Flinch conjures the inner dirty bass demons of the tune and the best part you can too because it is free! Released by: Hood Famous Music Release/catalogue […]

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  • FS & Reid Speed “Instant Replay” (Revolvr Remix) [Play Me]

    FS & Reid Speed “Instant Replay” (Revolvr Remix) [Play Me]

    Bad boy of bass REVOLVR comes thru with this stunning dubstep remix of the new FS & Reid Speed slammer “instant Replay”. He has been on fire since he first came on the scene, with electro house and dubstep chart toppers as well as and incredibly energetic live show. This guy is absolutely one to have in your rotation at all times. Cocked, locked & loaded! Released by: Play Me Records Release/catalogue number: PLAYTOO040 Release date: Jul 10, 2012 Follow […]

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  • Vaski “Where You Wanna Go”

    Vaski “Where You Wanna Go”

    Here is a rave party anthem for the Summer of 2012 by the Minneapolis Marauder Vaski. he asks the question “Where You Wanna Go” and the answer is into the front-line of the bass and laser battle of 2012 to let your crazy out! The 8bit synth melody, auto-tuned vocals of I do not know who, and machine gun lasers create a hyper heightened state to get you Hyphy on the dancefloor.   Girl I think you should relax   […]

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  • Adventure Club ft. Krewella “Rise & Fall “

    Adventure Club ft. Krewella “Rise & Fall “

    This instant classic melodic track from Adventure Club featuring Krewella will mos def be an anthem for Summer 2012. Krewella’s vocals combined with the piano keys, and and stabbing synths generate a tension which will have you on the edge of your ears feinding for the gargling grungy drop. We’ll fight till broken   Follow Adventure Club Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow Krewella Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Lenzman ft. Riya “How Did I Let U Go” [Official Video]

    Lenzman ft. Riya “How Did I Let U Go” [Official Video]

    Following on from Jubei and Flowdan’s immense single, ‘Say Nothing,’ comes another of Metalheadz’ core artists with a perfectly produced release. Currently working on his debut album, Lenzman has already crafted a string of incredible tracks for Headz that have seen him garner the attentions of tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1′s MistaJam alongside the drum & bass ruling class of elite DJs. And ‘How Did I Let U Go?,’ Lenzman’s latest single is undoubtedly going to continue his well-deserved […]

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  • Razihel “Fireflies” (will take you home tonight)

    Razihel “Fireflies” (will take you home tonight)

    Since the domination of Skrillex there are many emulators of his style and most are horrible attempts and a select few are so amazing you think Skrillex made it himself. Well Razihel’s “Fireflies” is one of those select few and is masterfully crafted with wet wobbles, synth melodies, and screaming vocals. This Islander is someone to be on the look out for he will mos def be making tsunami’s in 2012.   Follow Razihel: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube  

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  • At Dawn We Rage “Ravey” (Original Mix)

    At Dawn We Rage “Ravey” (Original Mix)

    “Ravey” is a peculiar tune in which it starts off as melodic electro rave banger with a build reminiscent to FS’s “YUP” dropping into a heavy bass womper. The contrasting intergalactic space melodies compliments the stabbing hype horns especially into the second drop with the funky break. The third and final drop flattens you with a devastating rolling bassline. Follow At Dawn We Rage: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Archetek “Stay”

    Archetek “Stay”

    Archetek is back with another free melodic vocals Dubstep track, “Stay”. Archetek’s heavy halcyon basslines and soft soothing vocals melts all your troubles away. The Salt Lake City based producer and vocalist is steadily surging up with his clean production and liquid style of Dubstep. It feels just like a dream   Follow Archetek: Facebook Soundcloud Lyrics: “Where did the time go I’m still a no Feels like I’m all alone And I can’t find my home Then I start […]

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  • Seven Lions “Polarize EP” [Viper Recordings]

    Seven Lions “Polarize EP” [Viper Recordings]

    With all the up and coming American Dubstep producers these days the genre is becoming over saturated with Skrillex emulators and lacking original style. Seven Lions is not your average Dubstep producer with his intrepid melodies, inter-genre crossovers, and remix competition crushing sound. His new release “Polarize EP” featuring four incredible tracks is on one of my favorite labels Viper Recordings. To see an American artist signed to a major UK label is a feat in itself and has a […]

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  • Zander Bleck “Temptation” (Hype Jones & Beastmode Remix)

    Zander Bleck “Temptation” (Hype Jones & Beastmode Remix)

    Here is another great remix from Hype Jones & Beastmode. they turned Zander Bleck’s pop song into a mellow melodic rolling bassliner. Preserving Zander’s lyrics floating on top of the melody creates an 80′s goth emo vibe. The oscillating bassline picks up the pace a bit and is a great tune for creating a build up in your set.   Follow Hype Jones: Facebook Twitter Follow Beastmode: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Hybrid Minds “Lost” [Official Video]

    Hybrid Minds “Lost” [Official Video]

    Hailing from England and Canada, Hybrid Minds have joined Shimon’s Audioporn Records and DisasZt’s Mainframe Recordings to cement their place as one of the most exciting acts in the Drum and Bass scene. Comprising of Josh White, Matt Lowe on production, and Jeff Crake on vocals and production, Hybrid Minds represent a new musical force, with their melodic, soulful Drum and Bass already making waves. A synergy between influences including trip-hip, acoustic, soul and RnB, Hybrid Minds, consisting of Sensa, […]

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  • Archetek feat. Sodie “Soar”

    Archetek feat. Sodie “Soar”

    This uplifting melodic tune sets the mood for a Sunday Sunrise after a strong night of partying. Archetek’s precise production skills soar with two distinct drops. The first drop lifts your spirits and while Sodie rejuvenates your soul with whispers and the second brings a bit of filth into the mix slightly smirking at you.   Follow Archetek: Facebook Soundcloud

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  • Flux Pavilion feat. Example “Daydreamer” [Official Video]

    Flux Pavilion feat. Example “Daydreamer” [Official Video]

    This is one of the better party music video where the visuals take the front seat and the people are just there. This wasa a breath of fresh air in the polluted redundant videos all looking the same with the exception of a few out there and they know who they are. Flux Pavillion‘s melodic anthem knocks hard juxtaposing with the soft vocals of Example are Ying Yang. Flux Pavillion is quite simply the hottest commodity in the Dubstep/Electronic scene right […]

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